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Searchmetrics is a comprehensive online marketing tool with great features like competitor analysis, access to SEO & SEA metrics, and content marketing strategy building. It is seen as one of the most popular and viable solutions for digital marketers.

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Description Searchmetrics

When it comes to crafting a winning content marketing strategy, the right SEO tools are more likely to help you uncover opportunities. Searchmetrics is therefore one of the most used marketing tools online because of its powerful features. The tool allows you to analyze your target market’s competition to come up with better content creation ideas to stand out. It’s not just about that, Searchmetrics also provides you with some great metrics to examine your online performance. If you want to learn more about this tool, this description is for you.

What is Searchmetrics ?

At its core, Searchmetrics is a powerhouse of digital marketing, this includes all SEO strategies as well as paid. Search Metrics offers the ability to analyze websites and get immediate data on their visibility, estimated incoming traffic value, and the keywords they rank for in search engines.  The tool even provides data going back two years, this allows you to see how a certain website has developed over the years.  In addition to analyzing your own website(s), you can also analyze your competitor’s website in depth.  The tool helps you find out which keywords your competitors have in common and which are ranking higher.  On top of that, you can also see how many visitors those rankings and keywords actually produced. 

Paid and Organic Visibility

The Search Visibility interface in Searchmetrics provides an overall view of a site’s visibility in organic and paid search results.  It further shows a site’s recent visibility history, allowing you to see growth, declines, and incidents related to your paid and organic search marketing of your website. Searchmetrics Visibility Insights allows you to analyze and compare one site’s visibility in paid and organic search results to another. 


Searchmetrics Keyword Discovery is a full-fledged keyword research feature that allows you to identify keywords based on their relationship to a seed keyword. For each keyword result, you’ll see estimated search volumes and costs per click for paid search.  Searchmetrics adds a seasonality view to each keyword. Lists can be exported or added to a dashboard for tracking. Keyword discovery in Searchmetrics is similar to Google’s Keyword Planner, but adds information about the search results page and search seasonality.

Online competitive analysis 

While most online marketing tools allow you to focus only on your own website, Searchmetrics gives you important online marketing data about your competitors. With Searchmetrics, you can research competitors and get a comparative view of their site against yours. Searchmetrics allows you to measure online visibility in search engines based on the keywords you have targeted. The tool allows you to access a wide range of information about your competitors such as:
  • Estimated traffic volume; 
  • The number of ranking keywords per site;
  • And the average position for ranking keywords.
A big advantage is that you can measure visibility by search engine and device. This allows you to compare data from computer users with data from smartphone and tablet users.

Rank Tracking

The marketing tool has a tracking feature that can continuously monitor search result pages for a number of keywords.  It associates them with websites that appear on those words, making it a search tool for a site.  It also has an explicit and configurable keyword monitoring function where the user chooses the keywords and search engine views that interest him.  Searchmetrics excels in international search engine coverage. Searchmetrics’ ranking tool covers an impressive range of search engines and views for personalized ranking tracking.


Crawl Search engines crawl websites to extract content and create keyword indexes to rank sites in search results pages.  A common SEO technique is therefore to crawl your own site to analyze how search engines will perceive the site and identify obstacles.  To this end, Searchmetrics offers a website crawling feature that can alert you to issues that are slowing your growth on the SERPs. The Searchmetrics site crawler can be configured to crawl a subdomain, to crawl using a specific user agent, or even to limit crawling to certain pages of the site. 

Content Optimization Content 

optimization tools typically work by pulling data from Google’s top results. The tool scours the web and gathers common factors to give you an idea of ​​what topics should be covered in a successful article. The tool has a fairly consistent database in terms of subject matter and daily collection, which is where it can help you keep your content relevant and up-to-date. Searchmetrics looks at the word count, sentence structure, keyword coverage, and repetitions in your article to guide your ideas based on a score it assigns to content.  Being a content optimization feature, the tool has a Microsoft Word add-on which allows you to easily enact your content into a Microsoft Word file. This means you can write directly in an editor while checking relevant keywords and topics at the same time. What’s even more interesting about this feature is that you can target up to five main keywords in a single content if you want to rank for the same content for multiple terms. This feature can be useful for you to find semantically related topics with the same search intent to write relevant content. Realizing the likelihood of plagiarism in your content after coming up with ideas, Searchmetrics has integrated an automatic plagiarism checker into its tool. The idea is to help you produce not only optimized content, but also original content.

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SearchMetrics is a globally recognized SEO company specializing in providing search data. It was founded in 2005 by digital marketing specialist Matthieu Colebourne. The SearchMetrics platform was created to provide enterprise solutions for SEO, market intelligence and demand planning. It has plenty of software, as well as services and data, to fuel business revenue growth. In addition, SearchMetrics helps strengthen the e-commerce data of online sales companies. This, through website analysis strategies, keyword research and API configuration. Ultimately, SearchMetrics offers web marketing companies all the skills they need to better rank their sites. Also, nearly 1,000 customers, including large companies recognized worldwide, benefit from the contributions of SearchMetrics. It has premises in several countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Germany.

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