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Artificial Intelligence | WordLift

Artificial Intelligence | WordLift

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The artificial intelligence you need to grow your audience. An AI-powered SEO tool that does the heavy lifting for you

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Description WordLift 

WordLift is a modern SEO tool designed to automate the process of marking up structured data on websites.  To contextualize otherwise, we know that to understand a foreign language, we need a translator.  WordLift may be considered a translator, but a translator for search engines. The tool translates the content of your web pages into the language that Google understands: structured data.  It’s a semantic text editor that can help you produce relevant content that will appeal to your readers and stand out on Google results pages.  Indeed, WordLift helps to enhance the display of your website in Google results by automatically adding schema markup to your pages. This gives you a better chance of seeing your pages ranked in Google’s Knowledge Graph. And to analyze your content and transform it into metadata, the WordLift algorithm is based on an Artificial Intelligence system.  This AI system also helps e-commerce sites produce attractive product sheets.  Indeed, WordLift also helps Woocommerce store owners to create fully optimized product pages to rank in the top Google Shopping results. 

What are the features of WordLift? 

WordLift comes with several optimization features including: 

Schema Markup 

WordLift has a feature that allows you to add schema tags to your pages without needing to enter a line of code.  Schema markup is an important part of any SEO strategy because it helps search engines better understand the context of your content in order to rank it in results for relevant queries.  To learn how to use WordLift to add structured data to your website, you can follow this tutorial: WordLift Mappings tutorial

Creating Entities 

WordLift goes beyond the concept of simple keywords and is based on semantic referencing by creating entities. This offers enough maneuvers to develop in depth all aspects of each theme. To know how to transform an existing article into an entity on WordLift, you can follow this tutorial: WordLift 3.15 In addition to creating the entities, you can also add images with WordLift.  

Categorizing entities

When creating entities, WordLift analyzes the content of your article and identifies the corresponding entities. These entities are then organized into 4 categories: Who, What, When and Where. It’s a way of organizing your content that improves the user experience by allowing visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for.   Click here to know more. 

Adding Widgets 

WordLift also allows you to add widgets to your web pages. They are important UX tools that help improve your user experience. Widgets on WordLift also allow you to enrich the internal mesh of your site and lead visitors to discover other relevant content that may also be of interest to them.  widgets Product Navigatocan be useful to improve the value of online shopping carts.  Indeed, WordLift has a recommendation feature capable of offering the best relevant products associated with the one the user is visiting. When it comes to articles, the Navigator and Faceted Search can be useful in leading the visitor to discover other related articles. Adding and removing widgets is very easy to do with WordLift. They can be done either from the block editor, or in the classic editor or be directly integrated into your model. Check it all out in this video: 

SEO for e-commerce sites

WordLift also offers new SEO features for e-commerce store owners.  These include the ability to mark up your product pages and connect them to business content. However, these features are only available when you subscribe to the Business plan. 

WordLift: Important features to know 

WordLift is a semantic tool to help web content creators to:
  • Strengthen the editorial process by providing reliable and contextual resources
  • Enrich content with the insertion of images, internal links and widgets 
  • Maintain the engage readers by offering recommendations of other relevant content
  • Implement schema markup for better understanding of content by search engines and better display on SERPs. 
  • Publish metadata to share, sell and distribute content
  • A SEO management service bespoke 

Who is WordLift for?

WordLift is an Artificial Intelligence-based solution for all kinds of businesses that want to automate their SEO strategy and achieve better results. Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, WordLift offers packages adapted to the needs of each business profile. 


offers three pricing plans with free trial: 
  • Starter (for small businesses) at €49
  • Professional €79
  • Business + Ecommerce €199

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WordLift is a company that was created in 2017 by Insideout 10 with the cooperation of Francesco Scavelli and Maurizio Sarlo. It aims to make SEO and content marketing automatic through artificial intelligence technology. For this, the company has created software of the same name. This is obviously WordLift. Said software is precisely a semantic platform that brings together natural language processing, graph publishing, etc., in order to improve the organic traffic of a website.   WordLift is not limited to that. In fact, this software makes the content of business sites more searchable and open to virtual assistants. The company is made up of a team of experts in SEO.  So, if you are companies looking for personalized digital solutions, WordLift will provide you with several hours of assistance and advice. Their mission is to find you the right SEO strategy and support you in achieving your business goals.

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