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Find Niches | Keyword Snatcher

Find Niches | Keyword Snatcher

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Keyword Snatcher is a keyword research tool developed by Jonathan Leger to help webmarketers obtain potential keywords for the good ranking of their pages in search engines.

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Keywords are the basis for referencing a website on search engines. However, it is important to find the best keywords in order to better respond to the most specific queries of searchers. tool keywordsnatcher can perfectly meet your needs. Let’s find out in this description what it is and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Keyword Snatcher?

As just mentioned, Keyword Snatcher is a cloud-based keyword research tool that allows its users to get keyword suggestions based on the workings of search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo, YouTube. Created by engineer Johnathon Light, Keywordsnather has been the most successful product of all its works because of its functionality. Its ability to crawl even commercial sources like Amazon and eBay allows its uses to broaden the scope of their keyword research. When you start the tool, it crawls all the search engines you have selected to extract keywords. What is even more interesting is that the tool has a powerful system that allows it to prioritize in the search engine the most searched keywords by the community that your search targets. This allows you to generate the most searched on the internet by people who use the internet for several purposes. When you get a keyword from Keywordsnatcher and try to type it into a search engine, you’ll immediately see query suggestions that include your term. With these highly targeted keywords, you can create fairly qualitative and relevant content for your target audience. The me tool has a very advanced filter option in terms of selecting the most useful terms when doing research. Wildcards is another feature that most users of this tool love. Here are some benefits of this amazing tool:
  • It outperforms Google Keyword Tool: Compared to Google Keyword, Snatcher provides more keywords by taking care of their relevant characters. This allows users to get more resources in terms of keywords in order to write content that is more targeted;
  • It’s a web app: Since Keyword Snatcher is web-based, it works with any device or operating system. Whether you have Windows, Mac or Linux or whether you use a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can always access it immediately;
  • Extracting keywords from multiple sources: Most keyword research tools extract keywords from only a few search engines. On the other hand, Keyword Snatcher accesses a variety of keyword sources, be it the search engines of other large commercial portals. Amazon and eBay are particularly useful when researching profitable keywords used by buyers;
  • One-time fee for lifetime access: Most of the best keyword tools offer monthly subscriptions. As for Keyword Snatcher, it only charges you once and after that, you have lifetime unlimited access.

Who can benefit from Keyword Snatcher?

Keyword research is an essential step for many web marketing activities such as:
  • Product creation: When you do increased keyword research before you start designing your product, you are more likely to create more popular products. Thus, Snatcher helps you decide on the name that can make your product more popular and find the right words to expose the product to the public;
  • Research for content creation: Whether you’re creating blog posts, articles, or videos, finding the right keywords can make a big difference in the amount of traffic you get;
  • SEO services: If you are an agency that offers SEO services and everything related to web marketing, ​Keyword Snatcher should be your keyword research tool to help your clients see good results;
  • PPC Campaigns: Keyword research is important for finding the most profitable words to bid on when using Google AdWords or other pay-per-click platforms.

How to Implement Keyword Snatcher in Your Business

A better way to use this tool is to enter a seed keyword to get related keyword suggestions. You can discover keywords that no one is using yet, but which are relevant to your audience. This means that the competition will be less and therefore you will be able to get more traffic. It is also important to choose the search engines or commerce platforms that interest you.

Find Untapped eCommerce Keywords

Tool is a great asset for people involved in eCommerce. Like regular keywords, to find commercial keywords, you also need to start with a seed term. The advantage with commercial keywords is that you can deepen your search by entering 3 different keywords. The feature offers level 1 for the primary keyword, level 2 for the first secondary keyword, and level three for the second and last secondary keyword.  The more targeted your keyword, the better results you will get.  You’ll even find plenty of long-tail keywords with little competition. However, be sure to check the search volume for each keyword you get and find relevant to your marketing activity. Overall, KeywordSnatcher is a great keyword research tool that you can consider when you’re concerned about your website’s ranking. As we have just discovered in this description, it has quite rare features in terms of keyword research.

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Keyword Snatcher is a powerful SEO keyword research tool. It was designed and developed by developer Jonathan Leger.  It is a tool that helps marketers and businesses dig deeper into keyword research for their site. It operates in particular through the Google AdWords tool.  To support a more advanced digital strategy, Keyword Snatcher works with several other search engines such as Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The tool allows website owners to garner a large number of keywords daily. It is all the more recommended by many SEO professionals, and many web marketers.  Many companies use this tool to improve their SEO strategy.

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