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Unused CSS | JitBit

Unused CSS | JitBit

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Learn how to remove unnecessary CSS with JitBit to improve the loading speed of your website.

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Description Unused CSS by JitBit

Unused CSS by JitBit is a tool that scans the pages of a website in order to detect unnecessary CSS selectors of any kind which can slow down the loading speed of the site in general. It is a free, yet effective tool that can crawl all of the submitted website pages in just a few clicks. Even a simple 1 second delay for a page to reload will reduce conversions by 4.42% for every second. That’s pretty reasonable, as 79% of online shoppers who have an unsatisfactory experience are less likely to buy from the same site again, while 64% would simply buy from another online store. The slow reload speed of pages is generally due to the weight of all the files of the website. This means that you have to regularly scan the site to get rid of files that are of no importance or use. This is where JitBit’s Unused CSS can help you, it’s a tool that lets you crawl your pages for unnecessary CSS selectors. It is a free, efficient and easy-to-use tool even for novices in the field. We will describe in this description the features of JitBit’s Unused CSS and how you can use it in the right way.

Definition of Unused CSS by JitBit

The online tool Unused CSS by JitBit is a free solution whose purpose is to help you remove all files from your website that do not really play a significant role. Although fairly new, Unused CSS can scan up to 200 pages deep on your website to find unused files. And according to the founders, the team behind the project continues to work to lift certain limitations in order to make the tool even more efficient. When we speak of a useless CSS file ,we refer to the codes of a style sheet which had been downloaded, but which is no longer used to design the necessary elements which appear on the first rendering of the content of the page. Codes d une feuille de style Otherwise, an element linked to a certain page can appear in the code of your style sheet without it playing any role for the page in question. For example, additional style sheet code that is added to a site for mobile and tablet users will not be useful for users who access your website through computers, and vice versa.  In this case, none of these codes are completely useless because they can serve the internet for a specific audience. But when you add a style sheet to your website, but decide on a more specific design, it’s likely that some CSS code will remain useless. Obviously, in addition to the code related to the new design that you have chosen to keep, the code from the old style sheet will remain a burden for the site. A common case of generating unused CSS is when website owners decide to remove a feature, but forget to also remove the CSS it’s built on. For example, if you’ve ever used frameworks like Bootstrap, you should notice that they usually come with dozens of CSS styles that you probably don’t need.  The most serious consequence of unnecessary CSS codes is that they cause pages to load more and more slowly. Since unused CSS is added to style sheets, this increases the overall file size. As a result, this significantly slows down response times and causes content to render on your webpage first.

How does JitBit’s Unused CSS work?

Being a new online tool, JitBit’s Unused CSS does not require any special requirements to use it. From the site’s home page, you can directly diagnose your site’s pages to identify unnecessary CSS selectors. Currently, the tool does not offer any registration option, i.e. you do not need to fill in your details to use JitBit’s Unused CSS. The single most important thing to do is to paste your website address into the large ”Enter the root URL” bar and then click on ”Cawl for Unused CSS”. Outil Unused CSS de JitBit With impressive speed, JitBit’s Unused CSS tool can crawl through all of your pages to show you the result of its work. In the diagnostic result, we can see that the detected selectors line up according to one category one after the other. For example, the selectors relating to the images find themselves aligned one after the other, then come the selectors of another category. A small flaw of the tool is that when you fill in the address of your site without htts, Unused CSS from JitBit finds the address invalid.  We can consider this as a remarkable limit of Unused CSS, because novices will certainly not be used to typing their website address directly with the mention https//. For example, when I typed in the reserved bar, you can notice that the tool tells me that my address is invalid. Exemple de adresse Twaino dans la barre de recherche However, you will necessarily have to write the address of your website starting with https or http so that JitBit’s Unused CSS can take it into account. Although JitBit’s Unused CSS is a new tool in development, it is quite fast and efficient enough to serve its purpose.  Currently no special conditions are required to enjoy the best features of this tool. This would mean that you don’t even need to register to use JitBit’s Unused CSS, as there isn’t a registration option either.  It is not known whether certain terms of use will be enforceable thereafter. In any case, Unused CSS remains a good option if you feel the need to lighten up your website in order to improve page loading speed.

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JitBit is an agency specializing in customer service. It was founded in 2005 by Alex Yumashev. The goal of this agency is to provide businesses with a better customer service platform. To do this, it offers an efficient system capable of managing e-mails in record time.  Best of all, its help desk software can be installed in seconds, helping speed up email processing.  JitBit is the creator of the JitBit Helpdesk software, available on iOS and Android. The latter allows entrepreneurs to respond to their customers anywhere in the world.  Also, the agency offers Jitbit HelpDesk Migration which allows you to migrate your data without having coding expertise. Besides, with its Unused CSS tool, you can proceed to check your website for unused CSS selectors.

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