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Images Optimization & Pages Speed | Avada (Plugin) – Shopify

Images Optimization & Pages Speed | Avada (Plugin) – Shopify

Short description : Images Optimization & Pages Speed

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Improve the performance of your images and the loading speed of the pages of your website with the SEO image Optimizer Page Speed ​​tool.

Long Description : Images Optimization & Pages Speed

Description of SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed

​​As evidenced by the number of reviews, the Image Optimizer Page Speed ​​tool is well known among Shopify. This is an extension developed by AVADA and made available to them to improve the loading speed of images and web pages that they set up on their online stores.  hetherit’s a blog, a business site or even an e-commerce site, the importance of the speed of loading web pages no longer needs to be demonstrated.   When a site is slow and takes a long time to load, it can cost you both revenue and SEO rankings.  The loading speed depends on several factors. These factors relate to the elements that are on the site. These include, for example, images and other media content. This can also concern the HTML code of the page.  But no need to worry, because the SEO image Optimizer Page Speed ​​tool allows you to solve the problem thanks to the features it offers you. 

The Features of SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed ​​Tool 

Although the name SEO image Optimizer Page Speed ​​may make you believe that it is only useful for image optimization, a closer look lets you realize that many other features are available to you.  These features concern: 
  • Increasing the loading speed of your site’s pages: with this feature, the tool allows you to get your site’s pages to load faster in different browsers or devices; 
  • Optimizing the Image ALT tag: The Image ALT tag is a description of the images you have on your website for search engines. This makes it possible to display instead of an image which takes time to load its equivalent in text; 
  • Google structured Data/Google Snippet: The tool provides you with a real page structure. This can allow you to integrate any type of Snippet from your site into the search results. You will be able to add a multitude of elements such as: books, products, music, videos, etc. 
Apart from these different features, Image Optimizer Pagespeed also offers: 
  • Automatic improvement of SERPs, meta titles and descriptions;
  • Site verification, including domain authority; 
  • Social media integration and content sharing; 
  • Setting up 404 redirects for specific URLs; 
  • Automatic sitemap generation. 
Anyway, you have to remember that this is one of the best apps for content optimization on Shopify. Rightly out of 1378 opinions issued, only 26 people seem not to be satisfied. 

How much does the Image Optimizer Page Speed ​​tool cost you? 

The Shopify tool comes in two offerings. One paid and the other free.   The free version only gives the right to a small part of the features we have just seen. Concretely with the free version, you only have access to the following elements:  A limitation of the images to be optimized to 50 per month 
  • Assistance from the limited support; 
  • Unlimited optimization of ALT tags;
  • List optimization;
  • The sitemap;
On the other hand, for the paid version, it should be remembered that the cost is $29 per month. The services available in addition to the features of the paid version are: 
  • Access to 24/7 support; 
  • Page optimization;
  • Setting up and optimizing meta-tags;
  • SEO analysis;  
  • Google structured data. 
  • The automatic correction of SEO problems.
Alongside this tool, the AVADA suite offers several other equally useful tools, namely: 
  • The tool for setting up trust badges 
  • The size chart;
  • The Pop-up, SMS and email marketing management tool;
  • The tool to create invoices;
  • Cookie banners;
  • Discount code generators. 

How to use SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed ​​on your website? 

To use this tool, you will first need to add it to your Shopify site.  To do this, you must first log in to your account by pressing the “add application” button. Then, in the new window that appears, log in with your account and then log in to your Shopify store.  Once the connection is established, you can access the application’s dashboard and optimize the images for your website.  The back office not only allows you to carry out your optimization operations, but also to view them. You also get an analytics table that provides you with several statistics about your site data.  You can also choose to do a manual search for images to optimize directly from the site or download them from a file located on your computer.   Likewise, the tool gives you the possibility to define the parameters to be automatically applied to the images of the site.  Also note that you can get specific information about each image on your site with the SEO Image Optimizer PageSpeed ​​tool. This information may concern for example: 
  • The type of image;
  • The URL of the image;
  • The file type of the image;
  • The original size;
  • The statute ;
  • The size of the compressed image;
  • And the actions you can perform, namely: view, download or restore the image. 
You can also add and optimize ALT tags.  As for site speed, as announced the SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed ​​tool allows you to boost it by almost 68% in one click.  When using Shopify to create websites, the SEO image optimizer page Speed ​​tool is both interesting and useful. It offers an effective solution against the slowness of your site.  You can therefore use it to make the site more efficient and attract more prospects.

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Shopify is an online platform created in 2009 in Canada that has powerful tools for creating and managing an e-commerce site. The platform aims to help the seller find customers and boost his sales while allowing him to manage his daily tasks well. In a few clicks, the seller can create his e-commerce store to allow his physical store to be positioned on the Internet.   Shopify makes many free and paid apps available to these stores through its Shopify app store. These applications are of all kinds and allow:
  • The presentation of the product, its price, the order options;
  • Marketing (SEO referencing, advertising) ;
  • Inventory management, orders and order processing. the proposal of solutions or shipping methods.
  • Customer management and security of your sales site.
Some applications that shopify app store offers to its merchants: 
  • Facebook channel;
  • SEO plugin;
  • Shop channel;
  • Product customizer.

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