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Powerful Content | Yourtext.Guru

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Equipped with an AI, YourTextGuru is a writing assistance and semantic optimization tool to easily create excellent SEO-optimized content.

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Description YourTextGuru 

YourTextGuru is an SEO toolkit designed for semantic optimization that offers several useful features such as writing assistance, content optimization, competitor content analysis, AI-powered text generator and a keyword research tool. Source: YourTextGuru  The tool brings together useful features that allow you to optimize existing content and create new texts with better ranking potential on search engine pages. 

What is YourTextGuru? 

YourTextGuru is a writing assistance tool that allows content creators to write qualitative and optimized texts for better ranking on search engine pages.  The tool is equipped with algorithms capable of generating the best relevant terms and expressions associated with a seed keyword.  Source: YourTextGuru  Concretely, you submit a main keyword and YourTextGuru takes care of providing you with a list of secondary and relevant keywords to insert into your content during the writing process.  A way to be reassured not to miss the important keywords to exploit. They can be inserted in the body of the article, but also in strategic places such as titles and subtitles.  This can significantly contribute to producing quality content that is optimized enough to appeal to search engines and human users.  Another popular feature on YourTextGuru is the ability to get actionable writing briefs just from a query.  Instead of starting from a blank sheet, these briefs allow you to pre-chew the work and take advantage of the sentences already all written by an Artificial Intelligence. 

YourTextGuru: Who is the tool for? 

YouTextGuru is a tool intended for all actors involved in the creation of editorial content, whether: 
  • Web editors 
  • Copywriters 
  • SEO specialists 
  • Freelancers
  • E-marketers

YourTextGuru: The main features 

Here is the list of the main features to discover on YourTextGuru: 

1. Keyword Research Tool

One of the important features of YourTextGuru is the writing guide. You just have to provide a main keyword on which you want to rank on Google, define a language, choose a thematic group and YourTextGuru will take care of generating a list of relevant keywords for you to use.  Source: YourTextGuru  This list contains both generic terms, but also long tail keywords that you can use to build great search engine optimized content. 

2. Semantic Analysis Tool 

Another great feature with YourTextGuru is the ability to continuously assess the quality of your text throughout the writing process.  Source: YourTextGuru  For this, the tool has set up tools and semantic scores: 
  • A representative curve that reflects the quality of optimization of your text as you write. 
  • An SEO optimization score scored by percentage (0-300%) to assess the final optimization quality of your content. Ideally, the desired optimization percentage is to reach the ceiling, but a score of 100% is already enough for your text to be well optimized for search engines. 
  • An SEO hazard score rated by percentage (0-200%) to assess poor content quality. The closer the SEO danger score gets to 200%, the more your text is considered spammy content. 
As we can see, these are different indices that globally measure the semantic level of your content.   But rest assured, you don’t have to register the highest ratings for these metrics before ranking on Google.  If a major competitor scores 40%, for example, getting 50% for your text is already enough to overtake it in Google search results. 

3. A competitive analysis tool 

A good SEO strategy also takes into account an analysis of the competition. With YourTextGuru, you have a statistical tool to evaluate the SEO results of your competitors.  Source: YourTextGuru  A way to keep an eye on the competition and identify winning strategies to reproduce and unsuccessful ones to avoid so as not to fall into the same mistakes.  

4. A keyword idea generator

Creating new content on a regular basis is a practice (although profitable) that requires enough inspiration.  If you find yourself running out of ideas, you can use YourTextGuru’s Keyword Idea Generator and discover new relevant topics to develop to liven up your blog.  Source: YourTextGuru  You will just need to provide a starting topic and the tool will generate a list of suggestions collected from Google data. 

5. Оutіl dе саlсul dе сосоnѕ ѕémаntіquеѕ

The semantic cocoon is a content organization technique that consists of grouping the pages of the same website by theme to form a solid internal mesh network. YourTubeGuru allows you to set up an effective linking strategy in just a few clicks.  To do this, you just have to create a folder listing all the topics developed on your site.  YourTextGuru will then be able to explore the file and calculate the “semantic” distance that separates a theme from the secondary terms associated with it.  Source: YourTextGuru  This distance is expressed as a percentage and the higher it is, the closer the term is to the main theme. This allows you to have in the blink of an eye an overview of the tree structure that your semantic cocoon must take for an effective internal mesh network. 

6. AI SEO-TXL, a content creation tool 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, SEO-TXL is a text generator offered by YourTextGuru to enrich existing content or write new content.  The tool is able to write text in French, but also in English, Italian, German and Spanish.  You can also ask specific questions or ask for ideas for creating new content.  Source: YourTextGuru This is a real writing aid tool that can make the job easier for many writers.  However, it should be noted that the SEO-TXL Artificial Intelligence remains a tool available to the editor and not to replace the editor.  So to have content with good editorial quality, you must always proofread and bring your own personal touch. 

YourTextGuru: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Affordable prices 
  • Some suggested terms may not be relevant

YourTextGuru: A suррроrt and a community at your disposal 

YourTextGuru is also a blog on which you can discover articles to gain new knowledge and learn how to take advantage of the tool.   And if you have a particular concern, you also have direct email support to contact the platform team.  For beginners, YourTextGuru also offers Cocoon SEO training organized by the Peyronnet brothers.   For those who wish to integrate YourTextGuru with other tools, the platform also provides an API. 

YourTextGuru: Pricing 

Yourtext.Guru offers token and subscription pricing. Depending on your needs, you can choose:  The pack of 200 tokens is €99 excluding VAT. A guide is equivalent to 5 tokens and entitles you to the semantic analysis, the semantic cocoon and the entity from the analysis.  The unlimited subscription at €80 per month without commitment entitling you to all the functionalities of the pack + the possibility of generating guides at will + an ideas module + a question explorer.  The API subscription at €300 excl. VAT per month entitling you to all the features of the unlimited subscription.  In addition, theuse of the SEO-TXL AI is subject to an additional subscription
  • €30 excl. VAT per month for 50,000 words 
  • €55 excl. VAT per month for 125,000 words 
  • And €100 excl. VAT per month for 250,000 words 

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Yourtext.Guru is a tool provided by the company which intervenes in computer programming and the proposal of digital services. The tool is actually a web and SEO writing assistant co-created by Guillaume Peyronnet. Precisely, Yourtext.Guru allows you to choose the right words to improve your search engine optimization and rank well in the SERPs. Yourtext.Guru not only allows you to write relevant content for search engines, it promotes a semantic analysis of your words. It also lists competing pages for you so that you can improve your articles as needed.  It is therefore a tool that facilitates your content marketing by finding ideas to write. You can also use it to design your semantic cocoon and many other things. Freemium, it is aimed at:
  • web editors;
  • SEO agencies;
  • freelance;
  • e-merchants;
  • webmarketers…

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