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Search Engine Volatility | SERP Metrics

Search Engine Volatility | SERP Metrics

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SERPmetrics Mise en avant
SERPmetrics feed reports show search engine volatility over the past few days and months. A high flow means a high level of change in the SERPs.

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Description SERPmetrics 

In order to offer the best possible search results to users, Google is constantly making changes to its algorithms.  In 2020, the search engine revealed that it had made 4,887 algorithm changes during the year, or more than 13 changes made every day to the way Google algorithms work.  As a website owner or SEO specialist, it’s important to be constantly aware of search engine updates and their impact on the SERPs SERPmetrics is a solution that allows you to see the fluctuation observed on the SERPs of Google and Bing search engines over a period of 30 days. 

What is SERPmetrics? 

When Google (or any other search engine) updates its algorithms, it can upset the ranking of websites in search results. Some sites may see their ranking drop, others increase.  Interface SERPmetrics All these fluctuations observed after an update can be monitored and measured to assess the impact of an algorithmic change on the SERPs.  SERPmetrics is a tool that presents in the form of graphs the latest fluctuations recorded on the Google results pages, but also on those of Bing.  Graphe des fluctuations sur SERPmetrics These feeds are calculated based on the top 100 organic results for over 100,000 keywords over a 30-day period.  The changes observed on each of these keywords are calculated, then averaged before being represented on the graph.  Instead of seeing the shape of the fluctuations on the Top 100 results, SERPmetrics also offers the possibility of visualizing only the first page, i.e. on average the Top 10 results.  Première page sur SERPmetrics

SERPmetrics: API 

SERPmetrics also offers a comprehensive API to monitor your website’s results on different search engines. This platform service is only for SEO agencies, tool providers, and internal teams who need bulk keyword tracking.  See theofficial SERPmetrics API documentation to learn more. 

SERPmetrics: API pricing

For its APIs, SERPmetrics offers pricing that works on credits. 1000 credits equals $0.88.  1 credit is consumed when you make a single search query through the API and you are only charged for successful attempts.  The platform also offers the option of creating a free trial account to assess the quality of service before committing. Visit the SERPmetrics pricing page to learn more.

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SERPmetrics is a platform specializing in evaluating the ranking of sites on search engines. It offers a solid and complete API, intended specifically for:
  • SEO agencies;
  • tool providers;
  • internal teams with a need for mass keyword tracking.
SERPmetrics offers its customers access to certain programs allowing them to collect and analyze SERP data across keywords. Some developers can use SERPmetrics to manage a SERP tracking, through its RESTful JSON API.  But SERPmetrics presents restrictions when the client offers a competing product to their API. In other words, any ranking service similar to their offer is rejected altogether.

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