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Structured Data | Schema App

Structured Data | Schema App

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Unleash the power of structured data. Schema App is an end-to-end structured data solution: Get results without the complexity.

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It must be recognized that structured data has completely changed current SEO techniques. There is clearly a big difference in how to get a website listed during what might be called the “before” and “after” eras of structured data markup.  On the other hand, setting up structured data manually is still quite a complex task that requires a lot of effort. This is why many people opt for an automated solution that facilitates the process of marking up structured data.  Schema App remains indisputably the first most complete solution developed in this direction. Definition, functionalities, tariff plan… Focus on the tool!

First, what is schema or structured data markup?

It is true that content is KING, but creating quality content is not enough today to beat the competition on the SERPs and succeed in ranking on the first page of Google results.  This is where schema or structured data markup comes in. Once implemented on a page, schema markup helps make the page’s meta description more engaging.  In other words, it makes it possible to provide useful additional information to search engines. They will then be able to better understand the context of the page and better distribute it to Internet users for relevant searches. 

What is Schema App? 

Schema App is a premium schema customization solution that lets you test and run structured data on your web pages without entering lines of code.  Mainly, Schema App allows you to: 
  • Add structured data immediately on a web page without having to manipulate a single line of code. 
  • Implement data markup simultaneously on multiple web pages. 
  • Validate your structured data from the application.
Schema App comes with powerful tools that let you control the schema markup of your pages for all 32 types of Google rich results.  But to access all types of schema, it will be necessary to upgrade to the PRO version of the tool.  Schema App cost : From $30 USD. Learn more Indeed, the paid version of Schema App offers the possibility to customize structured data for your important pages such as: 
  • Contact 
  • page FAQ pages 
  • Home page 
  • Product sheets
  • Service pages 
  • Woocommerce reviews
  • Etc. 

Why Choose Schema App? 

Before you can manually add structured data to your pages and have them display correctly on search engines, you need to understand vocabulary.  Which means more time and more energy to invest in setting up a bunch of instructions.  Source: OneCrawl  If you have to add all the necessary tags for structured data markup individually on each page, it could take you hours of work. Which can be quite exhausting even for small sites.  Not to mention all the difficulty you may encounter if you have a website with a large number of pages such as news sites, online stores, large company sites, etc.  Using an automatic structured data markup tool is therefore an excellent solution that frees you from all the tasks involved in manual markup to increase efficiency and productivity. 

What are the main features of Schema App? 

The application is essentially equipped with 4 tools, namely: 

Who is the Schema App for? 

For anyone looking to improve their click-through rate on Google search results pages, Schema App remains a very useful application and especially for those who: 
  • for an automated solution for structured data markup. 
  • Have a website with a large volume of pages to mark up for structured data. 
  • Want to access all of the different structured data tags. 

How to use Schema App? 

Schema App provides a list of free, hands-on tutorials on setting up, deploying, and maintaining the different types of structured data markup.  Find all of these tutorials here. 

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Founded in 2011 in the United States and available in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, Scheme App was developed for use by digital marketing teams.  The tool allows them to generate diagrams quickly and without depending on codes or computer languages. Precisely, this tool helps digital marketers to design and manage high-scale schema markup of any website. And this, even without assistance from web developers.  Since using schema boosts organic performance, this tool can be very helpful in building your brand.

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