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ContentKing is a highly advanced cloud-based tool that allows you to do a real-time SEO audit and continuously track changes to your website content. The tool has a proactive alert system that notifies you of any content changes.

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Description ContentKing

To ensure that everything is working as expected on your website, it is important to monitor its content to be informed of any changes. ContentKing is therefore a tool not only to provide SEO auditing service but also monitors your website 24/7 to alert you of any web content issues. To learn more about this tool, I invite you to progress in reading this description.

What is ContentKing ?

While search engines visit your website several times a day, the tool simply tracks website changes in real time and sends notifications alerting users to any technical issues or unexpected changes to their site. This tool is ideal for companies that rely on smart data to measure the progress of their website. Depending on the size of your website and your needs, you can choose the corresponding plan, because the tool offers plans for each class of need. One of the standout benefits of this great tool is how easy it is to get started. The fact that the instructions and navigation are simple means that even beginners can easily understand the data it provides. When it comes to configuration, the fact that it’s completely cloud-based is a big plus.


Like any online tool, once registration is complete, you will be redirected to your ContentKing dashboard. ContentKing has a dashboard in the form of a control panel and displays information with extreme precision. From your dashboard, the tool offers you super interesting information about your website such as:
  • The performance of your pages, broken down into segments that you can define yourself;
  • Page changes that have been recorded;
  • The evolution of your website’s health score over time.
All told, the dashboard is packed full of essentials for you to analyze your content’s abilities to influence search engine results pages.

Overview of pages

The section ”overview of pages” is intended to gather all the URLs of your website in addition to their data. The tool gives the possibility to customize the view of this section in your own way by removing or adding a column, for example. Thus, each user can simply configure their own view, specific to their needs.  The page overview lets you easily and quickly filter data from any field so you can get to the information you need as quickly as possible.  If you prefer to read your data in graphs, you can switch to the ”Graphs” view to display your website data visually and in the way you want. In the page overview section, the ”Compare dates” feature allows you to make a comparison of the state of your website from one date to another. For example, you can get data on additions, changes to your website pages for the last 7 days or the last 5 months depending on your plan. You can export this information in CSV format to better break it down into an Excel file or Google Spreadsheets.

Platform overview The platform

tool ContentKing issues related to the fundamental elements that make up your website such as:
  • Your website’s robots.txt file;
  • Your XML sitemaps; 
  • Your domain redirects (HTTP, HTTPS, non-WWW, WWW);
  • Or your SSL certificate.
The platform overview also has a nice feature that allows it to show you the history of all changes to your robots.txt.  This gives you the assurance that the fundamental elements of your website will not be changed without your knowledge.

Overview of problems

This overview highlights all the technical problems related to your website and its referencing such as:
  • Broken links; 
  • Pages without a meta description;
  • Duplicate or unoptimized titles; 
  • The missing canonicals;
  • And much more.
It is important to note that these issues are updated continuously, thanks to Content King’s real-time monitoring system.  So while you work to fix any issues found on your site, ContentKing checks in the background to see if your work is done right, meaning the tool provides near-instant feedback on your efforts. You can filter issues based on the page segments you’ve configured. So, for example, if you have 10 segments, one for each product category on your e-commerce site, you can zoom in specifically on issues in one category. Additionally, ContentKing you alert any missing titles and alt attributes for each of your images. Image titles exist, essentially, to help search engines understand what an image is about.

Alert Insights

Using a unique monitoring system, ContentKing sends you proactive alerts when they detect high-threatening changes and issues on your website.  So, for example, when someone changes a bunch of title tags on important pages, removes hreflang references, or accidentally empties the robots.txt file and your website becomes unindexable, ContentKing will send you an alert.  What’s even more interesting with this feature is that you can customize the alerts for each website you link to the tool so that the notifications are sent to the right address and in the right way. If you want to optimize the content of your pages for search engines, Contenking is a recommended solution.

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ContentKing is an SEO content monitoring and auditing platform. It was designed to help companies and SEO professionals to better optimize their websites.  The SEO audit tool is the main tool of the platform. It allows regular monitoring of pages, while providing users with meaningful information and tasks.  ContentKing also allows you to track various content changes. This allows users to actually see how their content is performing.   The platform is recommended by digital marketing experts, which makes it a good choice for managing its contents.  It is run by a team of SEO professionals, headed by Vincent van Scherpenseel.

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