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Automatisation SEO | Slim SEO – WordPress (Plugin)

Automatisation SEO | Slim SEO – WordPress (Plugin)

Short description : Automatisation SEO

Slim SEO Mise en avant
Slim SEO is a plugin that automates all the SEO work for you. It works immediately without configuration and weighs only 40 MB!

Long Description : Automatisation SEO

Description WP Slim SEO

There are currently a multitude of SEO plugins on the WordPress marketplace that you can use for the SEO of your site on search engine pages.  However, most of these plugins often offer too many features and are difficult for SEO beginners to use.  All of these features can overwhelm the average user and make the SEO process even more complex.  Slim SEO is an excellent WordPress plugin that provides a complete SEO solution, with automatic configuration. Which makes it easier to use and accessible to everyone, including SEO newbies. 

What is Slim SEO? 

WordPress is renowned for its long list of SEO plugins that it makes available to its users to improve their site’s ranking on search engines.   However, most of these extensions offer a multitude of settings and options. This is not necessarily a problem, but all these features can take a long time to configure and sometimes even confuse beginners.  The main advantage of Slim SEO is that the plugin offers a handful of essential and easy-to-use features to improve your site’s SEO. Slim SEO automatically generates meta tags and sitemaps for your site as well as schema markup and redirects.  This extension will also help you configure Open Graph meta tags so that your content can be displayed correctly when sharing on social networks. You can also add custom code to the headers and footers of your pages using the Slim SEO plugin. Which is great for embedding Google Analytics or other tracking codes on your site. Unlike other plugins such as Yoast SEO or Rankmath, Slim SEO does not offer enough features on On-Page SEO analysis.  But the plugin is still an interesting choice to work on optimizing your pages for search engines thanks to its essential SEO features such as: 
  • Slim SEO automates the creation of meta tags, sitemaps and schema tags for yourcontent 
  • can be used to set up redirects for author pages 
  • Slim SEO offers the possibility to control the appearance of your content when it is shared by Internet users on social networks
  • Slim SEO is an easy to use plugin use accessible to everyone, including beginners with configurations and settings already made by default
 Clearly, if you are looking for an SEO plugin to improve the SEO of your website, but without wanting to worry too much about complex SEO configurations , Slim SEO can be a useful choice for you.  It does not require any configuration before being used and is very easy to install with a download size of only 40 MB!

Slim SEO: How to install the plugin?

The installation process for Slim SEO remains the same as most other WordPress plugins. 
  • To start, go to your WordPress dashboard 
  • Click on “Plugins” then choose the option “Add new” 
  • Enter in the search bar “Slim SEO”
  • Once the Slim SEO logo appears in the search results, click on “Install now”
  • At the end of the installation, click on “ Activate” to activate the plugin on your site. 
Slim SEO should then be functional on your WordPress site with all the proposed features available. 

Slim SEO: Who is the plugin for? 

The question of who should use Slim SEO, the answer is EVERYONE. The plugin remains absolutely accessible to everyone even if it was particularly developed for beginners.  Slim SEO is also suitable for people looking for an easy-to-use plugin that automates essential SEO tasks. 

Slim SEO: The different features offered 

1. Fully optimized  

meta tags The first feature of Slim SEO to note is the meta tags which are automatically created and optimized to improve the SEO score of your content.  Source: Slim SEO  The meta tags taken into account by Slim SEO are: 
  • Meta title tag to offer SEO-friendly titles for your content 
  • Meta description to generate a description of your pages from text excerpts from the page
  • Meta robots tag to control which pages should be indexed by search engine robots
  • Open Graph Tags to enhance the display of your pages when they are shared on Facebook 
  • Twitter Cards tag to enhance the display of your pages when they are shared on Twitter. 

2. XML Sitemap 

If you want to improve your website’s chances of being found and indexed by search engines, implementing a sitemap is essential.  By using Slim SEO, you can automatically generate an XML sitemap for your site and then submit it to search engines – ensuring fast and complete indexing of your website pages. The XML sitemap is usually found in the root folder of a website, but also by entering in the address bar of your browser, you must also be able to access your sitemap. 

