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Clean your Data | WP-Optimize

Clean your Data | WP-Optimize

Short description : Clean your Data

WP Optimize Mise en avant
WP-Optimize is a plugin to clean unnecessary data. It also offers caching, image compression, CSS minification and JavaScript.

Long Description : Clean your Data

Description WP-Optimize

During the life cycle of a website, the WordPress database is gradually cluttered with unnecessary files and codes.  All this unwanted data that accumulates over time slows down the website and affects the user experience.  By regularly cleaning and optimizing your database, you can significantly improve your site’s performance and avoid this kind of problem. WP-Optimize is a WordPress plugin that allows you to remove all unnecessary data cluttering your database to make your website faster.  WP-Optimize also offers image compression, caching and cache preloading features to help you have an even faster website.  In its premium version, WP-Optimize also offers other advanced features such as multisite support, lazy loading, etc.

What is WP-Optimize? 

WP-Optimize is a plugin originally designed to optimize databases, but today it offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that can be leveraged to improve the speed and performance of Wordpress sites.  Now with WP-Optimize, you can clean up your database, but also other tasks such as compressing too large images, caching your pages and minifying CSS and Javascript codes. WP-Optimize is a well-known plugin in the WordPress community with over 1 million active users. If you are looking for a free, easy to use and effective solution to improve the performance and SEO of your WordPress site, WP-Optimize can be a good choice. 

WP-Optimize: The different features offered 

1. Clean the database 

The first feature of WP-Optimize to note is the ability to clean your database of anything superfluous and cumbersome.  WP-Optimize is able to eliminate unnecessary information from your database such as: 
  • Post revisions
  • Spam
  • comments
  • Outdated data
  • Pingbacks Trackbacks 
  • And 
  • transients 
The plugin is also able to compact and defragment the main MySQL tables to automatically clean your database every week (or two). This functionality of the plugin remains very easy to use. WP-Optimize also offers an option to automatically save UpdraftPlus when you clean up your database. This is an optional option that helps you recover deleted data during database cleanup. 

2. Enable page caching to make your website faster

If you don’t use page caching, you are slowing down your website and potentially losing conversions. Caching is storing data in a temporary part of your pages so that it can be retrieved quickly when requested by users. This allows pages to load faster. Concretely, when a visitor tries to access a page, he receives a static HTML file preloaded from the cache memory folder, so that no other processing or database query is necessary to fulfill his request. .  As a result, your web pages will load faster and your server is less busy. This is how caching helps improve the performance of a website while saving server resources.  WP-Optimise has an efficient caching functionality and at the same time very easy to use.  In just a few clicks, the plugin allows you to implement several caching features on your WordPress site, including: Cache  preloading:  So that the data stored in the cache is always available in the form of static HTML Gzip compression of JavaScript files and CSS : When JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files are gzipped, it can help improve site loading speed. Display the optimized version of the page thanks to a cache specific to the type of device used by the visitor Ability to establish exclusion rules for personalized caching:  Theplugin also has an option to activate fully customized caching rules, so you can cache almost anything. For example, there may be certain URLs or cookies that you want to prevent from being cached by your site.

3. Image Compression

Generally, when images are too large, they take a long time to load. WP-Optimize’s cache includes a powerful image compression tool that converts large images into compressed files, reducing loading time and allowing them to be downloaded in seconds. WP-Optimize not only just compress images to improve your website speed, it also supports multiple output formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF with some cool features that can save you money up to 5 megabytes.  Among these features we have:  Bulk compression: Block compression is a great way to compress multiple images at once to save time. This is a particularly useful feature for e-commerce sites with an astronomical amount of product images.  Lossy Compression : WP-Optimize has a lossy compression algorithm that can double the compression on file size with less quality than a single-pass algorithm. Return to the original version of the compressed images at any time : With WP-Optimize, you also have a “Restore Originals” feature that allows you to return to your original images whenever you want. Automatic compression : The next images on your site will be automatically compressed when you activate the automatic compression feature of WP-Optimize.  Retention of information from compressed images : With the Exif Data-Keeping feature of WP-Optimize, you have the possibility to preserve the information of your compressed images.  As can be seen, in terms of image compression, WP-Optimize offers some useful features that can be leveraged to actually improve your page loading speed without affecting the quality of your images. 

