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Improve your Rankings | Cocolyze

Improve your Rankings | Cocolyze

Short description : Improve your Rankings

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Cocolyze is an all-in-one SEO tool for Position Tracking, SEO Audit, Backlinks Monitoring, Competitive Analysis, Keyword Suggestion, etc.

Long Description : Improve your Rankings

Description Cocolyze 

Cocolyze is an all-in-one French SEO tool that offers several features.  With Cocolyze, you can perform an SEO audit of your site, identify and spy on competing sites, analyze your backlink profile, discover backlink building opportunities and produce SEO-optimized content using the integrated semantic analysis tool.

What is Cocolyze? 

Cocolyze is an SEO toolbox that improves your SEO strategy on several points.  On Cocolyze, you have: 
  • An SEO audit tool 
  • A SERP position tracker 
  • A copywriting 
  • tool An On Page analysis 
  • tool A daily backlink monitoring tool 
  • A keyword generator 
  • An analysis tool competitive SEO
  • And the ability to configure email alerts. 
All this on a modern and user-friendly interface to offer you a better user experience.  Moreover, Cocolyze does not just provide raw data. The tool also offers relevant recommendations in addition to the data generated. Recommendations that can be leveraged to improve your SEO approach.  It should also be noted that unlike most all-in-one SEO tools which are generally in English, Cocolyze is a French solution launched in 2018 by Tennessee Veldeman.  So if you want a French-speaking clientele, Cocolyze’s keyword generator and writing tool can be particularly useful for you. 

Cocolyze: The features offered

Here is the list of everything you can do with Cocolyze: 

1. SEO audit of your web pages 

Cocolyze’s online SEO audit tool is one of the important features of Cocolyze.  The tool explores all the pages of your website and generates a complete SEO audit analysis that takes into account both the technical aspects of the site and the quality of existing content. You can then easily identify the SEO performance of your site as well as the errors that affect its referencing on search engine pages. The Cocolyze SEO audit report also offers recommendations for correcting problems found on your site and improving its overall SEO performance. 

2. Monitor your SEO positioning 

Another interesting feature to discover on Cocolyze is the tracking of SERP positions. On a simple to understand interface, the tool presents all the important data collected on the positions of your website on the pages of search engines. Source: Cocolyze Cocolyze ‘s SEO position tracking tool allows you to: 
  • Track the evolution of your website’s positions on the SERPs, including positions on mobile and desktop
  • Track the evolution of the positions of competitors’ sites on the SERPs
  • Access the history of position changes 
  • Check the search volume of the keywords tracked as well as a Cost Per Click estimate 
  • Export the data generated 
  • Customize your dashboard
An important point to highlight, it should be noted that Cocolyze has made effort to present all this data in an easy to read and digest report. This makes the tool also suitable for SEO beginners. 

3. Easily write SEO-optimized content with a writing support tool

This Cocolyze module is a writing support tool for actors involved in content creation to easily write and optimize content for search engines of research.  Cocolyze’s SEO Writing Assistant provides real-time recommendations on what you should do during the writing process to deliver SEO-optimized content with added value for your readers.  Concretely, Cocolyze’s algorithms evaluate the level of optimization of your content while you write and provide updated recommendations in real time as you write.  The recommendations generated take into account: 
  • The keywords to use
  • The ideal length of the content 
  • The right density of the targeted keywords and detection of keyword stuffing 
  • The page title and the meta description
  • The ideal structure of the headings (Tags Hn ) 
  • The readability of the content (readability recommended from the Top 20 results on the SERPs for the targeted keyword)
  • A preview tool before putting the content online
Source: Cocolyze  These are useful recommendations for content creation that will appeal to both search engines and human users. 

4. Automatic SEO analysis of your web pages

With Cocolyze, you can also carry out an automatic SEO analysis of your web pages every day.  For this, the tool explores all the pages of your website to analyze the source code, the targeted keywords and the links used.  Source:  The data collected during this exploration stage will then be processed by analysis algorithms to calculate different SEO scores and propose a list of elements to be optimized as a priority. 

