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Find Keywords | Power Suggest Pro

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Identify missed business opportunities, find untapped niches, uncover low-competition long-tail keywords, and find out exactly what people are actively searching for in a market or niche.

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Description Power Suggest Pro 

Power Suggest Pro is a tool that allows you to discover business opportunities and untapped niches in your industry.  By collecting data from 6 major search engines (including Google, YouTube, and Amazon), Power Suggest Pro helps you spot long-tail, less competitive keywords people use to search for services or products on the internet. any market or niche in any country. 

What is Pro Suggest Pro? 

Power Suggest Pro is a keyword generator and market research tool that uses multiple search engines to generate millions of common terms and phrases that people type in to search for a product or service on the internet.  Unlike other market research solutions that rely on Google Keyword Planner reports, Power Suggest Pro collects keyword suggestions entered directly from search engines.  Concretely, this means that with this tool you access the least competitive keywords in your sector of activity, but also the trendiest, most profitable and most descriptive keywords, faithfully entered by real Internet users on search engines.  For this, Power Suggest Pro works with reliable and reference sources including Google (leader in online search), YouTube (leader in video content sharing) and Amazon (leader in e-commerce).  If you are looking for a tool that allows you to have a global view of what Internet users search for daily and untapped keyword opportunities by the competition, Power Suggest Pro can be a good choice. 

Power Suggest Pro: The features available 

To help you in your process of market research and the search for untapped opportunities, Power Suggest Pro provides you with practical and useful tools: 

1. A search engine results counter

It This is probably an idea unique to Power Suggest Pro. The purpose of this first tool is to help you quickly see the engines that were able to find result(s) for your keyword search.  Source: Power Suggest Pro  You then have the possibility of consulting the keywords which appear simultaneously on several engines and of easily identifying those which are the most popular. 

2. Extend Keyword Search with Recursive Suffixes 

To generate as many relevant keywords as possible and make sure you don’t miss anything, Power Suggest Pro offers a feature to add suffix to your search term. Source: Power Suggest Pro  For this, the tool offers 3 suffix options: 
  • None : For light searches  
  • AZ : For normal searches 
  • AA-ZZ : For advanced searches.  
You also have a RECURSIVE option which allows you to automatically repeat the search until you discover all the possible sub-niches or subtopics. 

3. A geotargeting-based keyword research tool for local SEO

If you’re targeting customers in a specific area or want to explore opportunities abroad, Power Suggest Pro’s geotargeting can help.  Source: Power Suggest Pro  This feature of the tool allows you to narrow market research to a single country to uncover search terms and phrases that specifically reflect the wants, needs and challenges of people in that country. 

4. Access an integrated list of +150 keyword research ideas 

Sometimes you can run out of ideas to start your market research. Power Suggest Pro provides you with an already integrated list of over 150 keyword research ideas to easily start your market research. Source: Power Suggest Pro  In this list of keywords, you will essentially discover 3 categories of keywords, namely: 
  • keywords Informational 
  • keywords for solutions 
  • And keywords with a strong purchase intention. 
However, it is important to remember that this list represents only a small subset of the infinite possibilities of keywords that Power Suggest Pro can generate.  This is just a “starter” list to which you will just have to associate your creativity to access millions of terms and expressions to target on your website. 

5. Extracting Keyword Suggestions

Search volume is an important metric for evaluating a keyword’s profitability.  Source: Power Suggest Pro  For this, Power Suggest Pro offers you the possibility to create lists of keywords from its idea suggestions and export them to Google Keyword Planner to discover the search volume of each term.

6. Links to popular services and tools 

For more convenience, Power Suggest Pro offers the possibility of linking its platform to popular tools and services that you will need in your marketing strategy.  Among other things, you will find links to:  Source: Power Suggest Pro 
  • Google Adwords 
  • Yahoo Bing Network 
  • Amazon Associates 
  • Google Keyword Planner 
  • Similar Web 
  • Etc…

7. Save a copy of the terms suggested during your keyword search

To avoid losing your data on Power Suggest Pro, the tool offers you the possibility to save the results of your keyword searches.  Source: Power Suggest Pro  This will be useful to you and will facilitate your next keyword searches on the platform. 

8. Researching hashtags to identify the most trending keywords of the moment

Hashtags are often used on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ to associate content with topics.  Power Suggest Pro offers hashtag-based search functionality to identify the hottest discussion topics of the moment.  To do this, you just have to type “#” in the search bar and access a list of the latest most searched hashtags.  Source: Power Suggest Pro  With this list of trending keywords, you can create viral content on hot topics that really interest your target audience. This will improve your user engagement and website traffic. 

9. Identify the most popular websites in any country 

It is true that there are several tools that allow you to find the most popular websites in a specific country. But they usually only provide about 100 sites.  The advantage with Power Suggest Pro is that you can discover up to thousands of these popular sites in any country in the world.  Source: Power Suggest Pro   To access this list of websites, you just have to enter “www.” then select a country.  This functionality represents a way to unearth opportunities for advertising campaigns, to establish professional relationships as well as to discover the products and services that are a hit in any corner of the world. 

Power Suggest Pro: Everything you can do with the tool 

  • Export keyword ideas collected from 6 major search engines including Google, YouTube and Amazon
  • Uncover profitable keyword opportunities including long term keywords less competitive trails
  • Research keywords in over 15 major languages ​​around the world
  • Understand the search intent of your target audience
  • Uncover untapped or under-tapped niches in any industry 
  • Identify keywords in a specific country (Over 210 countries available) 
  • Discover thousands of trending topics on social networks with the hashtag search feature
  • Create your own keyword lists with the possibility of exporting to third-party services and tools
  • Expand keyword research by associating suffixes to your search terms with recursive search options 
  • Discovering relevant word suggestions keywords by character *
  • Access a list of thousands of popular websites in any country
  • Quickly start your market research with more than 150 keyword research ideas already integrated
  • Generate endless content ideas for power your website, blog or YouTube channel
  • Discover thousands of terms and phrases with high purchase intent 

Power Suggest Pro: Pricing 

Power Suggest Pro is currently available at a promotional price of $57 (was $97) . This price may change at any time. Learn more. 

Power Suggest Pro: Who is the tool for? 

Power Suggest Pro is particularly suitable for: 
  • Niche website creators 
  • Affiliate 
  • marketers Local businesses or targeting customers in a specific country
  • Businesses or freelancers looking for new opportunities in digital marketing  

Power Suggest Pro: Disadvantages and advantages 

  • Searching for up-to-date keywords collected from several reliable and popular search engines 
  • targeting for local SEO Hashtag 
  • research to discover trending topics on social media
  • Doesn’t show search volume for keywords 
  • Must be associated with Google Keyword Planner before discovering useful SEO metrics to assess the profitability of a keyword 
  • May be difficult to use for some people, especially SEO beginners

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Power Suggest Pro is a keyword and market research tool that leverages multiple search engines to reveal millions of popular search phrases people type in every day.  Unlike most research tools on the market which are based on data from Google Keyword Planner, Power Suggest Pro works by mining keyword suggestions directly from search engines.  Power Suggest Pro integrates with multiple search engines including Google, YouTube, and Amazon.  Power Suggest Pro also gives a real overview of what millions of people are actively searching for every day and helps uncover unknown opportunities.

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