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Broken Link Prospector | Broken Link Builder

Broken Link Prospector | Broken Link Builder

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The Internet is an ecosystem. Sometimes organisms die, giving way to new entities. In this digital “circle of life”, Broken Link Building is the evolution of a given content.

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Broken Link Builder

According to one estimate, 46% of businesses spend $10,000 for SEO link building and high authority backlinks can cost upwards of $1,000 each. These statistics show not only that backlinks are important, but that it is often expensive to obtain quality links. But when you’re an individual or a small business that barely has a budget for marketing, it can be difficult to spend astronomical amounts to get backlinks. That doesn’t mean you can’t generate quality backlinks, though. There are also several techniques that can help you have quality links. But if the most effective technique is the creation of high-quality content, it is possible to build backlinks from broken links from third-party domains. This is the promise of the Broken Link Builder tool, which allows you to prospect for broken links, but with back links. The technique consists of taking advantage of the backlinks of pages that are no longer functional. In this description, I will cover the Broken Link Builder tool and how to use it to build quality backlinks.

What is Broken Link Builder?

Broken Link Builder is a tool that helps find dead pages that are linked to any domain in order to fix them. Indeed, it happens that some pages that are no longer functional on your site have important backlinks. It is possible to build these pages called broken links again to prevent backlinks from transmitting their authority to a defective link. This involves identifying dead pages with backlinks, creating pages similar to those, and then asking people who link to those pages to link to you instead. Thus, instead of directing their visitors to non-existent resources, which can harm their reputation, to direct them to such a qualitative, but functional page. While this method of generating backlinks can be a little tricky, the Broken Link Builder tool makes it easy to find those links faster to start the broken link building process. This tool will save your prospecting team hours of finding thousands of link building opportunities. It supports the search for dead pages or non-functional sites as well as their list of backlinks. Note that broken link building is a totally legal link building method and your site is safe by practicing it.

How does it work?

The Broken Link Builder tool works in four steps.

Find broken links with backlinks

Finding broken links is the most difficult task in this link building strategy, especially since the broken links you need to choose must have backlinks and are not from your domain. Thus, you need an SEO tool to help find such links because even if you find the links manually, you will not be able to identify their backlinks. You can use the Broken Link Builder Broken Link Generator to find broken, dead, or non-working pages related to your business domain. As an example, you can find dead pages, but which have backlinks on your competitor’s site. And it is highly likely that these links will be found since most sites delete and move their resources. When they forget to put redirect tags, it can be a link building opportunity for you. Besides your competitors, you can search for broken links for a specific topic. You will be expected to search on this topic and get related broken links with backlinks.

Examine Link Prospects

While a lot of content creators jump straight to creating a “like” replacement page when they find a dead page with backlinks, we suggest checking them out first. It is true that Broken Link Builder will allow you to find these types of links faster. However, it should be checked whether the page in question has good backlinks. When its backlinks are not of quality, there is no point in trying to rush to create a similar page. Additionally, understanding why others have linked to a dead page is key to tailoring your broken link building approach. To check the quality of links, there are free tools like Moz DA Checker Tool which allows to find the authority of a page or a domain. This will test the quality of the dead page’s backlinks before continuing with the process of building broken links for it. As for why a specific dead page got backlinks, this can help you add ideas to convince when you come into contact with sites. This can improve the link success rate for your broken link building campaign.

Create a replacement page

At this level, you already have good reason to create a similar page asking people to link to your site. It’s about creating a text that serves the same purpose and talks about similar things without copying the other text word for word. For this, create a general framework to your content for your content, ie create a content plan. Then find a way to improve the content to come up with something better that can convince people to link to your site.

Raise Awareness

This step is where you present your replacement similar content to those linking to the dead page. In general, there are two ways to do this: send mass emails or personalize your email for each site. It is obvious that you will have better results when you send personalized emails. However, you will have to work a lot to have a significant number of links. The ideal is to send personalized emails to some and mass emails to some groups. It’s about segmenting prospects and creating a template for each group. Contact the owners of the sites to draw their attention to the fact that they are linking to a broken page and suggesting your content. As of January 2016, you can import contacts directly from Broken Link Builder into Buzzstream. Buzzstream is a prospecting tool to find emails from the sites you want and send them messages.

Save Hours of Your Time

Saving your time is one of the promises of the Broken Link Builder tool, as it finds opportunities faster than with a traditional Google search. With this tool, it will take you between 30 to 60 minutes to generate a prospecting report while traditionally , this task can take you up to a day. In short, Broken Link Builder is a broken link prospecting tool that will allow you to implement your building strategy based on these types of links.

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Link Prospector is, as its name suggests, a link prospector. It is a tool developed by Citations Labs, a corporate link building, tools and incubator campaign  Link Prospector was designed by the agency to help both link builders and content marketers detect and manage new link distribution opportunities.  The intention is certainly to give their content the relevant boost it needs to generate links and shares. Either way, if you can already detect links like an expert, Link Prospector will help boost your workflow.

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