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Profitable Keywords | Jaaxy

Profitable Keywords | Jaaxy

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Jaaxy is an online keyword software to discover and analyze the most relevant keywords in order to optimize your web pages.

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Description Jaaxy

Although keywords are the basis of internet research, it is important to choose only those most relevant to your audience. It is in this idea that Jaaxy was developed to be an effective keyword tool tool in the market. If you want to know more about this tool, I suggest you read this description.

What is Jaaxy ?

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools that can help you increase your website’s ranking to the top of Google search results. It’s a combination of great features for:
  • Showing an estimate of how much traffic your website can get with a specific keyword;
  • Determine ranking difficulty, i.e., the number of websites attempting to rank for the same keyword;
  • Find related keyword data based on research to help you target more search terms.
Jaaxy also has additional features, like domain availability check, keyword backup list and others. To go into a little more detail, here’s what these features mean:

Jaaxy Keyword Research Review

To begin with, you need to insert a seed keyword into the keyword search bar to get a sizable list of related keywords. No doubt, the tool provides you with very good keywords for which you can easily rank your website. You can also access a list of suggested keywords that are uncompetitive for your niche.   Another more important piece of data you can get is the estimated monthly searches for keywords. On top of that, you will also get a traffic estimate for the lowest keyword position. This is a great feature for SEO because it can help you stay relevant with your keyword choices.

Measuring Competition

To measure keyword competition in Jaaxy, you will get essential metrics like QSR, KQI and SEO.   QSR stands for Cited Search Results, it is the number of pages that Google ranks for a keyword. KQI stands for Keyword Quality Indicator, which is a measure developed by Jaaxy to determine the quality of a keyword. For information, the KQI is only a quality estimate offered by Jaaxy, which means that it is an approximate measurement. In any case, you can trust their algorithm and the quality data it offers. The most interesting SEO score with this tool is the Reverse SEO Difficulty Score, that said, the higher the score, the easier it is to rank. Score is marked with three different colors:
  • Red which means the score is bad; 
  • Yellow to say that the score is at a normal level;
  • And green to qualify the score as excellent.
Also, even if you trust the KQI, it’s still hard to figure out what to target. But when the data is displayed with color codes, it is much easier to find the best keyword to target. You can also see the availability of a domain for a given keyword.  Although this is no longer a considerable given, it can better guide your decisions in choosing your keywords.

Accessing old data

Jaaxy has two separate dashboards to show you old data: 
  • Saved lists;
  • And search history.
In theory, this feature is even more interesting if you have several websites and therefore several keywords to study. In this case, you can easily save lists of keywords with any keyword research tool, it’s just that you download them. The same applies to the ”Search History” tab. So you have access to all past keyword searches.

Jaaxy Search Analysis

This feature works similarly like SERP analysis. You can see the domain name ranking of the pages, so you can analyze them manually. But you don’t get a deeper view. You cannot compare traffic, backlinks or domain ranking, this can be seen as a weak point of the tool. If you want to access more advanced data, you must click on each entry individually. On the one hand, this means that you will get a less bulky view. And since you get metrics on each individual input, it’s easy to hone in on the data from each section for easier interpretation. Additionally, the tool shows you a good overview of each domain’s content ranking data like:
  • The number of words the page contains; 
  • Links back to the page;
  • Etc.
Despite these many features, the tool tries as much as possible to offer a simple and airy dashboard. However, you need to be more vigilant with the data from this tool, as Jaaxy may show you a green KQI, but your online business might be ill-equipped to compete for top ranks on specific SERPs. If you want to improve the performance of your content with good keywords, Jaaxy may be an option for you.

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Jaaxy is a platform specializing in SEO research methods. It was created especially to help marketers improve their SEO. To do this, Jaaxy provides its users with several essential tools for SEO practices.  The Keyword Research Tool is one of them. With this tool, Jaaxy saves hours per week for SEO specialists who want to work on several aspects of their business.  Indeed, the platform generates more than 8 million new keywords each month. Moreover, it provides ultra-accurate and effective keyword data that covers about 99.7% of search engines. Jaaxy also offers trend research, competitor analysis, and position tracking tools. All these tools make Jaaxy one of the most used SEO platforms.  Many SEO professionals use Jaaxy to ensure better optimization of their site.

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