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Find Journalists | MuckRack

Find Journalists | MuckRack

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Muck Rack is the new standard in PR software. Easily search for journalists, monitor news and create reports.

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Description of the Muckrack software An 

American company founded in 2009, Muckrack defines itself as the new software that meets the most modern standards in terms of public relations management, whether it is the search for the best journalists to the promotion of your products, or the creation of reports through the follow-up of news. The idea behind its implementation is to connect actors such as organizations, teams in charge of public relations and journalists so that they can work together.  Muckrack enjoys a great reputation. This explains why it is known and used by many large companies.

Who are the solutions of the Muckrack tool aimed at? 

The MuckRack tool is essentially aimed at two categories of actors, which are: 
  • Public relations professionals;
  • And journalists. 
It is precisely for this reason that you will notice on the Muckrack site that two solutions are offered. The first concerns public relations management and is intended for public relations professionals. The second is a set of free resources and tools for journalists.

Why use the Muckrack platform? 

Among the many reasons that can lead you to use the Muckrack tool, I can cite these: 
  • Muckrack is a software used by large companies such as Nike, Google, pfizer, etc.;
  • Muckrack offers interesting and quite diversified resources relating to public relations thus allowing those who wish to use it to learn even more about public relations;
  • The software also offers you free of charge among these resources a ranking of the main media in the world and the possibility of seeing the trend around one or more keywords:
  • Most of the experts who use it give a testimonial positive and seem to be satisfied with the features and tools made available to them.

What are the features of Muckrack software? 

As you will have understood, the functionalities of the Muckrack tool are available for two actors, namely public relations professionals and journalists. For professionals, Muckrack software enables you to: 
  • Work from a unified PR platform that lets you find and contact journalists, bloggers and freelancers and monitor news as it happens. reports and automate reporting, from one place;
  • Streamline presentations, customize them to track email engagement through Gmail and Outlook integrations; 
  • Manage follow-ups and organize your team’s relationship history with each journalist;
  • Collaborate with teammates from anywhere in the world with team media lists and reports, saved searches, team alerts, and internal newsletters.
For journalists, the software provides free tools to help them automatically compile and present their portfolio, track the impact of stories and current affairs while expanding their online footprint. Apart from these different features, the platform offers very interesting resources including: 
  • Webinars;
  • Guides and books;
  • Case studies;
  • Trends and rankings;
  • blog posts;
  • Etc.

How much does Muckrack software cost?

No indication is given on the price at which the services offered by the Muckrack software are invoiced to you. This therefore assumes that if you plan to use the platform, you must contact the support or the teams of Muckrack to obtain the necessary information. You also have the option of taking a guided tour of the platform by filling out the demo request form.  Anyway, it should be noted that you can access free features at the tool level. To do this, simply register by indicating: 
  • Your surname and first names; 
  • Your password ;
  • And by validating your e-mail address.
Once you have access to your dashboard, you will see that you have the ability to search for articles, people and media in almost any area.  But for a better use of the tool and for full access to features, you must first contact the support. Now that you have all the information you need about this tool, don’t hesitate to use it if you feel the need for a powerful tool for managing your public relations. 

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Muck Rack is a company that primarily brings collaboration solutions to organizations, PR teams, and journalists. It represents the new model in public relations software.  With its software of the same name Muck Rack, you have the possibility to easily find journalists, monitor the news and write reports with ease. Concretely, it is a collaborative solution software for managing public relations and assisting journalists. It has many free and useful complementary resources for its users. These include:
  • Daily Muck Rack;
  • Muck Rack Weekly;
  • MuckRack Blog; 
  • Muck Rack Academy;
  • Muck Rack for educators.

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