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Fight Spam | Anti-Spam – WordPress (Plugin)

Fight Spam | Anti-Spam – WordPress (Plugin)

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Use the Titan Anti Spam & security plugin to guarantee security and fight against spam on your WordPress site in order to calmly improve your SEO.

Long Description : Fight Spam

Description Titan Anti spam & security 

Launched in 2003, WordPress is known to be the most popular and widely used content management system in the world. Today, this platform manages 43.3% of all sites on the Internet.  Even though he may be influential in the website hosting market, the fact remains that hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites are hacked. This proves that just like other site providers, WordPress is every moment as vulnerable to attacks.  This situation can cause you to lose all your data quickly and easily. If you want to avoid these attacks, you need to find safe ways to protect your WordPress site. And one of those ways is using Titan Anti Spam & security tool.  Through this article, I am describing it to help you have good information about these different features and the advantages they can offer to your WordPress site. Good reading.

Introducing Titan Anti-spam & security 

Titan Anti-spam & security is one of those valuable tools in the fight against spam for users of WordPress sites. It is precisely a plugin that offers almost total for WordPress sites.  In principle, the tool consists of several functionalities in the form of add-ons, that is to say in the form of software modules which participate in the security of your WP site. Titan Anti-spam & security’s suite of software modules can be easily used by all marketing professionals and SEO specialists to better develop their digital strategies. These modules cover all of your WordPress site security. Below are the main modules of Titan Anti-spam & security:
  • Anti-spam;
  • Firewall;
  • Malware scanner (malicious software);
  • Accessibility of the WordPress site;
  • Security and threat audit.
These different modules allow the tool a certain efficiency in monitoring, security and the fight against spam for your WordPress sites. This allows the community of WordPress users to have ideal control over the various activities relating to their site.  In its early days, the current Titan Anti-spam WordPress plugin was known as WordPress Anti-spam. And it certainly didn’t cover all the security aspects of WordPress sites. Indeed, CreativeMotion , the structure that developed the tool, was thinking about how to make Anti-spam better. Between keeping it simple with a single function or making it complex with complicated tools, the decision was hard to make. But eventually the structure came to the conclusion to keep it simple with only one function. What also motivates this state of mind seems to be the various user comments and their own experience in terms of web development. By recalling the history of the development of Anti-Spam WordPress, I try to make you understand that CreativeMotion took into account the various user opinions to be able to set up Titan Anti-spam & security. It is therefore tailor-made for the WordPress community. Proof of this is its simple and intuitive interface, which promotes easy handling by its users. The tool is therefore not only intended for marketing and SEO professionals, but also for web developers and SEOs.  Anyway, Titan Anti-spam & security can perfectly guarantee the security of your websites. So, you no longer stress about any WordPress security issue.  The latter participates in the repair of hacks on your sites and prevents possible attacks. Discover in the rest of this description, the different features of the Titan Anti-spam & security tool.

4 main features of Titan Anti-spam & security

The effectiveness of a tool such as it is is felt through these different features. It is moreover said functionalities which represent the characteristics of the tool.  On the WordPress market, there are plenty of tools with several features, some great than others. However, the tools in question have main features or if you want basic features that show how they are useful in this or that field.  In the case of Titan Anti-spam & security, I suggest you discover 4 of them. Thus, you can decide to adopt it definitively or not in the face of your WordPress security concerns. Here they are:
  1. Titan’s Anti-spam Functionality

Any technology, means or technique aimed at combating the sending of undesirable emails is what we can designate by the technical word known as ”Anti-spam”. Also called Anti-spam, anti-spam has the sole purpose of sorting or filtering advertising messages, malicious computer software and malware in order to guarantee the security of any site or computer system. Titan’s Anti-Spam functionality normally checks your comments against its global Spam database. Then through a machine-learning neural system or network, the tool again checks for unfiltered comments with the sole intention of restricting your site from posting the malicious content. Indeed, to make this feature more effective for your WordPress site, the developers have designed algorithms to ensure reliability and accuracy against spam bots. Thus, the tool allows you to have an additional gain of time and to save your resources. In this context, you can focus more on the evolution of your website, but also of your activity. This feature presents logs of all processed requests which in principle allow you to monitor the results of spam filters. Additionally, by performing non-stop analysis of feature settings, you will identify new patterns of spamming behavior. Anyway, the pro version of Titan gives this feature more dynamism. It is, in fact, more advantageous for detecting and blocking spambots. In principle, the Anti Spam Pro feature makes use of a series of tests that work in the background, transparently to the WordPress site user. It therefore silently promotes total protection against said robots. And rest easy, no other protection is needed. Also, through this feature, a comment left by a user is automatically revealed on the site. So background monitoring flags comments as spam and hides them on a site. This state of affairs actually increases engagement and improves UX. The Pro version of the Anti-spam module further allows the tool to have some benefits. Among others, there are:
  • the monitoring of comments and former users in order to identify spam;
  • 24-hour technical support;
  • protection of the registration form;
  • advanced security for comment forms.
Finally, Titan’s Anti-Spam feature provides accurate statistics of all comments and logins recorded. Therefore, you can be sure that there are no errors in identifying and blocking spambots. Updates of this module are regularly published and respond each time to new versions of CMS. But what about other features.
  1. Feature Titan WordPress Firewall Titan WordPress

