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Audit SEO | Twaino

Short description : Audit SEO

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Do you want to understand how your site is performing and what is slowing down its progress in the SERPs? Try Twaino’s SEO audit tool.

Long Description : Audit SEO

Description of Twaino’s SEO audit tool 

Twaino is an agency based in the 10th arrondissement and present in several French cities. Its objective is to help companies and other service providers develop their online business through SEO support. As such, it provides them not only with support, but also with various SEO tools. Among these is an SEO analysis tool. This is a free tool that allows you to easily generate audit data about your website pages.   As you know, search engine optimization is an activity that works solely on the basis of analyzing data and information about your site.  To get this information, you need to regularly collect data about site performance.  To do this, what could be better than a free audit of your site carried out by an agency specializing in natural referencing to start?

Who is Twaino’s SEO audit tool for 

As you can imagine, this tool is for anyone who has a website and wants to have an idea of ​​its performance. It is also aimed at natural referencing professionals.  The latter could follow the progression and the evolution of the Internet sites of their customers from the analysis of the data presented at the end of the audit of the sites.  They will thus be able to identify the problems encountered by these sites and propose solutions to eradicate them. 

Why use the Twaino SEO audit tool? 

The SEO audit of your website allows you to get an overview of its performance. So you have an overview of what is good or bad, but also an idea of ​​what remains to be improved.  You will also be able to have indications on the actions that must be carried out at the level of the site to raise its level and make it efficient in the search results.  Also, it should be noted that this is a free tool. Its use is therefore not conditioned. You can therefore check at any time how your website is doing. Moreover, as a tool offered by a natural referencing agency, you have the opportunity to immediately get in touch as soon as you do not understand a piece of data. You can do the same when you want support in resolving site issues. 

How to use the Twaino SEO audit tool?

Using this tool is not complicated.  To get started, just go to the Twaino and select the Resources tab; 
  • Once you are at this tab, in the drop-down list that appears select “Tools” then choose “Free Seo Audit”; 
  • Then, wait for the new page to appear and fill in the information relating to the URL of the page and your email address in the appropriate boxes;  
  • Once the information has been entered, press the ”Analyze” button and wait a few moments for the results of the analysis to appear on your screen;
  • Once it has finished loading, you may see a new page display that presents you with a series of information about the page you submitted.

What are the features of the Twaino SEO audit tool? 

Once the audit of the URL page you have just submitted has come to an end, you obtain a new page which presents you with a series of data attesting to the completeness of the audit.  In reality, the information you obtain relates to several elements of your website, after an analysis with the free SEO audit, you have the following data: 
  • An overview of your site with the overall score which represents its rating; 
  • An analysis of the display of your site both on the computer and on mobile;
  • An analysis of the content of the page which includes the analysis of the title tag, the description tag, the images as well as the five most frequent words; 
  • An analysis of the links contained on the page. This analysis includes the total number of links on the page and their compatibility with natural referencing. 
  • You will also find an analysis of the indexing or not of your site by the explorer robots; 
  • Finally, you will also find an analysis of the code of your site. This analysis allows you to find the problems that there are in the code of your website.
  Apart from displaying information relating to your website, it is important to note that the tool also allows you to download or share them.   Moreover, as you can see when your website’s data is displayed by the SEO Audit tool, you have indications of the concrete actions you need to take to improve the site.  Likewise for elements such as the title tag and the meta description of your site, the tool not only tells you if these tags are well created, but also explains to you what a Title tag is. or meta and gives you tips for creating better ones.  The same thing can be observed at the level of the indexing part or the analysis of the images of your website.  So use the SEO audit tool and get more insight into how your website is performing and what needs to be done to improve it.  Do not hesitate to contact the Twaino agency for support. Apart from the free SEO audit tool, you will find other tools on the platform.  These are, for example:  
  • Word counter;  
  • FAQs; 
  • SERP Simulator; 
  • The image integrator.

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Twaino is an SEO agency based in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris and present in several cities in France. Its main objective is to support companies, merchants, service providers and organizations to develop their activities through sustainable organic growth of their website. For this, Twaino has set up a list of SEO services such as SEO Audit, SEO Campaign Management, Local SEO, Netlinking and SEO Training. The agency also offers other complementary services such as SEO Web Writing and the Creation of personalized visuals or illustrations. But in order to popularize and deepen SEO concepts, the agency has created a blog on its site where content is regularly published. The most interesting remains its SEO tools which are accessible for free and which help users in their various SEO optimization tasks.  Other tools from the same company: 
  • Word counter; 
  • SEO audit; 
  • FAQs; 
  • SERP Simulator; 
  • Image integrator.

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