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No matter how big your backlink removal problem is, rmoov can help you improve it. rmoov is FREE for Basic members and does everything you need with a limit on the number of campaigns and URLs processed.

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Description of the Rmoov tool 

Rmoov is a backlink removal tool. As such, it allows you to quickly and easily send requests for removal of links to webmasters.  The tool was designed to help you accomplish large-scale tasks that may be within your reach.  In the vast industry of natural SEO, backlinking occupies a very important place. As crucial as it is to build links to improve search engine visibility, it is equally important to weed out those that negatively impact website rankings.  This is exactly what you can do with Rmoov. This is a fairly simple product to remove bad links from a URL or multiple URLs that are at your domains. 

 Who is Rmoov intended for? 

The rmoov tool can be used by anyone experiencing the following issues: 
  • You received an unnatural links warning in your Google Webmaster Tools account ; 
  • You have received a manual penalty from google against a link from your website; 
  • You have noticed the presence of poor quality, unnatural or “spam” links in your website’s backlink profile has become a concern. 
It can also be used by  webmasters to manage too many backlink removal requests. 

What are the features of rmoov? 

With the rmoov tool, you can:
  • Pauseand modify campaigns;
  • Add notes to domains; 
  • Submit requests via the contact URL; 
  • Automatically generate disavow reports ready for uploading to the Google Disavow Links tool; 
  • Download comprehensive summary reports, including domain cleanup status, complete mail records, and clickable links to all mail sent; 
  • Share reports with the Webspam team; 
  • File a request for reconsideration.
Apart from these features, Rmoov also offers an account for publishers. This account allows them to meet the needs of rmoov subscribers, namely:
  • Deleting or managing requests to delete links for Rmoov subscribers;
  • Respond to requests for removal of links made by other users;
The rmoov site also allows you to help people who cannot cope with the removal of links on your site.  You can also get an rmoov publisher account if: 
  • You already have a link removal request form and just need people to use it;
  • You are concerned that the requests are not genuine or may be a ploy to harm your competitors;
  • You dream of being able to STOP the emails that arrive in your inbox every day.
Simply put, with a publisher account, you have plenty of ways to impact those trying to fix their backlink profiles. Whether the links are a real target for link removal or have been mistakenly identified as unnatural, the Publisher Account gives you everything you need to manage requests, ease the pressure on your inbox, and respond in a way that best suits your business.  You can also:
  • Claim and verify your domains
  • Set a preferred email address for all contacts
  • Record a message for all campaign owners.
  • Use theRmoovto collect requests, automate link removals or send responses.
  • Use ourWordPress pluginto remove blog comment spam with just one click!
  • Automatically mark links as cleaned in customer campaign.
  • Automatically send an email to the campaign owner (via Rmoov) informing them that the links have been removed.

How much do remoov services cost? 

Rmoov is accessible to everyone, with a basic option and four paid subscription options offering different levels of service. Apart from the free plan, you have the choice between four (4) plans whose price varies between 49 and 399 dollars per month.

How to use Rmoov to remove your backlinks? 

, you will just need a few minutes to follow the following steps: 
  • Rmoov:Register For this,  you will need three elements: ane-mail address on the domain principal of your campaign; a list of URLs where your problematic links reside andmail server detailsto route emails through your domain. It is useful to remember here that before registering, you must choose the type of account you wish to have. Because you have the choice between cleaning up bad backlinks from your website or subscribing to an account to suppress link removal requests.
Once you are registered, you can now login to yourRmoovand start your first backlink removal campaign. To do this, you will need tofollow these steps:
  • Createa campaign
  • Add a URL list
  • Confirm the contact detailsof the domains in your list
  • Activate and start your link removal campaign
  • Check yourRmoov inboxfor notifications from webmasters who have removed links to your site.
Once the necessary configurations have been made, the Rmoov platformwill use thecontact information for each domain in your list to send emails and help you remove bad links. You can also customize the email templates before starting your own campaign. The tool will further track reminders, automatically verify links, provide a reporting system for domain owners, mark cleaned domains, and automatically populate a record of each step directly into a Google doc so you can see what that happens along the process. Now you have all the information to properly use this backlink removal tool, don’t hesitate to use it whenever you feel the need.

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Rmoov was created to provide solutions regarding the removal of certain backlinks. Concretely, it was developed to make this task easy for everyone, but even more so for SEOs and digital marketers. The tool gives you the power to remove bad links from multiple URLs at once. To be a little more exhaustive, Rmoov offers the possibility of:
  • automatically generating disavowal reports;
  • file requests for reconsideration;
  • share your reports with the Webspam team;
  • pause and modify backlink campaigns as you see fit;
  • complete notes to areas;
  • download comprehensive summary reports.

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