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Excel SEO | SEOGadget – Builtvisible

Excel SEO | SEOGadget – Builtvisible

Short description : Excel SEO

SEOGadget for Excel Builtvisible Mise en avant
Unlock the incredible data capabilities of tool providers Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords in Excel.

Long Description : Excel SEO

For a long time, Excel has been the reference tool for making calculations, but also for ordering and sorting data.  At the same time, it must be recognized that using Excel can be time-consuming, if not very time-consuming, especially when it comes to working on complex projects like SEO for a website.  SEO Gadget for Excel is a solution that can be useful for you to streamline your SEO data management tasks to save time and productivity while using your traditional Excel. 

What is SEOGadget for Excel? 

In marketing, data management can significantly impact your productivity and the success of your strategy. Microsoft Excel has always played an important role in data management, be it when collecting, creating reports, or visualizing data.  However, if you’re a regular Excel user, you can attest to how time-consuming all of this can be with Microsoft’s spreadsheet.  Source: SEMRush  SEOgadget can be seen as an additional solution to overcome this problem and boost your productivity on Excel by facilitating data extraction. It is a smart tool with a user-friendly and intuitive design that can be used on Excel with the ability to retrieve features from prominent SEO services such as Moz, Majestic SEO and Grepwords via APIs.  SEOGadget for Excel is particularly useful for marketers because it extends the functionality of Excel to quickly perform certain SEO tasks without necessarily having to leave the Excel interface.  Thanks to SEOGadget for Excel, you can easily monitor your links and SEO metrics, for example.  Also, unlike other tools that require you to upload a CSV file, with SEOGadget for Excel, you can import your data directly, which will save you valuable time.  Moreover, the tool offers you the possibility to collect data from several sources. All you have to do is log into each of your accounts on these sources to find all your usual data in a single workspace.  You will then be able to work easily and much faster than if each piece of data had to be downloaded before being imported. 

SEOGadget for Excel: Obtain your API keys

Obtaining API keys is an important step since when installing SEOGadgetFor Excel, you will be asked to enter an API key before connecting your various sources to Excel.  The extension currently supports only 3 APIs, the Majestics SEO tools, Moz and Grepwords: 

1. Majestic SEO

For Majestic SEO users, it will be necessary to authorize the connection between the two tools via OpenApps. 
  • in Then click on the “Grant Access” button.
Source:  Builtvisible
  • An access key will then be generated for you. Copy it. 
Source:  Builtvisible Note : To benefit from all the features of the Majestics API on Excel, you must subscribe to a Platinum subscription.  

2. Moz 

Before taking full advantage of Moz on SEOGadget for Excel, it will be necessary to subscribe to a Professional subscription. However, many of the features available with the Links API and Moz URL Metrics can be used on Excel for free.  To obtain your access code and your Moz API key for SEOGadget For Excel, click on this link:

3. Grepwords

The Grepwords extension on Excel allows you to obtain volumes of local and international research.  Click here to get a Grepwords API Key for SEOGagdet For Excel. 

How to install SEOGadget for Excel? 

Before the installation phase, you need to download the tool first.  Source:  Builtvisible
  • Run the setup by double clicking on the element entitled “setup.xls”
Source:  Builtvisible
  • Make sure you have your valid Majestic, Moz, SEMrush and Grepwords keys then click on the yellow button activation:
  • Then click on: “Add API credentials”.
  • If you don’t use any of these services, you can leave the key fields blank. SEOGadget for Excel will still work fine without these APIs. 
Source:  Builtvisible
  • Now click on the “Add Credentials” button. 
  • A pop-up window will open on your screen. Paste in the appropriate fields, the corresponding API keys. (The procedures for obtaining your API keys are explained in the previous section)
  • If you are not using one of these services or do not yet have an API key, you can leave these fields blank and come back later when everything is ready. 
Source:  Builtvisible
  • Then fill in some credentials and click on the “Install add-in” button.  
Source:  Builtvisible Source:  Builtvisible You have just installed the SEOGadget For Excel extension. You should be able to easily export your SEO data (Moz, Majestics SEO, Grepwords for now). 

SEOGadget for Excel: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Thedownload and installation process is simple and can be completed by anyone;
  • Importing data into Excel eliminates the step of uploading a CSV file, which saves time;
  • Ability to collect data from multiple sources;
  • Find your usual data in Excel for easier and faster data analysis and visualization. 
  • More flexibility in creating tables would be easier for users;
  • More data imports would be nice. Only Moz, Majestics SEO and Grepwords are supported at this time;
  • An additional feature to analyze data would be nice.
Basically, SEOGadget for Excel can be a great tool for online marketers who still want to avail the power of Excel for better management of their SEO data.

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SEOGadget for Excel is a tool developed by the company Builtvisible whose founder and CEO is Geoff Griffiths. The company’s mission is to bring favorable changes to make the digital marketing strategy of their clients’ companies more efficient. It is certainly for this reason that the company has developed many tools that assist them in their work with small businesses. SEOGadget for Excel is one such tool. It solves the problem of exporting data from different marketing tools, especially since exporting this data often takes quite a long time.  Indeed SEOGadget for Excel, brings a solution to this problem by connecting via their API to services such as:
  • Majestic SEO;
  • GrepWords;
  • Moz.

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