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Disavow links | Google

Disavow links | Google

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Disavow links to your site Google Mise en avant
Too many bad links pointing to your site? Use Google’s Link Disavow Tool to ignore them.

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Description Google Link Disavow Tool

According to a study by Backlinko, the number of domains linked to a page was the factor that had the strongest correlation with ranking in Google. Sites that receive quality backlinks will therefore tend to have a better ranking and conversely, sites that get bad links may see their ranking lowered. This is a no-brainer since Google fights hard against low-quality links that only seek to trick the search algorithm into getting better rankings. If several artificial links point to your domain, the ideal is to disavow them with the Google disavow tool so as not to have to suffer the penalties of the search engine. Through this description, we learn about Google’s disavow tool and how to use it to prevent bad domains from backlinking to your web resources.

What is the Google Link Disavow Tool?

This tool helps you disavow inbound links that are unnatural for a domain. In other words, you can ask Google to ignore certain links if you think they might hurt your rankings. Indeed, Google penalizes your site when it is associated with inorganic links. The search engine uses links as one of its ranking criteria and wants them to be natural. All the links that are artificially created to your site can therefore harm the ranking of your site, but also its reputation. It is in this context that the search engine has developed the link disavowal tool to allow webmasters to have control over the links that Google may or may not use for ranking.

Why Use Google’s Disavow Tool?

Google can take several actions when it sees quality issues for a site’s inbound links:
  • Algorithmic filtering (Panda, Penguin);
  • Manual action (various degrees of severity);
  • Domain ban.
This tool can help you in two ways:


Inorganic links can affect your website’s ranking. With the Link Disavow Tool, you are able to specify which links should be disregarded by Google to prevent any algorithmic or manual action against your website.

Corrective measures

In the event that your website has suffered the effects of a search quality algorithm or a manual action, you can help the repair process by specifying the links that Google should ignore.

What is the consequence of this link disavowal?

When you disavow links, a request is sent to Google not to consider these links. Thus, successfully disavowed links are no longer used to determine your ranking. Consequence de désaveu de liens de Google×530.png However, be aware that nothing compels Google to honor your link disavowal procedure. The search engine makes it clear that your disavow request is nothing more than a suggestion. It’s just a way to fix bad linking practices. As a result, you can expect them to honor your link disavowal request rather than impose a penalty.

How does your site end up with low quality links?

You may have created one yourself or your SEO service provider may have. In some cases, even third parties may create unnatural links for you. This can happen as part of random spam or a deliberate attempt at the much-discussed concept of “negative SEO”. In general, inorganic links come from:
  • Automated link exchanges;
  • Artificial blog networks;
  • Paid links;
  • Fake profiles;
  • Comment spam;
  • Widgetbait tactics;
  • Footer link spam.

How to use Google’s disavow tool?

Since Google’s Link Disavow Tool is an advanced feature, its use is recommended for experienced and knowledgeable webmasters. Outil de desaveu de liens de Google Removing good links could affect a domain’s ranking in Google. To do this, follow these steps carefully:

Identifying poor quality links

There are good and bad links on your website. Bad links should be identified using an online link audit tool. Many of these tools estimate the value of a link, but they also give false positives. After getting the list of links, you need to detect fraudulent links. The most effective way to do this is to manually go through each link and determine if it makes sense and is useful. Try to disavow links on sites that seem suspicious.

Prepare the Disavow File

Google’s Link Disavow Tool works with properly formatted text (.txt or .csv) files. The correct format is one URL per line to include a link in the disavow file. You can disavow the link of a specific page or the links of an entire domain. In the case of a page URL, just add the page URL to your disavow file. But when it comes to a domain, the domain name is preceded by the command “domain:” as follows: – disavow links from an entire domain.  To add comments, just start a line with “#” and write your text. Comments are handy if you have a large file that needs to be separated into different groups of links for easy overview and updates.

Submitting the disavow file

Once the disavow file is ready, navigate to theGoogle disavow tool. Choose the site for which you want to disavow links from certain domains. Select the appropriate website and click the “Disavow Links” button. Bouton desavouer les liens You will need to choose a file containing your disavow list. Select your previously primed disavow file and click the “Submit” button. Once the download is successful, it will be visible on the same screen.

Updating and deleting the disavow list

If you have already uploaded a file before, be aware that it is not possible to upload more than one file, but you have the possibility to update the existing file. For this purpose, you can upload the existing disavow file, modify it and upload it again following the same procedure. When you upload a new file, the old one is automatically overwritten. So be sure to include all of your links and not just new ones that you add to the list. In case you change your mind about which links you want to disavow or want to start with a completely new file, you always have the option of deleting the file and starting over. In summary, Google’s disavow tool allows you to fight against artificial links that lead to your site in order to protect you from possible penalties. However, it must be used with great care so as not to ruin the ranking of your site by mistake.

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Google is an American company, founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It specializes in the provision of technological services and has grown in Silicon Valley in California. Since 2015, Google has been a subsidiary of the Alphabet company with Sundar Pichai as CEO. The Google company created the Google search engine, which is one of the most widely used in the world. The latter is highly appreciated for its ability to offer many relevant results to the queries of its users. Apart from its search engine, the Google company has many other subsidiaries which are:
  • YouTube;
  • Speaktoit;
  • Kaggle;
  • Google Ad Mob;
  • looker;
  • etc
Each of these subsidiaries offers various and varied services. 

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