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Daily SEO Tasks | SEO Minion (Plugin)

Daily SEO Tasks | SEO Minion (Plugin)

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SEO Minion Mise en avant
Track and improve your website’s performance daily using the free SEO Minion extension.

Long Description : Daily SEO Tasks

Description SEO Minion

SEO Minion is an extension built using popular programming languages ​​that customizes your browsing experience to help you perform key SEO analysis and tasks. The SEO Minion extension has been developed to work with Chrome and Firefox browsers. According to statistics, 61% of B2B marketers said that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. This means that you have even more to gain if you focus most of your efforts on monitoring your website’s performance and correcting imbalances. To achieve this notable task, SEO Minion is a solution that allows you to have a daily eye on your website in terms of natural referencing. It is quite a popular and free tool that you can use to increase your chances of naturally ranking higher in search results. Let’s find out in this brief description how SEO Minion works and how it can help you.

What is SEO Minion?

Until then, we can continue to confirm that SEO Minion is a free, but quite complete SEO tool. Page seo minion optimized With all the impeccable features it offers, SEO Minion is very far from being a totally free tool in reality. But surprisingly, it does. So far, SEO Minion remains a resounding success with great popularity from users who give it very good ratings on both Chrome and Firefox:
  • On Chrome, the tool counts more than 200,000 users with 516 5-star reviews;
  • On Firefox, on Chrome, the number of users is less but quite significant. It can be seen that there are over 4000 users and 42 5 star ratings.

What are the features of SEO Minion?

Conveniently, SEO Minion has almost every feature you can use to regularly track and improve your site’s performance. Here are the main features:

Analyze SEO on page 

SEO Minion is able to drill down and analyze every web page you visit while keeping the tool turned on. This HTML analysis allows you to uncover key metrics that make all the difference in optimizing your content to rank higher.  Thanks to this functionality, you can consult:
  • The title with number of characters out of 60 characters;
  • The SEO meta description with the number of characters out of 150 characters;
  • The total number of words and characters on the page;
  • Canonical tags;
  • Each title with its type.
On page SEO Minion This feature of the tool gives you plenty of actionable opportunities to better SEO your site, as it shows the glaring errors or gaps that are hindering your content’s success in the SERPs.  By displaying the length of your title or description tags, you can make adjustments that will make a big difference with search engines.  Headings can be viewed in one place, making it easy to critically review them and insert subject- or semantically-related keywords.   Images are often overlooked, but with SEO Minion, you can stay ahead of their optimization by filling in alt attributes better. Nombre d image telecharger In the Open Graph section under this feature, SEO Minion will show you how your page is previewed when the link is shared on social media.  Section Open Graph This is a step that is often overlooked for SEO, so this feature can be a useful reminder to check these things when analyzing a certain web page before sharing it on social platforms. SEO Minion can do even better when it comes to doing on-page SEO, but we’ll keep it brief.

Highlight all links

This feature shows you all the links on the web page in question. You actually have your link profile per page. Profil de liens de page SEO Minions These links are organized by internal/external and followed/unfollowed, making it easy to filter results and adjust your linking strategy if necessary. 

Check Broken Links

We all know that a bad link profile can have a detrimental effect on your sites SEO, that’s the main reason why SEO Minions Broken Link Checker is such a valuable service.  Simply click on ”Check Broken Links” to get a breakdown of:
  • Valid links;
  • 404;
  • No domain link;
  • Empty links;
  • Redirects;
  • Server errors.
Bouton verifier les liens rompus SEO Minions You have, in fact, the complete diagnosis on all of your broken links in order to make improvements if necessary.


annotations are also a factor that should be handled with care, because if implemented incorrectly, they can really compromise your website. Verificateur hreflang SEO Minions SEO Minion will check all your Hreflang tags on the page and all pages linked by your Hreflang tags. 

SERP Overview

Anyone with a website is supposed to care about the search results of the search engines they use. The SERP preview tab provides you with a preview of how your site might appear at the top of Google for any keyword of your choice. Aperçu du SERP You can use this tool to refine your product and description tags and preview changes in real time. 

SERP Location

Checker Minion SERP SEO Location Checker allows you to check your website’s ranking in different countries and territories with reliable search results that are quite natural. Definition de google panda As you can compare your rankings in different localities, you can also get an idea of ​​your ability to reach a global audience.  Overall, SEO Minion is a tool that many people appreciate and it is far from useless when it comes to SEO. The tool regularly makes important updates, which would mean that the founding team is really listening to its audience. In my opinion, I think that an SEO tool with all these fairly effective features can become paid later, but currently it is free to access.

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SEO Minion is a free search tool that dramatically improves your site’s SEO. It facilitates your daily SEO tasks as well as checking for broken links.  The tool assists you in On-Page SEO analysis of web pages. Thus, you have the opportunity to view useful information that will allow you to optimize this aspect of SEO with an in-depth analysis of any technical malfunctions. With SEO MInion, you have a fairly clear study of the internal and external links of a web page. This allows to have an idea of ​​those who are possibly failing.  SEO Minion also helps visualize non-personalized Google search results for a keyword from two different location/language combinations. It can also be used as a checker to check the validity of Hreflang tags. SEO Minion now has over 200,000 users. It is available in French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

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