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Content Improvement | Keys4Up

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Keys4p is a free keyword suggestion tool that allows you to get the LSI keywords associated with a specific main keyword.

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Description Keys4up 

In content marketing, the use of LSI keywords can significantly help improve the ranking of web pages on search engines.  However, the problem that many content creators face is what are the right LSI keywords to use?  Keys4up is a free keyword suggestion tool that can do the work for you. Unlike other keyword tools that only generate variations of the main keyword, Keys4p goes much further.  The tool is able to understand the meaning behind each word in order to retrieve all terms and phrases that are semantically related to your search term.  

What is Keys4up? 

Keys4up is a tool that can be extremely helpful in your content optimization efforts. By submitting a seed keyword, the tool is able to generate relevant related LSI keywords to help improve your SEO. This is a great tool that can be used to find new terms and phrases to target on your website.  Whatever the theme or your industry, you can use Keys4up to produce quality and relevant content for your website to improve its ranking on Google.

Keys4up: Key Built 

-in Features Keys4up comes with several great features, the most important  of which are: Keyword Research : Keys4up offers writers a convenient way to find the words they need to improve their Google rankings. This feature of the tool is very useful for coming up with content ideas for writing relevant and engaging content.  By submitting a starting topic, Keys4up is able to build you a rich and relevant vocabulary including associated terms and expressions.  Data export : When you generate keywords with Keys4up, the tool also offers an export option to allow you to save the list of generated keywords. This can be very handy when analyzing the data collected during keyword research.  The number of words to respect : In addition to generating the keywords to use, Keys4up also suggests the number of times each keyword should be used to obtain consistent and highly optimized content. Indeed, since the update of Google’s hummingbird algorithm, it is no longer enough to insert keywords at all costs in content to obtain a good ranking on Google. Keys4up precisely helps you to know approximately how many times your targeted keywords should appear to get consistent content that is likely to rank well in Google results.  Multi-Language Keyword Research: Keys4up offers users the ability to perform keyword research in five different languages: English (en), German (de), French (fr), Spanish (es) and Italian ( it). This can be extremely useful for companies targeting customers abroad.  Technical support : Keys4up also has a user-friendly interface with small contextual menus presenting brief descriptions to guide the user through the tool’s functionalities. 

Keys4up: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Keyword research with Keys4up is not just limited to generating variations of the search term. The tool digs deeper and also retrieves words, concepts, synonyms… to suggest a vast lexicon for you to use. 
  • It also allows writers to gain relevant insights into content to improve their understanding of how Google ranks searches. The words generated by Keys4up give the writer a general idea of ​​the important keywords to insert in their content. 
  • This is a completely free service, which does not require any payment. However, if the user wishes to access more features, he can register on the platform which is also free. 
  • Keys4up uses Google’s ranking criteria to provide its keyword suggestions. 
  • To get better two- or three-word recommendations, the tool requires registration. 
  • Depending on the searched keyword, Key4up may take a long time to display the suggestions. 

Keys4up: How does the tool work? 

Keys4up is a tool that can help several user profiles to improve their ranking on search engines on Google and in particular the actors involved in the creation of content such as editors, bloggers, journalists, etc.  To generate a list of keyword suggestions for a user, Keys4up uses the same criteria that Google uses to identify keyword content. This thus makes it possible to obtain a list of recommendations of relevant keywords likely to rank quickly on the Google results pages. 

Additional Resources 

What are LSI keywords? 

In SEO, LSI keywords refer to all terms that are related to the main keyword you want to target.  Their use helps to enrich the semantics of your content. This makes it easier for human users and search engines to understand the theme covered in your content.  To help you get a concrete idea, consider the term “rich snippet” as the main keyword of a page. Examples of LSI keywords for the term “rich snippet” can be: 
  • What is a rich snippet 
  • Examples of rich snippets
  • How to use rich snippets 
  • Plugin to set up rich snippets 
  • Do rich snippets affect the SEO ? 
As we can see, LSI keywords are not necessarily synonyms or variants of the main keyword, they are also associated terms to enrich the semantics. 

Why should you use LSI keywords? 

LSI keywords generally improve the user experience and SEO of your website.  But in more detail, here are the important reasons why you should use LSI keywords in your content: 

1. Rank well for related searches 

Using LSI keywords will help your site rank for related queries. semantically related rather than for your main keyword. This can be an additional source of traffic.

2. Help your business rank for less competitive keywords to improve conversions.

Being generally less competitive, using semantically related keywords on your website will help you attract searchers faster than targeting high competition keywords. 

3. Make your writing style more natural 

Using LSI keywords allows you to use other variations of your main keyword. This avoids the repetition of the main keyword and thus offers visitors a more pleasant reading.  In addition, it also avoids keyword stuffing which is a practice punishable by search engines. 

4. Keep visitors on your site longer 

LSI keywords can also be used to improve your site’s visit time and reduce its bounce rate. Which can significantly help improve your ranking on search engine pages. 

How to find LSI keywords for your content? 

Keys4up is a tool that can be very useful to you in your content optimization efforts. The tool can generate relevant LSI keywords to use to enrich the semantics of your content to make it easier for your visitors to read, but also to help search engines better understand the context of content in order to better rank it in Search results.  All you need to do is submit a primary seed keyword and you’ll get free access to a list of related LSI keywords. 

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Keys4Up is an SEO agency created to help text editors, content writers and SEO professionals get keywords related to any copywriting topics.  For this, the agency has set up a keyword research tool that bears the same name as the agency. Thanks to this tool, Keys4Up allows its users: 
  • To have semantic terms or suggestions of relevant keywords;
  • Write better web content;
  • To optimize their article;
  • Improve the positioning of their site in search engines; 
  • Etc. 
In addition, this company offers web creators and SEOs the SEO Cpywriting, a plugin for content writing.  With this plugin, they can easily meet the expectations of Internet users and improve their editorial skills in SEO. 

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