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Youtube Optimization | TubeBuddy

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Your best friend on the road to success on YouTube. TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension and mobile app that integrates directly with YouTube to help you manage your channel with ease.

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YouTube has over two billion users logged in each month and is a real opportunity for people looking to build a community. Buoyed by this popularity, video trends on this social network are constantly emerging and changing, so content creators are bound to stay tuned to keep up to date with the vast user base. TubeBuddy is a tool that will help you track trends on YouTube by analyzing tags, titles, and your descriptions. In short, it will allow you to improve the optimization of your videos and manage your YouTube channels. Through this description, I will introduce you to TubeBuddy and the features it offers.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a dedicated YouTube SEO tool that connects directly to your YouTube dashboard. It is installed as an extension directly in your browser and offers multiple features. It’s a YouTube-certified extension, which means it’s 100% safe. Using TubeBuddy, you can easily streamline and manage your YouTube content. Indeed, makes it easy to optimize a video by displaying key analytics on tags and titles so you can improve the searchability of your content. If you need a way to grow your YouTube channel, TubeBuddy is especially helpful and you find trending topics for your titles and tags.

TubeBuddy Key Features

This free TubeBuddy extension has several features that you can use to manage your content. However, you would first need to register by installing the browser from their website. TubeBuddy appears after installation and registration at the top right of your YouTube page as a drop-down menu.

Save time with video downloads and playlists

Using the TubeBuddy extension, you’ll be able to download multiple videos at once, with built-in templates for tags and titles. These templates save you time when publishing. If you are doing video series, it is possible to create card templates to quickly load videos in one go and add videos to a playlist quickly while loading. The purpose of a playlist is to encourage your subscribers to watch multiple videos at the same time. Simply click “Add Card Templates” to apply your templates to multiple video uploads. Note, however, that you can update your tags and descriptions for each content or in bulk for your old videos using the Videos link in the TubeBuddy menu.

Comment Management: Engage with Your Audience

TubeBuddy adds more options to YouTube’s comments feature to help you filter comments into more categories, including:
  • Unanswered comments;
  • Comments from new followers
  • Comments from your Patreons
  • Comments that need to be followed up.
With this Comment Management feature, you will easily manage interactions with your subscribers in a comprehensive way. According to the categories, you can prioritize your audience members and engage with them. The main advantage is that it is possible to create automatic replies to save time when responding to messages.

Keywords Explorer

Quickly seeing what’s trending on YouTube is possible with the Keyword Explorer feature. Say your goals are to get your first 2,000 YouTube subscribers with quality content. This feature will allow you to generate trending content tags when you type a keyword into the Explorer search bar. The tool will suggest other popular keywords as you type in your keyword. When you finish, TubeBuddy shows you a list of crawls for the search for that keyword you just performed. By using it, you will also discover the potential of your title, because TubeBuddy assigns a score to the keywords. This way, you will be able to see how well your content title is relevant and the keywords are searched by users as well as how difficult it is to rank for your title.

Suggested Tags

TubeBuddy’s recommendation tag is a popular video SEO feature for video creators. It shows up in your channel’s video editing screen, especially in the “Video details” section when you’re getting ready to post. Depending on the tags you choose, Suggested Tags offers you related tags. It should be remembered that tags can be sorted by relevance, keyword score or search traffic. What is recommended is to explore all tags using the sort options. Always favor the most relevant tags in your video. In fact, when you don’t associate with user intent for a search query, it affects your watch time and your rankings will take a hit.

A/B Testing Videos

It’s true that you won’t be able to test the actual content of your video, but TubeBuddy helps you test its packaging, including thumbnail, title, tags, and meta description. Due to the competition on YouTube, these A/B tests can be useful for getting more clicks, more views, and improving your rankings. When you don’t know your videos for you to test, TubeBuddy can find the videos with low CTR for you to test the thumbnails. When it comes to given metadata, metadata testing allows you to test multiple aspects (thumbnail, title, tags, and description) simultaneously.


While you’re viewing YouTube, the tool shows a Videolytics panel on the right side with a host of useful stats. This panel shows a general summary of the performance of the video you’re watching along with the tags used, SEO, social media, and channel stats. By clicking on the blue button “Show search rankings” it is possible to see where the video is in the search results of YouTube for the tags used. Additionally, TubeBuddy shows you when subscribers are active on your account, which is an indication of when you can publish your videos. Another cool feature of TubeBudyy is the ability to translate your description and title description into any language. This is very convenient for Youtubers who create content for other regions. From then on, you no longer have to worry about translating your meta tags. TubeBuddy facilitates the promotion of your videos and integrates a sharing function on social platforms. That being so, you can directly share your videos to your favorite social platforms from TubeBuddy.

How much do TubeBuddy licenses cost?

While most of these features can be used for free, TubeBuddy also offers three plans: Pro, Star, and Legend.

The Pro Package

For $9 per month, the tool gives you access to most productivity and video optimization tools. However, you will not be able to schedule a video and perform bulk actions for large video downloads.

The Star Package

Starting at $19 per month, you’ll be able to use all available bulk processing options for managing videos, including scheduling bulk downloads.

The Legend Package

With $49, you get access to all the tools, like multi-channel SEO optimization, translation tools, and in-depth competitor analysis. In short, TubeBuddy is an extension for YouTube allowing you to create templates for your uploads, manage your comments and generate SEO-friendly content ideas.

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TubeBuddy is a company on a mission to make you and the rest of Youtube users a happier and more productive community. She is part of the BEN group, a collection of experts at the forefront of AI and the industry.  Said group offers campaigns that connect brands with audiences in ways ads can’t.  Concretely, TubeBuddy is the extension n°1 for the creators of Youtube. It allows you to optimize Youtube channels so as to have a good ranking.   It saves its users time and helps them get the data you really need to make the right content decisions. In summary, the TubeBuddy tool allows you to:
  • halve the duration of publications;
  • ranking high in search results;
  • to get more views and subscribers.

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