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Scraping SERPs | Netpeak Checker

Scraping SERPs | Netpeak Checker

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Learn how to use Netpeak Checker to analyze and optimize your web pages for search engines.

Long Description : Scraping SERPs

Description Netpeak Checker

A better ranking of your website can significantly improve your conversion rate and your turnover. But before getting there, it is important to put in place a real SEO strategy.  Netpeak Checker is an SEO tool that offers several features that can be useful to optimize the pages of your website as well as possible.

What is Netpeak Checker ?

Netpeak Checker is a multi-functional SEO software that allows web marketers to perform several tasks like URL analysis, site comparison based on more than 400 parameters, page optimization for local SEO, etc. The tool crawls major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex to get important metrics to help you analyze your web pages. Along with helping you win potential customers, the tool also gives you the best link building opportunities. Being a multifunctional tool, it also allows you to analyze the link profile of competing websites in order to outrank them.

Netpeak Checker: How to get started with the tool? 

The Netpeak Checker tool requires a lot of configuration to work as it integrates several other third-party tools within it. This gives it this full capacity to analyze several hundred on-page parameters.  To find out how to install and use NetPeak Checker, you can consult this official platform documentation. 

Netpeak Checker: Features and integrations 

Here is a list of the main features and integrations of Netpeak Checker:

On-page SEO

For On-page SEO, Netpeak Checker analyzes up to 61 SEO parameters on your website including:
  • The title; 
  • The description ; 
  • Outgoing links; 
  • redirects;
  • H1-H6 headers; 
  • The hreflang;
  • The status code; 
  • Server response time; 
  • Etc.
  In addition to all this, you can also view a list of links to social media pages and addresses.

Serpstat Integration

This integration allows Netpeak Checker to provide data on your website traffic, viewability, engaged ads, PPC keywords and a number of top 100 organic ranking keywords. This is an integration that can be useful for you to get even more information to improve your SEO strategy. However, setting up this integration in Netpeak Checker requires a paid API key from Serpstat.

Integration SimilarWeb  

integration SimSimilarWeb allows Netpeak Checker to provide fairly comprehensive information about your website traffic.  Indeed, you can learn more about the global and regional ranking of your website, understand the statistics on user behavior and monthly traffic by country according to each channel you target.

Moz Integration 

This integration offers SEO services primarily focused on:
  • The root domain; 
  • Subdomains;
  • And URLs.
This Moz integration lets you know the capabilities of your site or web pages through domain and page authority, Moz Rank, Moz Trust, number of equity referral links, etc.  Fortunately, Moz offers a free API key in Netpeak Checker, but with some restrictions.

Ahrefs integration

Considered one of the most reputable SEO tools on the market, Netpeak Checker has also integrated it to expand its services. In Netpeak Checker, Ahrefs focuses on subdomains, host, prefix and URLs to provide data. As data, you can get a review report of your website’s domain, referring domains; backlinks and more. Thanks to this integration in Netpeak Checker, you can also easily analyze the backlink strategy of competing sites.  To take advantage of this integration too, you need a paid Ahrefs API key.

Majestic Integration

Like Ahref, Majestic is also quite an influential and powerful tool in the SEO market. This integration also focuses on root domain settings, host domain settings, and URL settings.  It also provides useful information about the different types of backlinks on your website, referring domains, Trust Flow, Citation Flow and more. The Majestic API key is also paid for and is essential for you to be able to use these features on Netpeak Checker.

SEMrush integration

SEMrush is also an excellent SEO service that Netpeak Checker has integrated into its offers. Being an SEO tool, it also focuses on three things namely:
  • The root domain; 
  • The host ;
  • And URLs. 
This integration provides important information like traffic data, backlinks, SEMrush ranking, trust score, etc. To use SEMrush features in Netpeak Checker, you need to obtain a paid API key from SEMrush.


integration This integration allows you to have information on 4 specific parameters, namely:
  • The global ranking of the website; 
  • The local ranking of your pages; 
  • The target country and a number of related sites. 
You can use these Alexa settings for free in Netpeak Checker. 

SERP Parameters Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex

Netpeak Checker offers relevant data to its users from the four major search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.  These parameters allow you to identify the URLs of your website that are indexed and cached in addition to the precise modification dates. Plus, with this integration, you can understand how your pages link to others on the internet.

Facebook and Pinterest

integration The platform also integrates two main social networks to allow you to study the behavior of your visitors on these networks. These two channels allow you to look at a few engagement metrics such as reactions, comments, shares, as well as the OpenGraph .  You can also check how many times one of your Pages has been pinned via Pinterest.

Proxy Lists

The two sections in this tab make it much easier to focus primarily on Google settings. The first section is dedicated to the personality of a CAPTCHA to ensure security on your website.  The second section mainly deals with adding a list of proxies, checking their Internet access and their status in different search engines. In general, if you are looking for a tool with multiple features to do SEO more effectively.

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NetSpeak Group is a set of companies domiciled in Ukraine. Specialized in the proposal of digital marketing services, SaaS software and B2C solutions, the company founded in 2006 has several missions, the main ones being:
  • Ensure satisfactory profitability of companies;
  • Support SMEs in the development of their activities;
  • Constitute a model for the environment;
  • Improve the state of mind of each other.
Among the various tools they have developed are Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker. The latter is a desktop SEO software that allows you to analyze and compare websites. Whether it is one or the other of its tools developed by Netpeak Group, you should know that they explore your website and quickly identify its performance problems in order to help you improve your content marketing as well as your digital marketing strategies. . These are beneficial tools for SEOs, SEO consultants, but also digital marketing agencies and teams, not to mention the owners of e-commerce sites.

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