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Google Algorithm Changes | Advanced Web Ranking

Google Algorithm Changes | Advanced Web Ranking

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Monitor fluctuations in SERPs with Google Algorithm Changes Tool to anticipate Google updates.

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Google Algorithm Changes Tool

Most experts estimate that Google makes between 500 and 600 changes to its search algorithm every year. While many of these changes are minor and have little impact on search results, some are capable of causing big swings in the SERPs. If you are an SEO or website owner, monitoring the fluctuations of the SERPs is fundamental to determine if there are any major changes. So, of course, you can see how these changes affect your rankings. To track SERP fluctuations on an ad hoc basis, you can use the Google Algorithm Changes Tool. Through this description, we discover this tool and its usefulness for your SEO.

What is the Google Algorithm Changes Tool?

Google Algorithm Changes Tool is a Google Algorithm Tracker by Advanced Web Ranking. It is a digital marketing agency that offers a large number of SEO tools intended to help webmasters improve their sites. Google Algorithm Changes Tool is a great tool for tracking all types of Google Algorithm Changes. The tool shows average fluctuations and volatility in Google search results correlated with recent algorithm updates. It calculates daily volatility based on the ranking changes of around 400,000 desktop keywords and 200,000 mobile keywords, across different countries.

Measurement of fluctuations by Google Algorithm Changes Tool 

It measures fluctuations and illustrates them in the form of a graph. The volatility key performance indicator is calculated for the current day and varies between 1 and 10, depending on the fluctuations recorded over the last month. On the site of the tool, one can see the index of the volatility of the day and the week. Indice de volatilite de journee et de semaine When the volatility is represented by the red color, it indicates that there is a big change in the SERPs, but when it is represented by the green color, the volatility is not so important. You will also find the volatility of the last thirty days represented by a curve in blue color.  Une courbe en couleur bleue This curve traverses a surface divided into three zones based on the number and severity of ranking changes. Low : This area indicates that there are less changes in the SERPs. This suggests that volatilities are insignificant. The Volatility KPI is between 0 and 4. Medium : This area indicates that volatilities are normal and there is a medium change in the SERPs. The volatility KPI is between 4 and 7. Since the SERPs are not hectic, you don’t have to worry about your rankings. High : This area indicates that the fluctuations in the SERPs are very large than usual and something is definitely happening in the SERPs. The key performance indicator for such volatility is between 7 to 10. Accordingly, it is worth monitoring your rankings with the intention of seeing if your site is affected or how much it is affected.

The customization options of Google Algorithm Changes Tool

This tool allows you to see volatility in different ways.

See volatility for a specific type of search

This tool allows you to discover fluctuations for organic results and for universal results separately. By default, the tool shows you the volatilities of the universal search. Introduced in 2007 by Google, universal search includes other types of relevant content than links. These can be images, videos, news, social media, blog posts, and local pages. For organic search, you can only see fluctuations for this type of results. Organic SERPs are the natural results without the ads and these are the results SEOs focus their efforts on most of the time.

See fluctuations for a specific country’s SERPs

There may be times when there is volatility in the local results for a specific country. Google Algorithm Changes Tool allows you to see the fluctuations of SERPs in a given geographical area. The interest of this filter is that there can be volatility in the overall SERP, but not for a given country. By checking the SERP volatility for a specific country, you can quickly see how it affects your position in local search.

See the fluctuations for a specific industry

Instead of starting to panic when you notice high volatility in the SERPs, it would be better to check if your industry is affected by it. Fluctuations pour une industrie specifique The biggest advantage of this customization option is that you can compare the volatility of one sector to another. In our case, we will check the volatility between the healthcare sector and the restaurant sector over the last twelve months. Verification de la volatilite It can be seen that the volatility in the SERPs of the restaurant industry (in orange) is sometimes more turbulent than that of the SERP of the healthcare industry (in yellow).

See the fluctuation for a specific device

The tool allows to see the volatility for mobile SERPs and desktop SERPs separately. Indeed, there is a fundamental difference between these two SERPs and hardly 13% of websites manage to maintain the same position on all devices. The ideal is therefore to control fluctuations for both mobile and desktop SERPs. The tool also lets you compare the two SERPs, which is great for seeing the difference between them over a period of time. Comparaisons de deux SERPs

Other features of the tool

It is possible to define the period over which you want to observe volatility in the SERPs, regardless of the type. To have the fluctuations in real time, you can register for free on the site and receive notifications each time there are strong volatilities. The tool offers you to correlate your rankings with changes in the algorithm by adding your site. Thus, you get a better picture of the evolution of your visibility. In short, Google Algorithm Changes Tool is built to inform SEO specialists and webmasters about Google updates in real time. Through this description, we have gone through the features of this tool and its usefulness for your site.  

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Advanced Web Ranking is a ranking tracking platform. It was created in 2002 by the founders of Caphyon. Advanced Web Ranking presents on demand, new daily and weekly rankings for free and on any medium. To help with better ranking monitoring, Advanced Web Ranking provides its users with many tools.  Among these tools is the Google Algorithm Changes algorithm tracking tool. This tool has the particularity of modifying the Google algorithm and favoring the daily monitoring of organic visibility and ranking fluctuations.  Google Algorithm Changes also presents volatility, in Google search results, correlated with recent algorithm updates.  Volatility is calculated daily, based on ranking changes of approximately 400,000 desktop keywords and 200,000 mobile keywords, across different countries. Other SEO tools such as SERP Feature Tool, Organic CTR Tool and Search Demand Trend Measurement Tool are available at Advanced Web Ranking.

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