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All in one SEO | SEOPress

All in one SEO | SEOPress

Short description : All in one SEO

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SEOPress is a multi-featured SEO software that aims to help web marketers make their website pages more competitive on search results pages in terms of natural referencing.

Long Description : All in one SEO

Description SEOPress

Did you know that 95% of search traffic goes to the first page of search results?  This means for companies with an online presence to favor the natural referencing of their websites. To ease SEO tasks, SEOPress has been known as quite an effective SEO tool. We will discover in this description how you can use it.

What is SEOPress ?

As we have just said, SEOPress is a WordPress plugin used today by SEOs to analyze and optimize the pages of their websites. It is therefore a size SEO tool on the market like Yast and others. Here is in a few lines how you can use SEOPress :

Customize the appearance of your pages on the SERPs

In the ”Title setting” tab, you can customize a title and fill in a meta description to allow searchers to start by knowing on your content from the search results pages. By default, the tool gives you an idea of ​​what you can fill in these boxes from your general settings if you haven’t entered anything. Thus, you will be shown the optimal length of the page title and meta description as a percentage, in pixels and in characters.  The idea is to help you fill in meta titles and descriptions in an optimized way and according to search engine expectations. Once you fill in these boxes, you will get a preview of how your page might show up on search engine results pages. You can also choose to customize the display of pages according to mobile devices or computers. The tool gives you two different options to customize the display of your pages on search results pages. You can enter your title and meta description manually or you can let the tool fill in these boxes automatically for you from your settings. Additionally, there is a customization drop-down menu that allows you to create a unique structure for your pages. As you create your structure, it can quickly be read in the title and description fields.  This allows you to see if your structure can really show up on search results pages as you intended.

Improve the content of your pages

SEOPress offers quite an interesting content analysis feature that allows you to discover the best opportunities for your content to rank high. To do this, simply enter one or more keywords in the ”Keywords” field and click on the ”Analyze my content” button. Once the analysis is complete, the tool presents you with a long checklist with different colored indicators to show how your content is performing. When you click on each of these elements, you will get in detail what the tool is trying to point out to you as a problem or point for improvement. In terms of content analysis, here are a few things the tool tries to cover:
  • Headings: The tool checks if the main keyword is in your headings and if it is also starting from the proper way ;
  • Structured data types: Here you will discover schema data if you have associated it with your content;
  • Meta title: The tool checks the reasonable size of your custom title and also notifies you if it contains your main keyword;
  • Meta description: Like the meta title, the optimal length as well as the main keyword in the meta description is the subject of this line;
  • Incoming links: Here, the tool displays the link of all pages that cite your content in their publications;
  • Canonical URL: You can see if there is possibly a canonical URL in the source code;
  • Last Modified Date: This tells you when your content was last updated;
  • Word counter: The word counter informs you about the length of your content and also reveals unique words;
  • Keyword density: Number of times the targeted keyword appears and its density in percentage;
  • Keywords in Permalink: The tool reports whether the main keyword appears in the URL of the post or page;
  • Social meta tags: Here, the tool favors the presence of a title, description, image, URL and Open Graph site name, as well as a Twitter or Facebook image ;
  • Image Alt Texts: For page optimization purposes, the tool helps you check if all images on the page have ALT tags filled in the right way;
  • NoFollow Links: Arguably, this is a list of unfollow links;
  • Outbound links: Here we find out the number of outbound links and anchor texts used in the content.

Control the social appearance of your pages

As we have just customized the page appearance in search engines, the tool also allows us to define how the pages will display on social networks like facebook, twitter and others . For this, we will focus on the ”Social” tab to access the poster settings on social networks. As with search engines, we will also fill in meta information like title, description and set a custom thumbnail for each of the social networks. When you finish filling in these boxes, you can also view how these pages might look when shared.

Check the advanced settings

In the ”Advanced” tab, you can configure the most important settings of the tool in order to obtain data more accurately. As advanced settings, you can introduce or customize certain tags in your post:
  • Noindex: This tag allows you to keep your content out of the search index and sitemap;
  • Nofollow: This is an attribute that applies to external links to indicate to search engines not to consider these links in the examination of the page;
  • Noodp: This saves you from using Open Directory metadata, which the biggest search engines no longer use;
  • Noimageindex: This tells search engines that you don’t want certain images with this attribute to be indexed;
  • Noarchive: When you activate this option, your web page will not be cached during searches;
  • Nosnippet: If you activate this option, it means that the meta description of the page will not be displayed on search results pages.

Define redirections 

The last parameter that we encounter in the metabox tool SEOPress concerns redirections. To use it, you just need to check the box and choose the type of redirect you want to set before entering the page link. Once this is set, you must save the changes for them to be committed. In general, if you are looking for an alternative size SEO tool to Yoast SEO and others, SEOPress might seem like a great option.

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SEO Press is a French company founded in October 2018 by Benjamins Denis, a genius and experienced in web development. It has its headquarters in the Basque Country.  The mission of SEO Press is to offer an all-in-one SEO solution capable of effectively participating in the optimization of WordPress sites for search engines. It is therefore a question of supporting all WordPress users to better reference themselves in the SERPs. Precisely, the SEO Press tool of the same name as Benjamin Denis’ company is a WordPress extension. The latter helps you get a decent ranking in the SERPs as well as better traffic to your websites. Simple, engaging and quite powerful, it is aimed at bloggers, VSEs/SMEs, SEO experts, but also developers and web agencies.

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