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SEO Reporting | Agency Analytics

SEO Reporting | Agency Analytics

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Reporting for Marketing Agencies | SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Review and Call Tracking Dashboards

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Description of the tool Agency analytics 

platform Agency Analytics is a web company that is booming. Comprised of a globally distributed team and more than 5,500 trusted agencies, Agency Analytics offers its services to help marketing agencies scale by helping them effectively scale their client relationships.  It therefore offers them the opportunity to develop their activity by helping them in all phases of the design of customer relations.

Who is the Agency analytics platform intended for? 

As you can see, the agency analytics platform is a solution that is mainly aimed at digital marketing agencies. But because of these various features, it can also be useful for simple individuals looking for a fairly complete solution for managing their advertising campaigns. 

Why are you going to love the Agency analytics platform?

One of the reasons you’re going to want to use the Agency Analytics platform is because of its design and ease of use. The other reason relates to the plurality of reports it allows you to produce. In reality, as you will see, with the Agency analytics platform, you can produce reports on SEO campaigns, advertising campaigns, call tracking as well as on emails, reputation or e-commerce. This therefore gives you the possibility to adapt to any type of website. Finally, another reason why you may like this tool is the fact that the Agency analytics platform is recognized and used by thousands of agencies around the world and that they say good things about it.  

 What are the features of the Agency analytics platform?

As an innovative web solution, the Agency analytics platform offers you a fairly large number of resources and tools for analyzing and managing the marketing campaigns of your various clients.  Here are some of the features you will find on the platform: 
  • Automated client reports: With this feature, you will not only find report templates to use, but also forget about manual reports in order to save even more time in the realization your tasks;
  • Access to more than 70 marketing integrations: Allowing you to access the marketing platform you want and make the necessary configurations in order to efficiently collect data; 
  • Create Dashboards and customize your customer reports: another of the many possibilities that you will discover with this platform is the ability to create automated reports in your own way. You can thus personalize them in order to adapt it to each of your customers and draw their attention to specific elements. You can also affix your agency’s logo to these reports to make it closer to your brand;
  • SEO tools: Beyond marketing analysis, the Agency analytics platform provides you with a complete suite of SEO tools allowing you to also do SEO reporting for the benefit of your clients. With these tools, you can for example, carry out a site audit, follow the ranking by keyword. All this allows you to offer them a complete service; 
  • Customer management: Another feature to which it is important to draw your attention is the possibility that the platform offers you to manage your customers by granting them user access and while maintaining control over what they can see. 

How much does the Agency analytics platform cost? 

If you wish to take advantage of the advantages of the Agency analytics platform, you have the option of benefiting from the start of a 14-day trial period without obligation and without you having to use your credit card. All you have to do is fill in your information.  But if however you wish to continue the adventure, you have the possibility of subscribing to a monthly or annual plan. The platform offers three categories of subscription plans. Each of these categories gives you different accesses and functionalities.  Anyway, note that the monthly plans vary between 10 and 15 dollars per client campaign, that is to say for a site and its various integrations.   

How to use the Agency analytics platform?

To start using the Agency analytics platform, you must follow the following steps: 
  • Go website and register by filling in the information relating to your surname, first name, e-mail address and password;
  • Once this step is completed, you must configure your dashboard by first filling in the information about your agency. 
  • Then just click on “continue” to create your first customer campaign and see the dashboard displayed.
Now that you have all the information about the Agency analytics tool, don’t hesitate to use it to impress your clients.

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Agency Analytics is a Canadian SEO agency founded in 2010 by Joe Gentillesse and Blake Acheson. Its objective is to help agencies establish better relations with their clients by setting up automated reports for them.  Among these reports, there is that of SEO performance.  Indeed, it allows companies to perform comprehensive SEO audits and to organize or generate SEO reports for their clients. In addition to SEO reports, Agency Analytics provides several other automated reports. We can cite among others:
  • Social relations;
  • Call tracking reports;
  • CPC reports;
  • Email reports;
  • E-commerce reports.
Agency Analytics has a solid team made up of dynamic people spread over several countries. To date, nearly 5,000 agencies have benefited from the services of this company.

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