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HEADMasterSEO is a small desktop program (PC or Mac) that can quickly bulk check URLs for status code, redirect details, response time, response headers and header fields. HTTP header (X-Robots-Tag, Link, Vary). You can analyze, filter and sort the results in real time and export them in CSV format. The tool is fast, easy to use, and free to verify listings of up to 500 URLs.

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Description of software Headmaster SEO 

Headmaster SEO, a small desktop program developed by the Bulgarian company X3M consulting. This is a company owned by SEO tools developer Hristo-Hristov.  The particularity of Headmaster SEO is that it is a mini program intended to be downloaded and installed on PC or Mac. Its role is to check the status code of the URLs of your website, but also to control the redirections that have been set up at the website level.  If you want to benefit from the performance of your website and get even more traffic, you must make it visible to search engines.  To do this, you must ensure that the communication between search engine crawlers and the pages of your site present HTML status codes of type 200 ok. If the status codes for your web pages are invalid, it could mean that your page is having problems.  It is precisely to enable you to deal with these that I suggest you discover in this article the Headmaster SEO

Who is the Headmaster SEO tool for? 

Concretely, the Headmaster SEO tool is intended to be used by anyone who owns a website, whether they are SEO teams within companies or simple individuals.  The tool is accessible and easy to access. You will also find on the site a space reserved for the display of guides and other information relating to its use. 

Why use the Headmaster SEO tool? 

Among the many reasons you might want to use the Headmaster SEO tool, you need to take into consideration that it is a mini program. This will mean that it will only occupy a tiny part of your pc’s memory.  Apart from that, it must be said that the Headmaster SEO tool has been designed to work very quickly and to analyze a large quantity of URLs. It allows you to analyze, filter or even sort the results of your checks in a very fast way. 

What are the features of Headmaster SEO? 

The Headmaster SEO tool gives you plenty of options when it comes to these features.  It actually allows you to: 
  • Import lists of URLs from different solutions. You can therefore submit your URLs by entering them manually, by copying them or by doing so through a file;
  • Define custom HTTP request headers;
  • Rewriting URL addresses; 
  • Define password-protected proxies for checking your URLs;
  • Use the different types of GET or HEAD requests;
  • Filter and pull your results URLs; 
  • Export your data as a CSV file;
  • Audit the links that are in the redirect headers;
  • Save and reload the results of your data;
  • Perform bulk checks;
  • Check site plans;
  • Perform tests on the configuration of canonical URLs, redirects and cookies; 

How much does Headmaster SEO software cost? 

The Headm software is available in both paid and free versions.  The free version allows you to control a maximum list of 500 URLs.  But for checking a higher number of URLs, you need to purchase a license.  There are three types of licenses on the platform that vary from $49 to $199.  The first two licenses entitle you to a number of URLs to analyze which is between 10,000 and 100,000 URLs. The last category of license entitles you to an unlimited number of analyses.  It should also be noted that each license is for life and entitles you to assistance by email and regular and free updates. This would therefore mean that the formula proposed here does not consist of a recurring subscription. 

How to use the Headmaster SEO tool? 

To understand how this tool works, just access the user guide. Once in this space, Internet users will discover all the information necessary to take advantage of this software.  Indeed, as you will see before you can start using this tool, you must first download it to your PC or Mac.  To do this, you just have to be sure that the configuration of the device that wants to receive the tool complies with the configuration recommended on the online site. Once this verification step has been completed, simply go to the Download tab and choose the version that corresponds to the operating system of the device.  Once downloaded, you will then need to install the software and run it on your PC or Mac. The method for installing the software on your device depends on your device. But don’t worry, because everything you need to do is available for your information on the Headmaster SEO tool website.  Now that you have Headmaster SEO installed, run it and check your website URLs.

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Head Master SEO est un petit programme de bureau (PC ou Mac) qui peut rapidement vérifier les URL en masse pour vérifier leur code d’état et les détails de redirection.  Il permet également d’obtenir des informations sur le temps de réponse, les en-têtes de réponse et les champs d’en-tête HTTP (X-Robots-Tag, Link, Vary).  Il s’agit d’un outil rapide qui présente une interface facile à utiliser. Le plus intéressant, il est gratuit pour vérifier des listes allant jusqu’à 500 URL.  Head Master SEO dispose, pour finir, de nombreuses caractéristiques qui font de lui un outil très souple et très utile.  

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