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SEO local | WhiteSpark

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Whitespark is a suite of online SEO tools with a focus on local SEO. It lets you create citations, get reviews, and rank your businesses high in Google for queries with local intent.

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Description Whitespark

As you probably know, 78% of local searches on a mobile device result in offline purchases. Local SEO gives maximum conversions to marketers and no SEO campaign can succeed without good search engine visibility locally.  To this effect, Whitespark is one of the most impressive tools that can help you with your local SEO campaigns. It is a complete tool with unquestionably effective and precise features to fulfill their roles. To know how to use this tool and the advantages it has, I invite you to read this short description.

What is Whitespark ?

Whitespark offers several useful features to fulfill certain SEO tasks such as content creation, link building and setting up a continuous review strategy.  Whitespark is therefore essentially more than just a set of SEO analysis tools, it is also an SEO service provider. So, without worrying about the intricacies of SEO, you can get more traffic, more leads, and more sales as a result. Whitespark has a quotes feature that allows it to scour the internet to find your potential competitors and where they are effectively advertising.  This allows you to build links from competing sites that are more successful in order to profit from sharing SEO juice.  Also, if you have a local business, you know the critical importance of managing your reputation.  also Whitespark allows you to collect comments, opinions and testimonials from your customers and manage them in the right way. The tool has undeniable advantages:
  • A very user-friendly tool 
The first benefit of using the Whitespark is its user-friendliness. The design of the tool is very attractive and things are easily readable, so you don’t need a guide to understand the site. Each feature is followed by a call-to-action key with a short description to better explain its role.
  • Data is Presented in an Actionable Way
Another advantage of using Whitespark is that when you collect data from the tool, it will present it to you in an actionable way.  The tool has the ability to compare your website citations to local 3-pack citations.  Unlike other tools, Whitespark represents your data in a clear and actionable way so you have quick and easy access to citation comparison and more.  Moreover, the tool can easily find spam sites that are not citation sources.
  • It providesyou with an accurate report
There are many SEO tools that you will find in the market that provide an inaccurate report to users.  But Whitespark wins the race here, as the tool gives you an accurate report of your campaigns. 

How to register on WhiteSpark?

homepage Whitespark , you should see a full list of features prominently displayed. Before you start creating your account, you should note that some features of this tool are free, but you have to pay to use others. For example, local citation locator and citation creation services are two free features with Whitespark.  However, if you want to try Whitespark’s reputation builder, local rank tracker, or citation audit and cleanup service, a credit card is required to get started. In any case, whatever feature you want to use, the overall registration process on Whitespark is simple, straightforward and won’t take you long enough. To do this, click on the ”Log in” button in the upper right corner of the home page.   The next page will give you the option to login to the tool or register if you don’t have an account.   In our tutorial, we will try to register, for this, the ”Sign up, free” button will be our priority here. Then you must enter some personal information such as first name, last name, email address and a password. Clicking on the ”Create account” button means that you are about to use the features of WhiteSpark. Once logged into Whitespark, you will notice that each feature is represented as a unique CTA that you can study individually. 

What are the features of Whitespark ?

The Whitespark has tremendous features of which we are going to mention just a few in this section:
  • Local Citation Finder
The local Citation Finder feature of Whitespark will allow you to find exactly the best places to list your business. It’s actually an easier way to build links with high authority sites for the purpose of getting higher rankings and more traffic. The Local Citation Finder asks for very basic information, including country, state or province, city or town, and keyphrase.  Based on the information you enter, Local Citation Finder semantically suggests similar phrases automatically based on your geography and keywords. You can refer to data from Google Analytics or data from Google AdWords Keyword Tool. 
  • Reputation Builder Reputation
Builder helps you build a more professional reputation through reviews and comments. The tool helps you manage testimonials and respond in the right way to both negative and positive reviews, it’s something that really matters to consumers.
  • Local Rank Tracker 
This feature shows you your local SEO performance in search results. It gives you a general overview of how you appear and in which countries requests with local intent can get you to appear.  Overall, Whitespark is a great SEO tool that any digital marketer can use to run an SEO campaign.  It’s good for small merchants to take advantage of SEO opportunities to drive traffic to the site. Undoubtedly, the tool is very easy to use.

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WhiteSpark is a Canadian company specializing in software publishing. This is a great service provider that is also involved in SEO optimization for local search.  Indeed, White Spark is mainly involved in the construction of tools aimed at helping companies and certain agencies in local search marketing. Among these tools, we can cite the Google Review Link Generator or the “Local Citation Finder” which helps to find better SEO opportunities through citations. WhiteSpark also provides companies with a ranking tracking tool that allows companies to monitor their SEO positioning on different search platforms. Currently, the platform has about 136,000 users and offers its services to several large companies such as Expedia, Marriott, Staples, etc

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