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Link Redirect Trace | Link Research Tools

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Get relevant and detailed information about your different redirect links with the Link redirect trace extension.

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Description of the Link redirect Trace 

extension The Link redirect trace is a development tool offered by the link research tools platform to users of Chrome and Firefox browsers. On Chrome, it has over 90,000 users and most reviews give a good impression of it.  This is a platform created since 2009 and whose area of ​​expertise revolves mainly around the analysis and construction of links on websites. As such, it offers webmasters various SEO tools allowing them to effectively ensure the creation, obtaining and analysis of the links necessary for the proper referencing of their website.  The Link redirect trace extension fits into this context and presents itself as an all-in-one redirect link analysis tool. That is, beyond simple redirect links, this extension can help you analyze HTTP headers, rel-canonicals links, as well as several other types of links.   Extension Link redirect Trace Redirects consist of sending one URL address to another. They are used for multiple reasons and can be set up both within your website or redirected to another site. They can also come from a third party site and point to your site.   From such a perspective and given the weight that links represent in all SEO strategies, it is quite useful that you follow these redirects in order to prevent them from harming your website.  This is the purpose of the Link redirect trace extension that I invite you to discover in the following lines. 

Who is the Link redirect Trace extension intended for? 

As you can imagine, the Link redirect trace extension is an SEO tool that informs you about the different redirect links that are on your website. It is therefore a professional tool.  As such, it is primarily intended for creators and developers of websites, but also for managers and those who deal with its referencing in search engines.  It is all the more useful for the latter insofar as it allows them to collect detailed and very complete information on the operation of the links found on the site. 

Why use the Link redirect trace extension? 

If you’re wondering why you might want to use this extension, here are a few: 
  • A comprehensive link profile analysis from data collection from 25 sources; 
  • Verification and identification of problems in your internal and external referencing;
  • Checking the links of your competitors; 
  • A better understanding of redirect chains giving you the possibility to reduce jumps in order to save loading time; 
  • The ability to verify that the sites that link to your website are not dangerous. 
  • Identify indexing issues
  • Investigate ad network links, affiliates and cookies. 

What are the features of the Link redirect Trace extension? 

As the developers of this extension remind us, Link redirect trace is an all-in-one extension.  Fonctionnalites de l extension Link redirect Trace As such, it allows you to: 
  • Detect each link redirection jump; 
  • Show Power*Trust™ LRT Redirect Jump Per Link; 
  • Parse robots.txt for each hop; 
  • Parse HTML NoIndex, Nofollow per redirect jump; 
  • Analyze X-Robots Noindex, No Follow, NoArchive HTTP header; 
  • Measure the time of a redirect hop and it shows you which redirect or URL shortener is slowing down the user; 
  • Detect if a redirect is cached by your browser and allows to break the cache and get the real results from the server; 
  • Highlight No Follow links on the pages you browse;

How much does the Link redirect trace extension cost? 

If you really want to enjoy the functionality of the Link redirect trace extension, you should subscribe to one of the four pricing plans offered to you.  Quatre plans tarifaires de l extension Link redirect Trace
  • The first plan lets you do a 7-day trial bills at $17; 
  • The second plan is a monthly plan. This plan is valued at $499 and does not give you access to all the features of the tool; 
  • The third proposed plan is the most used collection 24/7and4$ andt 7 days a week; 
  • Finally, the fourth plan is a free plan aimed at businesses. They get a quote based on the options they wish to have. 

How does the Link redirect Trace extension work? 

If you want to use the Link redirect Trace extension, you must first install it from the web chrome store.  Once it has been installed, you need to activate it in browser extensions.  So all you have to do is click on the extension’s icon in the browser’s extensions bar to display the information about the redirect links. Les informations relatives aux liens de redirection As you will see, when you click on the Link redirect trace extension icon, a mini window appears with the results of your analysis.  However, you must bear in mind that these results are presented in a format and with symbols that you will only be able to interpret if you understand the meaning of the various symbols in the tool.  homepage Link redirect trace

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Link Research Tools is a platform created since 2009 by link building experts. Its objective is to help sites obtain internal or external links, in order to facilitate their referencing. Link Research Tools has thousands of users around the world. It is also approved by fairly large brands such as Disney, Weltbild, Groupon or even EnviroFone.  The Link Research Tools platform also offers a tool that helps you with the redirection of your links. This is Link Redirect. With this tool, you can: 
  • Easily identify redirect chains;
  • Determine SEO issues on your site;
  • Find and update links with slow redirects;
  • Etc.

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