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SERPs Tracking | Marketing Miner

SERPs Tracking | Marketing Miner

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MarketingMiner is web-based software that helps SEO specialists collect complete and accurate data for keyword analysis, SEO, and digital marketing. The tool is equipped with the cool features you’ll need to boost your rankings, polish your marketing strategy, and boost your SEO.

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Description MarketingMiner

To achieve the main objectives of a website, including maximizing traffic and simulating engagements, it is important to analyze and monitor the performance of your website in order to improve it if necessary. MarketingMiner is a great solution for tracking how you rank on search results pages for your keywords. The tool can also help you come up with trending keyword ideas to maximize your chances of ranking. To know how MarketingMiner works, I invite you to read this description.

What is MarketingMiner ?

Marketing Miner facilitates the process of analyzing keywords and identifying the most relevant ones for your specific niche to help you make your SEO efforts more successful and improve your rankings on the SERPs. The tool presents a report that shows you the search volume and CPC of the keywords with a careful assessment of their competitiveness. Marketing Miner gives its users the ability to track the ranking as well as the performance of their website when it comes to organic search.  You can also find out how competing websites are performing for both organic searches and paid ads. Furthermore, this data mining solution also allows users to collect and analyze information about the performance of their products and services in the market. It allows them to assess rates and prices, as well as monitor online mentions of their brand. Here are the different features in detail:

Competition analysis

Among the most interesting features of this tool, we will first look at the domain profiler. This feature allows you to profile your own online presence or spy on a competitor’s site in organic or paid search results. After registering, you click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner and then click on ”Profiler”. Just type the domain to analyze in the reserved bar to analyze the website in question in the search results. Once the scan result is displayed, navigate to the ”Traffic’ section organic”, to find detailed insights into how your competitors are performing in organic and paid search results. You can also download this data in CSV format for better analysis as follows:
  • Start by checking what keywords your competitors have ranked for in search results;
  • Then you also have to see for which keywords your competitors are implementing advertising campaigns;
  • It is also necessary to consult the various main landing pages covering the search queries of your competitors.

Brand Monitoring

Another benefit of using the Marketing Miner tool is the ability to monitor your brand or the competitor’s brand.  The tool monitors the entire World Wild Web to detect if there has been a mention of exact match tracked keywords in a discussion or article.  When this is the case, you will receive an email notification and find it directly in the project interface. The benefit of this feature is that you can get an idea of ​​where your brand and competitors are being mentioned. You can also use brand monitoring to monitor which websites people are talking about and reacting to you the most. To activate it, simply go to the ”Mention monitoring” section of a project and choose the terms you want to monitor. You can avoid receiving notifications for certain websites that you can enter in the second bar at the bottom.

Keyword Propositions

offers a variety of features that can enrich your keyword analysis with queries. The Keyword Profiler is probably the most widely used. With a database of over 6 million keywords, the tool suggests keywords based on your search domain. To get keyword suggestions with Marketing Miner, you need to specify your goal to find the best matching terms. There is a wide range of data that can be obtained using the keyword exploration tool, including search volume, SERP position, link prospecting, and SERP analyzer, to name a few. only a few.
  • Search volume: Provides users with information about the most frequently used keywords in Google queries. The data collected from this tool is very useful for SEO, PPC, marketing and copywriting;
  • SERP position: Provides an overview of the current position of your web pages in the search engine results page. This is quite useful information for SEO;
  • SERP Analyzer: Helps analyze Google search from the keywords you are looking for. It also allows you to identify SERP features, Adwords units and search results;
  • Link Prospecting: This facilitates one-click market research. You will easily find similar sites that you can link to.

Rank Tracking Rank 

tracking is probably the most popular feature for users who rely on projects and continuous measurement of data. With the keyword information we just covered, you have the option to enable rank tracking. But when you create a project, Marketing Miner starts by tracking the positions of selected keywords in search engines for your target market.  It is very interesting to monitor the SERP visibility graph which shows the visibility in search engines.  The graph shows that the highest position corresponds to queries with greater search volume and higher SERP visibility.

Indexing Check

URL indexing and indexing status checking is one of the most used features of Marketing Miner. Just import a list of URLs for the tool to tell you if they can be indexed by robots or not. Each feature of the tool tells you how many credits you need to spend to use it, as you can see in the image above.

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Marketing Miner is a data mining platform, created in 2015 by Filip Podstavec. It focuses on SEO and collecting marketing data on keywords, domains, and URLs.  Marketing Miner typically works for online marketers, be they agencies, big brands, or freelancers. In order to properly accomplish its mission, the platform makes several tools available to its customers.  With its tools, users have the possibility to have a complete SEO audit of their website and to measure the performance of the site in relation to their positioning. Allowing you to follow the progress of the ranking of keywords on a daily basis. Marketing Miner offers several solutions to ensure better SEO for websites: 
  • Position tracking tool; 
  • SEO audit tool; 
  • Competition analysis tool; 
  • And many other tools to ensure better SEO for marketing sites.

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