4. Minify and combine CSS and JavaScript files

The more resources a website has, the more requests the server used has to process. This can affect the loading time of the site.  The principle of minification and compression consists precisely in lightening your CSS and JavaScript files to relieve the server of the number of requests to be made.  WP-Optimize also offers an advanced minification feature to improve your Google PageSpeed ​​Insight score and make your WordPress site more lightweight. 

5. WP-Optimize Premium

Wp-Optimum provides access to features such as:  More targeted optimization: The paid version of WP-Optimize allows you to specifically choose which tables to optimize. In the free version, you can only optimize all tables at once.  Deletion of images : WP-Optimize premium is also able to delete all the images from your site that you are not using, which will allow you to save even more space. Lazy Loading: Another way to reduce website loading times is to use lazy loading.  With this technique, images below the user’s screen are not fully loaded until the user scrolls through them.  This can help speed up the initial page load time. This feature is also included in the premium version of WP-Optimize.  Multisite support : For those who have a WordPress multisite network, Wp-Optimize Premium offers a multisite support feature to easily work on optimizing the websites for which you are responsible.  Task scheduling : WP-Optimize premium also offers the ability to select specific times during which cleaning should take place. Support: The WP-Optimize team offers both Premium subscribers in-person support and written documentation to help them get the most out of the plugin.

WP-Optimize: How to install the plugin? 

WP-Optimize can be installed in three different ways, like any other plugin: 

1. Install WP-Optimize from your WordPress dashboard 

Go to your WordPress plugins dashboard and click on the “Add” button Then search for “WP-Optimize” Once the plugin is found in the search results, click on the “Install Now” button.  At the end of the download, click on “Activate” to make the features of WP-Optimize available on your WordPress site. 

2. Install WP-Optimize from the WordPress library

Go to to get the latest version of WP-Optimize Once the download is complete, Click on “Add” from the plugins dashboard then go to the “Upload” section  The wizard will prompt you to upload an item from your computer using the file selector. Choose the zip file you just downloaded.  Click the “Install Now” button Once WP-Optimize is added to your plugins dashboard, click Activate. The plugin should then be functional and available on your WordPress site. 

3. Install WP-Optimize from FTP (File Transfer Protocol) 

Go to to get the latest version of WP-Optimize.  Once the download is complete, unzip the zip file then extract it to the wp-optimize folder on your machine’s local drive.  Then upload the wp-optimize folder to the “wp-content/plugins/wp-optimize” folder of the live version of your website.  Once done, click “Activate”. WP-Optimize should also work on your WordPress site. 

WP-Optimize: Pricing 

With WP-Optimize, you can choose between the free version with limited functionality and the premium version with extended capabilities. WP-Optimize premium sells for:
  • $49 per year for use on up to two sites 
  • $99 per year for use on up to five sites 
  • $199 per year for unlimited sites.
Check out the WP-Optimize homepage to learn more. 

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WP-Optimize is owned by Updraft WP Software Ltd. It is a company founded in June 2013 by Anderson Colin and Anderson David. It is a company headquartered in the UK. This company operates in the computer programming sector. It specializes in the development of commercial and domestic software. Among the software put together, Updraft WP Software Ltd focuses better on WordPress tools or plugins. Among these tools is WP-Optimize. Precisely, it is one of the most powerful plugins developed for WordPress. With this plugin, you are able to make your WordPress website more efficient. Indeed, the WP-Optimize tool is an all-in-one plugin with several great features. Having a simple interface, it is a plugin used by at least a million WordPress sites.  This testifies to his power. It actually has all the necessary elements to make your website more efficient in WordPress. It properly cleans the website database and compresses your large images without affecting their quality. It also caches your WordPress website. WP-Optimize is aimed at bloggers, SEO agencies, SEO specialists but also digital marketing professionals.

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