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SEO Booster: Speed & Marketing | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

SEO Booster: Speed & Marketing | Shopify App Store (Plugin)

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SEO Booster SEO Marketing Shopify App Store Mise en avant
Easy SEO, Google traffic and better rankings. 24/7 live support.

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Description SEO Booster

SEO Booster is an application with powerful features that allows you to accomplish SEO tasks like Full Scanner, JSON-LD, Image Alt tags, meta title and description, sitemap, Google Analytics and Console, broken link management , etc. If you own an online store, it’s pretty obvious that you pay close attention to SEO.  Otherwise, you will end up on the last pages of search results while your competitors who are working hard on the SEO of their sites will gain the top positions. Aware of the complexity of SEO sometimes, Secomapp has developed an impeccable tool called SEO Booster that helps you with SEO tasks.  Let’s find out in this short description how the SEO booster tool works.

What is SEO Booster?

Available on Shopify and several other online marketplaces, the SEO Booster tool can be directly added to your shopify store or website for you to enjoy its incredibly sufficient features. When it comes to SEO, SEO Booster covers many aspects like:
  • Keyword suggestions generated from your data;
  • Automatic Alt tag generator;
  • Automated SEO reports;
  • Delivery of the AMP version of your site;
  • Preloading pages before users visit the page;
  • Analysis of broken links;
  • Highlighting duplicate content;
  • Competing diagnosis;
  • Advanced Google snippets;
  • JSON-LD sending important product information to Google, such as ratings, price, and stock quantity.
Indeed, JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) structures the list of attributes of your products by passing this data into a linked format that search engines use to understand and display this information in search. In addition to all this, you can discover added value elements that are regularly updated such as:
  • Keyword research; 
  • Backlinks;
  • Google Trending;
  •  MPA;
  • Etc.
 With easily customizable setting options, the app is surprisingly simple to manage with just a few clicks. With SEO Booster, your workload and resources needed to solve important SEO issues will be reduced by 99%. You will have hardly any big jobs to do other than clicking buttons to fix SEO issues very quickly. SEO Booster is reviewed on Shopify as a 5-star SEO tool for a newcomer who wants to get started with SEO at minimal cost.  Many customers report an increase in traffic and Google score just after a few times of using the tool.

How does SEO booster work?

The app allows traders to update everything directly from the app’s user-friendly interface.  Everything you need to manage your SEO is displayed in a dashboard that consolidates all statistics in one area.  It combines almost all the latest SEO features in a single app, which saves the installation of multiple apps. Once you install the app, it runs a full scan of your website, highlighting any SEO issues and also includes a guide on how to fix it. To go into a little more detail, SEO booster has quite convincing and precise attributions for natural referencing, so here are a few:
  • Avoiding duplicate content
Duplicate content is one of the most common problems encountered by Shopify store owners.  We speak of duplicate content when two different web pages present exactly or similarly the same content. The first consequence of this plague is that Google gets confused when it comes to distinguishing and indexing the original copy to answer user queries. Luckily, the SEO Booster app provides you with a feature to avoid content duplication.
  • Increase image search with Alt tags 
There are always more and more product images and blog content in an online store.  All images need alt tags, which is the text that describes the image, to help Google crawl the image content better so they can rank your site.  SEO Booster app saves you tons of time and effort when it comes to adding alt tags to unlimited images with just a few clicks and then automatically updating them daily. 
  • Generating Content for an Online Store
Like blog pages, Google tends to rank online stores higher with qualified content. However, creating the highest quality content is the trend right now and it’s also what elicits feedback from your audience. So it’s time for you to create relevant content that sells with the best optimization features of SEO Booster. As we said before, everything you are going to do in SEO Booster will be just a few clicks away. In general, now you can enjoy great SEO features in SEO Booster app.  With automatic features of SEO Booster detect and solve Google SEO and traffic problems:
  • Organize your data in a user-friendly way with JSON-LD; 
  • Automatically detect and eliminate negative factors for your store’s ranking and traffic like duplicate content, broken and long links;
  • Measure and provide insight into your website with authentic reports Mobile-friendly;
  • Etc.
SEO efficiency takes time but we make sure it improves day by day. Obviously, if you want to raise the level of your website in terms of natural referencing, you will have to look at all the technical points of the content of the pages, this is precisely what you can do with SEO Booster. The tool can be a good option for any category of people with an online website.

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Shopify is an online platform created in 2009 in Canada that has powerful tools for creating and managing an e-commerce site. The platform aims to help the seller find customers and boost his sales while allowing him to manage his daily tasks well. In a few clicks, the seller can create his e-commerce store to allow his physical store to be positioned on the Internet.   Shopify makes many free and paid apps available to these stores through its Shopify app store. These applications are of all kinds and allow:
  • The presentation of the product, its price, the order options;
  • Marketing (SEO referencing, advertising) ;
  • Inventory management, orders and order processing. the proposal of solutions or shipping methods.
  • Customer management and security of your sales site.
Some applications that shopify app store offers to its merchants: 
  • Facebook channel;
  • SEO plugin;
  • Shop channel;
  • Product customizer.

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