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LSI Keywords | LSI Graph

LSI Keywords | LSI Graph

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Get the semantically most commendable keywords for all your SEO and marketing needs.

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Description of the LSI GRAPH tool.

LSI GRAPH is a software that was developed by a team of several web referencing experts. Its objective is to make available to all those who are unable to reach their goal in terms of traffic to find the tools necessary to obtain the results they hope for fairly quickly at the level of their website.  As its name suggests, the LSI GRAPH is a tool allowing you to use LSI keywords. Also known as semantic indexing keywords, LSI keywords refer to a group of keywords that are not themselves synonyms, but have a reputation for reinforcing the main keyword that you use on your web page. 

Who is the LSI GRAPH tool for? 

As you can imagine, the LSI GRAPH is generally aimed at all those who have a website and whose dream is to occupy the first pages of search results at the search engine level.  To be more precise, this tool could be suitable for natural referencing professionals, those who are in charge of writing, setting up and managing articles on a website. 

Why use the LSI GRAPH tool? 

If you are wondering why to use this tool, you should know that this is a tool that has been designed by prominent digital marketing professionals. It is a simple and easy to use tool that is based on the three cornerstones of any successful SEO strategy, namely: 
  • Search intent; 
  • The use of the right keywords and semantic keywords corresponding to the search intent; 
  • Useful and quality content based on a relevant silo. 
Apart from these, there is also the fact that LSI GRAPH tool is quite well known and recommended by authority sites like Hubspot, Semrush, Backlinko, etc.  It already totals more than 8 years of experience and has more than 160,000 users worldwide. The latter often do not hesitate to give their opinion, which sufficiently shows the satisfaction they derive from this tool. 

What are the features of the LSI GRAPH tool? 

Now here is all the features you can get if you decide to use the LSI GRAPH tool.  It allows you to: 
  • Perform your keyword research from a choice of 45 languages ​​and 100,000 locations worldwide. You will therefore have no difficulty in finding high-potential keywords for your region; 
  • Find LSI keywords that are relevant to your topic and content; 
  • To choose keywords with great potential to ensure the best positioning of your website; 
  • To find for your choice of keywords the best content that exists. This will give you an idea of ​​how you might organize your own content to hopefully achieve the same results; 
  • To see how the search engine understands your content as well as the search topic from the keywords you choose to use; 
  • It has a semantic copywriting tool that offers you semantic keywords to use throughout your content to better optimize it for search engines; 
  • To get an idea of ​​the quality of the content you put online based on scores such as semantic density, sentiment of the content, etc. ;  
  • Make records of your results and keyword data within different projects. 
You also have the possibility of producing customer reports in white bookmarks and even of carrying out several searches for keywords simultaneously.  But apart from these many features, the LSI GRAPH tool does not intend to stop there. Because as you can read on the tool’s website, three major features are under development and will be offered to you in addition to the features I have just mentioned.  These include the ability to: 
  • Now target the right keywords for your content based on elements such as opportunity score, determination of the intent corresponding to your keyword, the amount of your traffic and page information that already ranks for the same keyword; 
  • Write truly optimized content with the semantic editor which will now show you the content SEO score, content gap, and more. ; 
  • Establish a strong content silo that can prove your expertise to search engines. 

How much does the LSI GRAPH tool cost? 

If you plan to use the LSI GRAPH tool, it offers you a subscription based on three types of subscription. The choice of one or the other of these subscriptions depends of course on your needs.  You can for example opt for the basic plan whose monthly payment is $19 whose functionalities are limited and do not allow you to access all the functionalities of the tool.  The premium plan, on the other hand, billed at $29 per month, gives you access to almost all the functionalities except for the production of reports and white markings. The agency plan offered at $87 meanwhile gives you access to all the features of the tool. If you wish, you have the option of subscribing to the tool for life. In this case, the basic plan is offered to you at $684, the premium plan at $1040, and the agency plan at $1392.  In addition, it is useful to specify that after any subscription LSI GRAPH offers you an important bonus consisting of tools, advice and guides to improve your SEO strategy. In addition currently LSI GRAPH is offering a huge discount allowing you to get the lifetime tool for $248 for the basic plan and $258 for the premium and agency plans. What could be more interesting to welcome you. So what are you waiting for to take advantage of this tool? 

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LSI Graph is a platform specialized in keyword research. It was designed to help businesses and marketing agencies achieve better SEO for their sites.  It thus provides the data necessary to feed and strengthen the search for keywords of these companies, thanks in particular to the LSI keywords tool. LSI Keywords only offers keywords that are semantically related to the main keyword. That said, it gives substantial information to users and search engines, thus promoting better traffic flow.  This LSI Graph tool is also popular with bloggers. It allows them to prioritize their working methods, finding better keywords than those of their competitors. LSI Graph is a platform very committed to web referencing. It is also very popular and has, to date, nearly 100,000 satisfied subscribers.

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