3. Breadcrumbs or Breadcrumbs 

Slim SEO also offers the ability to easily add breadcrumbs to your website. It retrieves the necessary information from the current article and automatically generates a hierarchy to facilitate navigation for visitors.  You also have the option to customize the breadcrumbs generated by the plugin according to your site’s theme for a unified design. 

4. Schema Markup (Structured Data)

Schema markup is a method of describing additional structured data about the content of a page for search engines.  They are then able to present the page in question in the search results (SERP) in a more attractive way from the structured data entered in the schema markup.  With Slim SEO, your website becomes more attractive to search engines thanks to its feature of automatically adding structured data via JSON-LD. Source: Slim SEO  In addition to generated schemas, the plugin is also able to create meaningful links between structured data. 

5. Automatic 

redirect Slim SEO allows you to set up automatic redirects from an attachment page to the address of the attached file. Slim SEO also allows you to set up an automatic redirection from the author’s page to the site’s home page (useful for sites with a single author)

6. Other additional features 

With Slim SEO, you have also additional features including: 
  • The insertion of tracking code in the header and footer of your web pages 
  • The automatic blocking of content scraping via RSS feeds 
  • The integration of Slim SEO with other plugins, including including builder pages 
  • Ability to import and export data from external sources 

7. Slim SEO (Premium) 

In its premium version, Slim SEO offers a schema builder with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly add easily summer different types of structured data to your pages for personalized publications.  Slim SEO’s schema builder supports all Google schema types and includes a large number of properties. It seamlessly integrates with Meta Box, WooCommerce and other page builder plugins and can help you connect schema properties easily.  

Slim SEO: How to use the plugin? 

With its simple and uncluttered dashboard, SEO becomes simpler and more straightforward with Slim SEO.  From your usual WordPress page editor, you have four tabs (Features , Code , Social and Tools) gathered on a single screen from which you can work entirely on the referencing of your website: 

1. The Features

tab The “Features” includes 13 SEO features that you can automatically activate or deactivate with a single click: 
  • Meta title 
  • tags Meta Description 
  • tags Meta robots 
  • tags Open Graph
  • tags Twitter Cards tags  
  • Canonical URLs 
  • ” links 
  • relsitemaps 
  • Image alt text tags 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Automatic redirects 
  • RSS feed 
  • Schema markup 

2. The Code tab 

With the settings offered in this tab, Slim SEO allows you to enter codes of your accounts: 
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Webmaster Central Verification
You also have the option of entering information for header, body and footer codes for your pages. 

3. The Social tab 

In this tab, Slim SEO offers you the possibility to set default images for Facebook and Twitter. For those who are used to using social media analysis solutions, you will also find in the “Social” tab, a “Social media analysis” section. In this section, you can enter your Facebook App ID and your Twitter profile. 

4. The Tools tab

The Tools tab only allows you to migrate your SEO data from another plugin. Slim SEO is compatible with most popular SEO plugins including Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math, SEOPress, and The SEO Framework. Slim SEO integration with other plugins is very easy to set up.  All you have to do to migrate your SEO data from a third-party plugin is choose the plugin you want from the drop-down menu, then click the “Migrate” button.

Slim SEO: Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • Zero configuration: Slim SEO becomes functional the second you install it on your site. You do not need to make any prior configurations. 
  • Super light: When installed, Slim SEO weighs only 40 MB!
  • Quality source code 
  • Allows you to automate essential SEO tasks
  • A user-friendly and uncluttered dashboard with only a handful of essential SEO features 
  • Ability to add code to the header and footer of your WordPress pages


  • Some decisions that the plugin may not fit your needs

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Slim SEO is developed by eLightUp. This is a company that operates in the field of computer programming. In this sense, the said company develops software that can be used in the digital world.  eLightUp also offers revolutionary solutions that allow the companies that operate them to better develop and impose themselves against the competition. The company has several software such as MetaBox, GretaThemes or Slim SEO to its credit. Their mission to their customers is to offer good value for money through quality products. About the software, you should know that Slim SEO is an SEO plugin for WordPress. It allows you to automate all your SEO tasks. Thus, it is aimed at SEO agencies, text editors, but also digital marketing professionals.

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