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Canonical URLs | FME Addons – Magento (Plugin)

Canonical URLs | FME Addons – Magento (Plugin)

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Canonical Urls Magento FME Addons Mise en avant
Use Magento Canonical Urls to eliminate duplicate content issues on your site.

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Magento Canonical Urls

It is common to see the same content in several places on the same site. This often results from the efforts of webmasters which consist in facilitating navigation on a site by, for example, setting up pagination or category filters. If it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can seriously compromise a site’s performance and impact its business since search engines are only looking to rank a URL for given content. To avoid issues with duplicate content on your site, you can use the free FME Magento Cononical Urls extension to add canonical tags to your URLs. In this description, we learn about the features of this plugin and how you can use it to eradicate duplicate content issues on your site.

What is Magento Cononical Urls?

The Magento Cononical Urls extension helps you eliminate duplicate content issues from your eCommerce site through the addition of a canonical Meta tag. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult for search engines to identify, index and rank the correct URL when several pages present similar content. This is the interest of this extension which allows you to add a canonical tag in order to indicate to search engines the correct URL. The Magento Canonical URLs extension is a free module for Magento that is not limited to adding a “rel” canonical URL to the header of your website pages. It also gives you the ability to manually set custom canonical links for products. From then on, you will be able to let search engines know which page/URL on your website is most relevant to users based on a particular query. By doing so, you get rid of duplicate content issues and your site stays healthy in search engine ranks.

Who is Magento Cononical Urls for?

The Magento Cononical Urls extender is for all site owners who are concerned about duplicate content on their sites and the issues that arise from it. It is particularly important for e-commerce sites, as they often face problems with pagination creating identical content with different URLs.

The main features of the Magento Canonical URLs extension

features we can mention: 

Adding canonical meta tags to products, categories, pages CMS URLs

Asmultiple pages by filters.  Magento Canonical URLs can help you solve these duplication issues by adding proper canonical tags.  With this extension, you will use a custom canonical URL for each product, category or CMS page.

Include or Exclude Category Path in Product

Canonical URLs Using Magento Canonical URLs, it is possible to include full category path (main category only) or short category path (main category and subcategories) in the canonical product URLs. Similarly, if you wish, you can completely exclude the path from the category. You will only need to add pages to the exclusion section in order to ignore those specific pages when adding the canonical tag.

Apply canonical tags for multiple stores, store view or another website

The Canonical URLs extension allows applying canonical tag addition to multiple pages at once. Thus, it can be applied:
  • To product pages;
  • On category pages;
  • To CMS pages;
  • On the homepage.
The same is true for any other page that can create duplicate content issues on your online store.

Add Canonical Tags on Pagination and Filter Pages 

As mentioned earlier, category-type page pagination and filters can cause duplicate content issues. Mengento Canonical URLs will add canonical tags to avoid confusion for search engines and display the relevant page for users.

Specify rel=”next” and rel=”prev” for the slider or the catalog

In the configuration settings, you can configure the rel=”next” and rel=”prev” attributes to allow search engine spiders to determine relevance of product and category pages.

Add a trailing slash to web pages

To reap the benefits of SEO and increase the readability of your URLs, you can add a trailing slash in one click in the Mengento Canonical URLs tool. This will obviously allow you to make all your URLs SEO-friendly.

Pagination and Layered Navigation

Mengento Canonical URLs helps you define a relationship between pagination pages with a canonical tag. You can also work out the relativity of layered navigation pages to product and category pages. You can:
  • Enable/Disable the Canonical meta tag for catalog paging pages;
  • Enable/Disable Canonical meta tag for catalog layered navigation – for filtered page or current category page.

How does Mengento Canonical URLs work?

By default, this extension will automatically choose the deepest link as the canonical link when you launch it.  However, you can also choose another canonical URL of any page if you wish. For this, open the desired product page from the backend. By clicking on the Meta settings tab, you will see a drop-down menu at the bottom named “Canonical URL”. From listed drop-down list, you will find all URL variations to access your page. You will only have to select the URL you want.

Benefits of Mengento Canonical URLs for E-Commerce Marketers

Using this tool, you will:
  • Fix duplicate content issues on your e-commerce site, which not only improves search engine rankings, but also to avoid penalties.
  • Indicate the relationship between multiple pages and categories so that search bots show the high authority version.
  • Very easily enable or disable canonicalization on any page the site administrator wishes.
In this description, we have explored the different features of the Mengento Canonical URLs extension. This free extension can help you get rid of similar content that appears in several places on your site following the implementation of certain actions such as pagination or filters.

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