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Ultimate SEO Suite | Aheadwork – Magento (Plugin)

Ultimate SEO Suite | Aheadwork – Magento (Plugin)

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This Ultimate Magento SEO suite adds a canonical link in the header of each product. Optimize your Magento store for Google!

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Aheadworks Ultimate SEO Suite

Most e-commerce sites struggle with duplicate content, which is bad from an SEO perspective. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem by setting up canonical URLs. According to CMS, there are also extensions that help site owners eliminate the problem of duplicate content by allowing them to implement proper canonical tags. This is the case of Ultimate SEO Suite from Aheadworks which adds canonical URLs to your product pages in a very simple way. Through this description, we discover the Ultimate SEO Suite extension from Aheadworks and how you can use it to eliminate content duplication on Magento store.

What is Aheadworks Ultimate SEO Suite?

Ultimate SEO Suite by Aheadworks is an extension for Magento stores that allows adding canonical links to the header of each product page, sitemap and Google sitemap. Indeed, duplicate content is one of the biggest problems for SEO experts as it hurts the page rankings of any website. Recognizing this, Aheadworks created the Ultimate SEO Suite extension to help Magento site owners implement canonical tags. In principle, when search engines crawl your site to index its pages, they use canonical URLs to distinguish the main page from duplicate pages. In other words, if there are two separate URLs for a page, a canonical tag created by the Ultimate SEO Suite extension informs crawlers to promote a specific page. That said, you will have better control over the URL that search engines show in search results. The main advantage of this extension is that it supports multiple Magento stores so you don’t have to worry if you are managing multiple stores.

Why is duplicate content a problem for your site and how can the Ultimate SEO Suite extension help you?

Online stores are organized into product categories and when you create different product categories, the CMS system you use to build your store generates a unique URL for each category. But when visitors browse your site and perform different operations, sometimes the same product has several access paths, which is obviously a duplication of content. There are several types of this duplication on online stores, including created by:

Session ID

Most online stores use session IDs in URLs (?sid=) to track visitor behavior. However, this creates a duplicate of the main URL of the page to which the session ID is applied.

Shopping Cart Pages

When visitors add products to their cart and then view it on your store, most CMSs automatically set up URL structures specific to that experience through unique identifiers.

Internal searches Search

results pages are generated when a user searches for products on your store. These pages do not contain unique content, only snippets of content from other pages on your site and Google may consider this to be duplicate content. Most of the time, the extension solves these problems by allowing canonical URLs to be implemented appropriately. Now let’s see the features of Aheadworks Ultimate SEO Suite.

Adding canonical URLs in the header of your product pages

The canonical tag is often placed in the header of a web page in the <head> section, which allows search engines to avoid explore the same page multiple times. This tag is particularly useful for any website that offers its resources in HTML, as is the case for product pages on online stores. Ultimate SEO Suite by Aheadworks adds rel=”canonical” URLs to the header of your product pages to tell search engines the authoritative source URL for a product.  Note that adding the canonical tag in the header of a web page is not suitable for all situations, which is why the tool offers other options for implementing this tag on store .

Adding canonical URLs to the sitemap

Including canonical URLs in your sitemap is the best guarantee to ensure that only the pages you want will be found and indexed by search engine robots. In fact, a site’s sitemap contains only the links that search engines should crawl and you can define your canonical pages directly there. This is relatively easy to set up, but when you make mistakes you can send conflicting information to search engines as is the case for non-canonical URLs in a sitemap. Therefore, robots can index pages whose address is different from that of their canonical version. This is why it is more interesting to use a powerful tool like Ultimate SEO Suite from Aheadworks. Using this extension, you can submit auto-generated canonical URLs to Google, allowing the search engine to crawl and index your site smarter.

Possibility of dividing Google sitemap

It can be important to have several sitemaps, because Google sets size limitations for this type of file: a sitemap cannot contain more than 50,000 URLs and its size must not exceed 10 MB. Thus, if your online store has more than 50,000 URLs, you need to have multiple sitemaps that can contain these links. These size limitations are essential to prevent web servers from being overloaded with large files intended for search engines. Ultimate SEO Suite will allow you to divide your sitemap to have several smaller files that are easier to process and that will be approved by Google.

Image support in sitemaps

You can tell search engines the most important images on your pages so that they can discover images they may not find when crawling. To do this, simply include the URLs of your images in your site’s sitemap, which the Ultimate SEO Suite extension allows you to do in one click. This will allow Google to index these images and add them to image search, which may drive more traffic to your site.

Auto Change Canonical URLs

This tool automatically changes short product URLs to canonical URLs across the entire store. You can either leave the default categories used in the canonical URL or easily change them for each product. With all these features, the Ultimate SEO Suite extension offered by Aheadworks is particularly interesting for implementing canonical URLs on your site to avoid duplicate content.

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Aheadwork is a full-service Magento extension developer and agency.  It helps businesses design Magento products, bringing innovations to life with top notch extensions, templates and themes for Magento 1 and Magento 2.  Aheadwork offers businesses a host of Magento tools including the Ultimate SEO Suite.  Aheadwork has almost 10 years of experience in the field of SEO. More than 60,000 clients around the world benefit from the services of this agency, including startups to the largest companies.

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