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Finding Keywords and Backlinks | SEO Explorer

Finding Keywords and Backlinks | SEO Explorer

Short description : Finding Keywords and Backlinks

SEO Explorer Mise en avant
Search your website for free keywords and backlinks with the SEO explorer tool.

Long Description : Finding Keywords and Backlinks

Description of the tool SEO explorer 

SEO explorer belongs to the company Keywords standings Ltd. It is an Israeli company, incorporated in 2017, and 100% owned by Barak Weichselbaum, an entrepreneur since 2010 and a former programmer who worked in military intelligence. In the business world, he has developed security tools, end-user protection interfaces and parental controls.  With this tool, this company allows you to explore the SEO of any website through links, keywords and domains.

Who is the Seo-explorer tool intended for ? 

This website SEO crawler will probably be ideal for any website. It will thus allow the various teams in charge of SEO to have an overview of the state of the site’s optimization for search engines. 

What are the features of the SEO-explorer tool ?

Regarding the features of this tool, you have: 
  • Free keyword research: This feature allows you to get an idea of ​​the keywords of your competitors, but also to discover new keywords on which optimize your content; 
  • The free backlinks checker: This is an option that helps you get an analysis of your backlinks profile, but also to detect new opportunities for obtaining backlinks while having the possibility of spying on the strategy of backlinks. getting backlinks from your competitors; 
  • The ranking of your site’s URLs: with this function, the SEO-explorer tool allows you to have an idea of ​​the different linking sites and to discover keywords for each category; 
  • An API: apart from all the features you have, the SEO-explorer tool also provides you with a fairly powerful SEO API for your keyword research and backlink verification operations. The API also includes backlink search and URL classification functionality. 

How much do the features of the SEO-explorer tool cost? 

In terms of cost, note that the tool offers you to benefit from its functionalities on the basis of a tariff plan which is based on five monthly subscription options.   Thus, you have: 
  • The free plan: This plan allows you to benefit from the tool’s functionalities for free within the limit of: 10 keyword and domain searches per day and 100 backlink reports per month; 
  • The Tiny Plan: It costs $9.99 a month and entitles you to 30 domain searches per day, 2000 backlink reports, 15 keyword searches per day, 70 keyword suggestions as well as access to the API; 
  • The Lightweight Plan: This plan is priced at $24.99 a month. It gives you access to 100 keyword and domain name searches per day, 5000 backlinks per report, 200 keyword suggestions per API access and 10,000 API units per month; 
  • The pro plan: This plan is billed at $44.99 per month. It allows you to benefit from 250 domain name searches and 350 keyword searches per day, 10,000 backlinks per report and a 500 keyword suggestion per report, access to the API as well as 25,000 API units per month; 
  • The Guru plan: This is the latest plan, it is billed at $85.99 per month and entitles you to 750 keyword searches and 600 domain searches per m day, 1000 keyword suggestions per report, 25,000 backlinks per report, API access and 55,000 API units per month. 

How to use the SEO-explorer tool ?

As I had already announced above, the SEO-explorer tool can be used in free mode. You can use it to obtain data on your links or on the keywords of your website.  If you want information about your website’s links or about keywords. Whatever your need, just go to the menu and click on keywords or domain.  Once your choice has been made, in the new window that appears, simply type in the search bar the URL address of your website in order to obtain information on the keywords or links. of your website.  website twaino you obtain the following information regarding the link data:  The search for keywords, on the other hand, gives you the following information:  With all this information, you now have an idea about the SEO-explorer tool. Do not hesitate to use it for your data collection and analysis needs concerning the keywords and backlinks of your Website. 

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SEO Explorer belongs to Keywords Standing Ltd founded in 2017. It is an Israeli company owned by Barak Weichselbaum entrepreneur since the year 2010. He is also a web developer who worked in military intelligence. The latter has developed several tools such as security tools, end-user protection platforms and parental controls. Among its list of tools is SEO Explorer.  This is a SEO platform that allows you to get website links for free. It is also a tool that shows you how your keywords are referenced for search engines. SEO Explorer participates in all your strategies, whether marketing or SEO. In this sense, it is aimed at SEOs, digital marketing professionals, but also and above all at SMEs and owners of e-commerce sites.

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