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Page Speed | Dare Boost

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Test, analyze and optimize the performance of your website.

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Description of the Dareboost tool 

Created in 2013 as an engineering project, Dareboost has always aimed to offer users easy-to-use services.  It is an all-in-one tool designed to analyze the performance of websites thanks to the synthetic monitoring of web pages and user paths.  Concretely, it is a tool for testing and analyzing the performance of websites which proposes to examine the performance of websites while proposing areas for improvement for the resolution of various problems. Google’s biggest challenge is to always provide Internet users with the best search results for the keywords they use.  This assumes that websites meet a number of requirements that often relate to the loading speed of web pages, but also to the user experience.  Google places particular emphasis on compliance with its requirements and it is absolutely necessary to use tools such as Dareboost to be sure that the websites that are set up comply with these requirements. 

Who is the Dareboost tool intended for? 

Dareboost is an SEO tool that informs you about the performance of your website.  As such, it would be most useful in the hands of webmasters, developers, and SEO consultants.  With all the information it displays to them, they can get a better understanding of the difficulties encountered by their own website or those entrusted to them. 

Why use the Dareboost tool?  

If you are wondering why use this tool, here are some answers:  With Dareboost, no installation is required to analyze the performance of your website.  At the end of the analysis, the tool offers you a list of the problems encountered by your website and proposes a series of actions to be taken to resolve each problem.  Dareboost also gives you the ability to assess the performance of a website from its desktop version (computer) and its mobile version or to compare two competing sites.  It also has a monitoring tool, which is particularly useful for SEOs and SEO consultants who want to monitor the performance of their website(s) on a daily basis.  No subscription is required when you use the Dareboost tool for the first time  Besides, another reason that may lead you to want to use the Dareboost tool is the fact that it provides you with a number of resources in front of ensure you have a good grip of the Dareboost tool. 

What are the features of the Dareboost tool? 

With regard to the functionalities of the Dareboost tool, they can be listed as follows: 
  • Testing the loading speed of the pages of your website: Thanks to this functionality, the tool allows you in one click to obtain the loading score of your website; 
  • Analysis of the quality of the website: This feature allows you to have the results of a complete audit of your website. It also allows you to export the analysis data as a PDF file; 
  • The comparison of two web pages: as you will see, this functionality does not stop at the level of the comparison of two web pages. It also allows the comparison of a mobile version to a desktop version of the site’s web pages, but also the comparison between two cached versions of your web page;  
  • Site loading speed monitoring: This tool helps you to constantly monitor the performance and technical quality of your website; 
  • Follow-up of the customer journey; 
  • Testing the mobile version of your website. 

How to use the Dareboost tool? 

To take advantage of all that Dareboost has to offer, simply go to the tool’s home page and enter your website’s URL.  This allows you to display a new window in which you get an overview of your website’s performance.  As you will see, this first analysis is offered to new users to give them a taste of the many features of the tool.   You can indeed, once you have registered, take advantage of other tools to obtain more information on the operation of your website.  However, remember that despite the fact that you have the possibility to carry out certain analyzes for free, the Dareboost tool is not free and you must subscribe to a subscription if you want to take full advantage of the features of the Dareboost tool.  These plans are three in number namely: 
  • The discovery plan which costs $59; 
  • The plan explore, it costs $370; 
  • And the business plan, the price of which varies depending on the options and after contacting support. 
In view of all this, it is clear that you can use this tool to analyze, detect and improve the performance of your website.

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Dare Boost is a French company dedicated to optimizing companies’ web performance. It relies in particular on the technique of synthetic monitoring of pages and user paths. Dare Boost was created in 2014 by four young French developers. Its main purpose is to deliver an easy-to-use service, contrary to those that already existed.  To do this, it has set up a tool that makes it possible to test, analyze and optimize websites.  The tool also allows companies to compare the speed of their website to that of their competitors and to assess the ranking of their site, in order to ensure better SEO. Dare Boost is used by many internationally renowned companies such as BNP PariBas.

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