5. Easily monitor and analyze your backlinks profile 

With +8,000 billion backlinks already analyzed, Cocolyze is able to monitor and analyze all your backlinks automatically and every day.  Thanks to its analysis algorithms, the tool can analyze your backlinks profile and retrieve all your backlinks.  With an easily manipulated interface, you can then easily filter the most important backlinks, the referring sites that point the most backlinks to your domain and the anchor texts used.  Source: Cocolyze  Also equipped with a Sapm Rating algorithm, Cocolyze also manages to assess the toxicity of a backlink to detect links that can potentially affect your SERP ranking.  These links can then be disavowed with Google to remain safe from possible sanctions from the search engine.  The tool also allows you to set up alerts to be notified automatically when your site gains a new backlink or loses one.  This makes it easy to monitor your backlink profile and quickly recover lost links.  

6. An alternative keyword generator to the Google Keyword Planner 

Cocolyze is also a keyword research tool that you can use to get suggestions for terms and expressions to optimize on your site. In just a few seconds, the tool can generate thousands of keyword suggestions for you to use.  You just have to enter a starting keyword, choose a country and a language to access the list of suggestions.  And on each suggested keyword, you can view important SEO metrics such as: 
  • SEO difficulty
  • Monthly search volume 
  • Cost Per Click 
  • Level of SEO competition 
  • And the trend of the keyword over time. 
Source: Cocolyze Which allows you to filter the keywords and identify those that are really profitable for your site.  The tool also gives you the possibility to save your keywords on your dashboard so you don’t have to start all over again. You can also export to files in CSV format. 

7. Competitive SEO analysis 

With Cocolyze, you also have an SEO competitive analysis function to spy daily on the SEO strategy of your main competitors on the SERPs and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Source: Oudini Cocolyze  ‘s competitive SEO analysis takes into account:  Position tracking of your competitors: To monitor changes in the position of your competitors on search engine results pages at a glance.  The backlinks profile of your competitors: To spy on the backlinks of competing sites and discover the sources that generate these backlinks for them.  The keywords targeted by your competitors : To discover the keywords for which your competitors are ranked well on search engines.  Competitive pages : To identify the pages on which you have targeted common keywords and which compete. This is valuable information to keep an eye on the competition to inspire you with their strategy to be more competitive on the SERPs. 

8. Configure email alerts 

Last important feature to note, setting up email alerts. Cocolyze also offers you the possibility of configuring alerts to be notified by email when changes are observed in the SEO positions of your website.  This also makes it easy to follow the evolution of the site on the SERPs, but also to be able to consult the history of the changes observed at any time.  Cocolyze email alerts can also be configured on competing sites. A way to stay constantly aware of the progress (and regression) of your competitors. 

Cocolyze: Pricing

Cocolyze offers a free plan (without bank details) to test the functionality of the tool.  Then, you must upgrade to a paid plan:  Freelance at €49.99 per month  E-commerce at €99.99 per month  Agency at €199.99 per month  For each price plan chosen, a 6-month subscription entitles you to another 6 months free of charge . See Cocolyze’s pricing page for more details. 

Cocolyze: Who is the tool for? 

The Cocolyze SEO tool is aimed at digital marketing and SEO players.  But due to its intuitive interface and its easily understandable analysis reports, the tool can also be used by simple users who do not necessarily have any particular skills in the field.  By also referring to the price list of the tool, we can say that Cocolyze is also suitable for the self-employed and VSEs. 

Cocolyze: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • French tool 
  • Wide range of features 
  • Pleasant user interface to use 
  • Affordable rates to other all-in-one SEO tools
  • Some suggestions of the writing aid tool may lack relevance

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Company : Improve your Rankings

Cocolyze, founded in 2017 in France, facilitates the referencing of thousands of companies. This company created the Cocolyze order to monitor and improve the ranking of sites on Google’s results pages.  Through its platform, the company helps its users to carry out free page analyzes after which it provides SEO reports. This is particularly advantageous for the development and implementation of natural referencing strategies. With this company, beginners and experts in digital marketing and SEO can: 
  • Analyze page performance and speed;
  • Analyze the textual content of the pages;
  • Audit pages to better understand gaps;
  • Have a view of SEO competitors;
  • Monitor and analyze their backlinks profits;
  • Configure email alerts;
  • Write optimized articles. 
All these features of Cocolyze allow them to increase their online visibility, to evolve with methods in their SEO projects and to publish them on social networks. 

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