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Advanced Sitemap | FME Addons – Magento (Plugin)

Advanced Sitemap | FME Addons – Magento (Plugin)

Short description : Advanced Sitemap

Advance Sitemap SEO Suite Magento Extensions Mise en avant
Advance Sitemap Magento Extensions is mainly developed for SEO purposes and it not only provides easy and full of options management and creation of Sitemaps but also unique way with attractive, decorated and eye-hidden view for customers of the site.

Long Description : Advanced Sitemap

FME’s Advance Sitemap SEO Suite

There’s a unanimous question in the SEO community: is it necessary to have a sitemap for an online store? Although sitemaps, also called sitemaps, have been around ever since, the entire SEO community still agrees that it is important to have such a file on your site. However, having a sitemap on your site is not enough, but rather a decent sitemap that can help search engines locate all your important pages instantly. This is what the Advance Sitemap SEO Suite extension from FME offers. It helps Shopify store owners organize their sitemap and generate an SEO-friendly sitemap. In this description, we discover Advance Sitemap SEO Suite from FME as well as these features.

What is Advance Sitemap SEO Suite by FME

Advance Sitemap by FME is a Magento sitemap extension developed primarily for SEO purposes. Apart from helping to easily create complete sitemaps, this extension is very user-friendly to use. Remember that sitemaps are the files through which search engines discover the structure of your site. Indeed, the ranking of your online store in search engines is an essential factor for the prosperity of your business. For this, it is crucial to index your pages so that they can appear in the results of queries made through search engines. However, search engines may struggle to find your online store pages, especially those that are buried deep. This Advance Sitemap SEO suite extension from FME then appears as a solution. It makes it easier for search engines to find your pages and index them, which will make your customers able to find your pages in the SERPs and navigate your store more comfortably.

What is the use of this extension for sitemap?

A well-structured sitemap makes your website accessible to all search engines, giving visitors more accurate results when they search for keywords associated with the content you provide. In fact, the sitemap speeds up crawler crawling and helps them identify the most important pages in your store. In addition, the sitemap is in a way the architecture of your store and allows you to this end to supervise the structure and the connection between your product pages.

The main features of Advance Sitemap SEO Suite 

This extension offers several features.

The home

page The home page of Advance Sitemap SEO Suite presents a set of all the links present on your store. It has a total of six tabs and is basically a link map of your site. The first “All” tab includes all the links placed on your Magento store.  After this tab, there is the “Stores” tab. It offers visitors a default view of stores on the homepage. The Advance Sitemap SEO Suite home page also groups and displays all the categories available on your store. There is also a tab for products. It features links to all the products you have added to the website. Another tab called “CMS Pages” shows links to all CMS pages.   A last “Links” tab offered by Advance Sitemap SEO Suite displays various links such as Sitemap, Contact Us, etc.

FME Sitemap Manager

This feature allows you to manipulate your store’s sitemap. It shows information about the sitemaps available on your site, including:
  • ID;
  • File name ;
  • Path ;
  • Last generation ;
  • Sitemap action.
As for actions to perform on existing sitemaps, you can modify or delete them by selecting in the grid and choosing the action. It is also possible to add a new sitemap by defining the file name and path.

Possibility to generate several Sitemaps

Remember that sitemaps have limits, so you must divide your sitemap before it becomes too large or the number of links does not exceed 50,000. In reality, when you reach 50 000 links, you will receive an error message indicating that the index of the site is too large. Advance Sitemap SEO Suite allows you to generate several small sitemaps in order to respect the different limitations.

Filtering options

The Advance Sitemap SEO Suite extension offers filtering options that will allow you to sort the elements you want. For example, you can filter the CMS pages if you have any on your store by adding a text to the text field reserved for this purpose. Filter options are also applicable to links.

Frequency options

You can set the functions you use often, which will allow you to access them more quickly. This option is available for:
  • Home page;
  • Stores;
  • The categories ;
  • Products;
  • CMS Pages;
  • Connections.

Sitemap generation parameter

It is important that the sitemap that you submit to Google is up to date, that is to say that it includes all the links present on your site. By activating the sitemap generation settings, you have access to several configurations like defining the frequency or the tool can generate sitemaps for your site. Even better, you can set when Advance Sitemap SEO Suite can start generating the sitemap after setting the frequency. The extension also offers to send the generated sitemap to an email address that you have defined beforehand. Just edit the recipient’s email field.

Additional configuration options

If you have multiple plans on your site, the sitemap index helps describe the different files so that crawlers can quickly grab and process those files and the information they contain. The Advance Sitemap SEO Suite extension offers an option to enable the sitemap index. You can also set the size of the Sitemap division (in KB) of the sitemaps in order to respect the limit set by Google. To stay within the 50,000 link limit, you can set the number of links a sitemap file can contain. In sum, Advance Sitemap SEO Suite by FME is an extension that will allow you to submit a decent sitemap to search engines to help them crawl your Magento store.

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FME Addons is an extension delivery platform developed by Pakistani Zeeshan Khalid. It was created with the aim of helping companies, marketers and developers improve their SEO by providing them with different types of tools. One of the extensions created by FME Addons is Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite. It was mainly developed for SEO purposes.  It not only provides easy sitemap creation and management, but also options like website caching.  Thus, Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite helps in the indexing process so that web pages can appear in search results and also in obtaining a better ranking. Apart from Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite, FME Addons provides more than 100 other Magento extensions to its customers. The platform has a dynamic team and has many satisfied customers.

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