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Not sure where to start SEO for your site? Use CanIRank to get specific insights.

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63% of all purchases begin online, even if the purchase itself takes place in a store. This statistic shows the value of taking care of your site’s SEO, whether you offer your products online or in a store. However, SEO is anything but child’s play and not just any business can appear on the first page of Google overnight. Unless it’s a dream 😅. SEO is a whole field today and you will need to work hard and use the right tools to get significant results for your site. When it comes to tools, there are so many that you might get confused when you’re a beginner. I invite you to discover CanIRank, an SEO tool that offers step-by-step recommendations to successfully put your site among the best. Ready? Let’s go!

What is CanIRank?

CanIRank is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give its users recommendations about the overall traffic of their websites. Unlike other tools that simply give instructions, CanlRank recommends specific actions for the SEO of your site to help you improve your results. This software is arguably one of the most reliable and successful SEO tools on the market for small businesses. In one click, CanIR gives you detailed instructions on each of your SEO campaigns. Indeed, it analyzes the web to understand the reasons why your pages are ranked where they are and the steps to be taken to rank them higher. It also gives you an overview of the changes that could impact your site the most without necessarily needing a lot of time. You will also be notified of new content ideas or ranking changes in the SERPs. It should be noted that CanIRank combines its data with that from popular tools such as MOZ, Semrush, SharedCount and Ahrefs to create actionable steps that will benefit your website. When it comes to keywords, it calculates the probability of your website ranking for any specific keyword. This is a metric that gauges how hard you will be able to rank for that keyword. For your existing content, CanIRank assesses competing sites in your niche, including the overall strength of the top-ranking websites, the topics on which they are authoritative, their link structure, and more. All of this data then allows it to show you precisely where your website is falling short. It then recommends changes to your content to improve your ranking. This data-driven way of doing things is much more rational than relying on your instincts to work in haste. In addition, CanIRank will allow you to quantify your expenses to obtain ranking and the value of traffic in order to facilitate the calculation of your return on investment.

The features of CanIRank

Let’s discover the features of CanIRank.


The CanIRank dashboard gives you a summary of your activity, including priority tasks and your performance. Here, you’ll get an overview of everything that’s going on with your SEO campaigns.

Marketing Performance

This is where you’ll see your overall score and what you can do to improve it. It’s a report that shows where you can increase your performance to beat the competition. After analyzing your site and detecting your biggest challenges, CanIRank displays recent goals achieved in terms of improving various aspects of your site. Taking this into account can have a positive impact on your site’s traffic and sales.


Admittedly, the hardest part of SEO is knowing where to start. CanIRank guides you step by step and shows you the things you need to address on your site to increase traffic on your site, in order of relevance. It’s a set of suggestions that come under a review of over 20,000 sites to judge what’s really most important for high rankings.

Develop your content

In this section, CanIRank gives you very rich recommendations to optimize your content and allows you to find the ideal hook for your content. For an article or a content, when you enter a content and a keyword and click on “Can I Rank”, CanIRank produces a detailed report for you in no time. This report tells you in general the steps to improve your page and what your rivals are already doing. Also remember that it is in this feature to boost your content that you can track your pages. To do this, you will enter the expression for which you want to check your ranking and then you will obtain a panoply of information. These are the ranking likelihood score for that keyword, recommendations, the importance of the keyword in per-click advertising, as well as how your site looks in relation to the challenge of that keyword. based on six elements. A function called Keyword Ideas will also be able to recommend, following the keywords you follow, a list of keywords with all the fundamental information to evaluate them.

Improving Your Rankings

This section includes the reasons why your page is not reaching the top ranks of the SERPs and the actions to fix it. To get the ranking improvement report, enter the keyword and the desired URL then click on the “Analyze my page” button. After the report, you may have several explanations like these:
  • Relevance of the page : Is the web page optimized for a keyword?
  • Website relevance : How much content on the website is related to the keyword?
  • External relevance of the page : How relevant is the website’s incoming anchor text to the keyword?
  • Page strength : Is the page reliable and authoritative?
  • Website strength : How reliable and authoritative is the website as a whole?
Note that to improve the performance of your site overall, the ideal is to improve each of your pages.

Promoting your content

One thing is to improve your content and the other is to promote it so that other sites can create references to you to show Google that they trust you. This can create considerable changes for your content, because backlinks contribute a lot to the ranking of content. That’s why CanIRank gives you the opportunity to create links, connect with influencers and share your content with other communities. Using the “Promote My Content” tool, you just need to choose the URL to promote, select a link building procedure and click Generate. And that’s all ! CanIRank searches its database to find people likely to share your content. It rates these people based on their importance to your keyword, page authority, percentage of outside connections on the page to follow, and importance of luck.

Build your authority and increase your number of followers

CanIRank offers a feature that provides you with better recommendations with the aim of building your website’s authority. And each time you implement actions to improve the performance of your site, CanIRank re-evaluates it and gives you recommendations again.

CanIRank tool prices

It offers a free version and other monthly pricing plans. Regardless of the pricing plan you choose, you get a 7-day free trial, time to really test the tool and see how well it works for your business. All in all, CanIRank is a software based on artificial intelligence that analyzes your site and provides you with a series of clear and actionable recommendations on the SEO of your site.

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Can I Rank is a company founded in 2010 by Matt Bentley, entrepreneur for 15 years and an expert in digital marketing. The company is located in the United States and its objective is to assist startups as well as small businesses to quickly improve their Google ranking. For this, Matt Bentley’s team has developed software of the same name as the company. Can I Rank is that software. It is precisely a new type of optimization software that uses AI designed by engineers at Stanford University.  Said software actually presents actionable information and recommendations rather than just data. It therefore differs from many SEO software in that it is the only one able to anticipate with 60% accuracy the ability of a website to position itself for a keyword.

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