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Crawling | Seobility

Crawling | Seobility

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Seobility is a multi-functional tool that allows you to perform most important SEO tasks such as site auditing, ranking monitoring, competitor research and more.

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Description Seobility

To successfully SEO your website, it is important to include an all-in-one tool in your process. Thus, you are guaranteed to pass each step of the SEO process and even faster. To this end, Seobility offers you many powerful features to allow you to SEO your website in one place. So here are some features of the tool:

Rank Tracking

To fulfill the rank tracking function, Seobility relies on three different fronts to approach the keywords of your projects. The first is to simply check your website’s current ranking for a specific keyword. The second function allows you to track every keyword on a project and on every page of your website. And the third function is to provide you with resources to analyze and optimize each target keyword. You can easily access the Keyword Checker directly from your dashboard and then enter a keyword and your domain.   To make the checks more precise, you can choose the country or state and specify the device readers use to access the internet as well as the search engine. Then the tool shows you your current ranking, your CPC, your search volume and all the URLs (top 100) that rank before you. To track keyword fluctuations on search results pages, you need to add it to a project. There is a ‘ranking’ tab which can be used to add the keywords you want to track. As soon as the keywords are entered, you get the search volume, cost per click and ad competition level for each: As just mentioned, it is also important to add the country or city to your tracking project for your keywords. So you can get a report on these keywords differently each time. As you can see, the overview gives you a visibility graph, the number of search terms that have increased or decreased, and the number of keywords in the top 3, 10, 20, and 100 search results. More detailed information is included in the report such as the exact URLs of your domain’s ranking for keywords, their current position, as well as changes in position.  As just mentioned, Ranking Optimization is meant to provide you with good resources to improve your visibility. It basically displays pages that could potentially be optimized for better results.

Site audit

On the Seobility interface, you will not find a specific button that will redirect you to the website audit space.  On the other hand, the tool automatically audits your website when you plan a project and puts it into execution. That said, you can add projects from your dashboard just by entering your website URL. The tool provides an overall optimization score and a detail of how this score is distributed:
  • The ”Tech & Meta” category represents a percentage of this overall score provided. And when you click to read more, this category gathers information on response times, URL details, and meta description optimization, etc;
  • The ”Structure” category basically helps us identify and fix internal and external linking issues. Here we find redirect errors, anchoring problems, page levels, etc. This category also highlights ‘important pages’ based on the number of internal links and their distance from the home page, this is commonly referred to as page depth;
  • Category ”Content” lets us know the number of pages competing with us for a keyword, blank pages, inappropriate optimization of keywords in content, etc. Basically, any aspect that can be optimized or monitored with respect to the content of a project is included.
When you return to your dashboard after setting up a project, an overview of the project is displayed for easy monitoring.  It includes on-page score, backlinks including number of new or lost links and number of ranking keywords.

Competitor Research

On the dashboard, there is a tool called ”SEO Compare” which is specifically meant for researching and analyzing the competition. The limitation of this feature is that you can only compare two URLs even with the paid premium plan.  The tool only compares URLs that you provided yourself, it does not do an automatic comparison based on SERPs. Thus, it does not help you identify potential competitors who rank better for the same keyword than you if you do not presume them. Nevertheless, there are other ways to use Seobility to do more in-depth research on your competitors.  For example, if you go to the ”Backlinks” tab of your project, there is an option to add competitors. On top of that, the tool also automatically suggests top competitors that might be worth adding to your watchlist. The tool then shows you the total number of referring domains or backlinks for each of these competitors. Additional information including any page that can be used to create new links, sponsored content or guest posts is also displayed. Similarly, you can also add competitors to your ”Rankings” tab to compare and track your ranking changes over time.  Like in the number of keywords they rank for on the total keywords you follow and their viewability score.

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Seobility is an SEO platform set up to help marketers and agencies increase the performance of their sites.  Since its creation in 2013, Seobility has continued to implement ingenious ideas for the well-being of several sites around the world. Seobility offers its clients several SEO software and tools. Among these, we distinguish in particular:
  • the tools of exploration and hearing of sites
  • the checker of backlinks
  • the tool of follow-up of position
  • the tool of creation of links
  • etc.
All these tools and software help to promote better site optimization, so that they obtain a better ranking with search engines.  Seobility has more than 300,000 users among SEO professionals, web marketers, etc.

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