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HTML | enhancement Prepostseo

HTML | enhancement Prepostseo

Short description : HTML enhancement

The HTML Beautifier is a code beautification tool, frequently used by web developers. How to use the one from the Prepostseo site?

Long Description : HTML enhancement

HTML Beautifier

Since its creation by Tim Berners-Lee in the 1990s, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) has become a hugely popular coding language for developing websites, pages, and web-based applications. This is all the more true as many Web developers have made it their language of choice. However, as with any other language, to use HTML and obtain satisfactory results, care must be taken to produce code of impeccable quality. For this, experienced and knowledgeable web developers do not hesitate to use code enhancement software such as the HTML Beautifier tool from Prepostseo. In this description, you will learn in depth about this tool and how to use it to get the most out of your HTML codes.

Prepostseo HTML Beautifier: features and importance

Although you may have a general idea of ​​what an HTML Beautifier is, the toolHTML Beautifier of Prepostseo remains particular and it is advisable to know it in detail.

Clarifications on the Prepostseo HTML Beautifier tool

Prepostseo’s HTML Beautifier is an HTML source code beautifier. It is developed to receive and improve functional HTML codes, but obfuscated, difficult to understand and developed in an untidy way. Its function is to clean up and beautify these kinds of codes to turn them into beautiful and readable code. It is a tool that has a fairly high popularity rating in its field, due to its effectiveness. It is one of the most popular tools for most beginning web developers who find it difficult to produce HTML code tidy enough to meet search engine requirements. It is also widely used by professionals who want to save time in formatting their HTML codes.

Importance du HTML Beautifier de Prepostseo

Prepostseo’s HTML Beautifier tool is of significant interest to web site and application developers, due to its importance. Indeed, as you can already imagine, the main purpose of this tool is to promote the readability and comprehensibility of the source code of a Web page. It is important that this code be both easy to read and understandable, because it is the hidden face of a Web page and includes the exclusivity of the command lines that were used to build a Web page. In addition, this code is the element that generates the formatting of a Web page, the Internet user can easily use its content if it is well ordered.

How to use Prepostseo’s HTML Beautifier?

Using the Prepostseo HTML Beautifier tool remains simple and easy in Chrome as well as in Windows, Mac, Linux, Firefox, Safari and Edge. In fact, considering the importance of saving time in getting started with online software to perform urgent tasks, the Prepostseo site only makes convenient tools available to Internet users. So, to use Prepostseo’s HTML Beautifier, all you have to do is copy and paste the code you want to order in the field dedicated to this purpose and click on the “Embellish” tab. As soon as you run the sequencing command by clicking “Pretify”, the software will turn your source code into neat, clean and easy to read code. In fact, this code beautification tool works similarly to an HTML formatter to make the code easily readable to human and search engines.

Some advantages of using the HTML Beautifier accessible on the Prepostseo site

There are an avalanche of benefits to be gained from using Prepostseo’s HTML Beautifier. However, some of the more relevant and obvious ones include:
  • The correct formatting of codes and HTML pages;
  • Saving time in the elimination of imperfections in a code;
  • The free and user-friendly tool.

The proper formatting of your HTML codes and pages

As the first advantage that can be drawn from the use of the HTML Beautifier tool of the Prepostseo site, we have the formatting of the HTML codes. The tool helps developers of all skill levels achieve consistent HTML codes that conform to the latest formatting standards. It analyzes the source codes it receives and improves their qualities by adding or removing white spaces, intending tags, and then ordering attributes. From this work done by the HTML Beautifier tool, comes a light code that makes the display of web pages fast, to the delight of Internet users, website owners as well as the pleasure of the developers themselves.For information, about 40% of those who leave a site quickly do so because of its inordinate slowness. Moreover, this lightness of code makes it easiere to “crawlers” which are nothing more than search engine robots responsible for indexing web content. In addition to making the pages load quickly and facilitating the indexing of the content carried by the HTML pages, a light code obtained by the HTML Beautifier can be easy to modify at the appropriate time. This can be crucial for codes established as part of a large project, executed by a number of people working together.

The time saving

The second benefit to be gained from using the Prepostseo HTML Beautifier tool is the time saved on HTML code analysis and correction projects. Indeed, as you can imagine, with the HTML Beautifier tool, it is easier to find errors in HTML codes, since they will now be ordered and easy to read. Without this tool, parsing HTML code would definitely be a long process, as you would then have to go through the entire code multiple times to identify even the most obvious errors. By using the HTML Beautifier tool, one can do the corresponding work while doing less intellectual work.

Free tool

If there is a rather interesting advantage available to the HTML Beautifier tool and which attracts a panoply of Internet user profiles wishing to perfect their codes, it is that it is free. In truth, with the exception of many other computer code embellishment tools, the Prepostseo HTML Beautifier tool remains free and its use does not necessarily require a subscription.

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Prepostseo is an agency founded by Ahmad Sattar, a web developer and his AR AS assistant to help web editors, webmasters and SEO experts in creating high-performing articles.  Its main objective is to improve the content and referencing of websites. For this, it offers free tools to its users so that they can upload content without plagiarism and above all of quality.  We can cite as tools the DA Checker, the Paraphrasing Tool, the Plagiarism Checker, the Summarizer, etc. Thanks to these tools, Prepostseo provides its users with the best SEO solutions.  Thus, they can easily check: 
  • The plagiarism rate of an article;
  • The SEO score of a content;
  • Spelling and grammatical errors in an article;
  • Backlinks (return links);
  • Keyword density;
  • Domain authority, i.e. the quality of a website;
  • And much more. 
With these tools, the Prepostseo also helps to reformulate and summarize articles. All this to facilitate the writing of content optimized for the web. 

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