Firewall identifies and prevents malicious traffic from your WordPress website. You should know that a firewall is in computing, a device that defends or protects any computer system connected to the Internet against possible intrusion attempts by hackers. The one from Titan Anti-spam & security protects your WordPress site at the endpoint level by integrating deeply into it. This allows you to properly secure your website against intrusion attempts that may come from it. Not breaking encryption and not being bypassable like cloud solutions, Titan’s firewall prevents data leakage. Thus, as a WordPress user, you should know that through this feature, Titan Anti-spam & security promotes:
  • defense of your site against brute force attacks by reducing connection attempts;
  • real-time updating of firewall standards and malware signatures through the threat defense channel;
  • real-time IP blocking from malicious IP addresses;
  • blocking requests containing malicious code or content through its built-in malware scanner;
  • blocking of intruders by IP address….
In any case, this feature greatly contributes to the protection of your site. It also allows you to design advanced rules based on a range of IP addresses, user agent, hostname, and referrer. This module from the Titan Anti-spam & security suite has an attack log that allows you to follow visits and hacking attempts in real time, which do not always appear in other software.  Typically, this feature reveals the IP address, time spent on your WordPress site, and the time the hacker appeared on the site. So you see that the tool gives you full access to the security of your WP site.
  1. Feature Titan WordPress Security

Scanner Titan Anti-spam & security WordPress security scanner takes care of the total scanning of your entire website. It checks system files, themes and plugins. This allows you to know if the structure of your site is at risk of security. This scanner is also constantly looking for computer malware, invalid URLs, SEO spam, as well as malicious redirects and code injections. In other words, it acts as a site audit tool supporting SEO and marketing professionals in their various tasks. In a few points, here are the advantages offered by this feature of Titan Anti-spam & security.
  • Basic analysis exploiting more than 1,000 signatures;
  • Advanced analysis using at least 6,000 signatures (Pro only);
  • Configure three scan speeds to ensure performance is not impacted;
  • Define scan schedules (Pro only);
  • Real-time malware signature updates through a threat protection channel (Pro only).
The WordPress Security Scanner functionality allows you to control the various vulnerabilities of your site and informs you in the event of a malfunction. This Titan module also leaves a notification of possible security issues if the plugin has been disabled or closed. Finally, this feature allows you to compare your system, themes and plugins with those found in the Thus, you are informed of all changes by verifying their integrity.
  1. Titan Site Checker Feature [Pro]

This feature is only available with the pro version of Titan Anti-spam & security. It is precisely this module that allows you to check the accessibility of any URL.  You will get in-browser push notifications to detect URL access issues in real time. This allows you to better manage your content marketing. Either way, your default browser will receive push notifications if any of the URLs are unavailable. All in all, Titan Anti-spam & security is a tool that ensures the security of your WordPress site by protecting it against spam, malware and hacking through these 4 basic features. The pro version of the tool, however, offers its users more beneficial options.

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WordPress was created in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. The latter had initially created a blogging tool called B2/cafelog. By enhancing this platform with precise features, they finally created WordPress. It is a content management system that helps create blog sites, online stores, etc.  WordPress is therefore a software that allows you to create websites for free. The platform is very easy to use and does not necessarily require coding knowledge. It is the most popular CMS today and it should be noted that it hosts many websites. This powerful tool also makes it possible to optimize the management of the content of the various sites. In addition, WordPress also offers several solutions in the form of plugins or extensions. These allow users to solve certain problems they encounter in managing their content.

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