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Google search updates | Saas Worthy

Google search updates | Saas Worthy

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Do you want to know everything about the Zeo tool? This article gives you useful information.

Long Description : Google search updates

Zeo is a tool from Saasworthy that allows you to identify the impact of Google Search upgrades on your web traffic. Google updates affect your website search traffic. These repercussions are due to several reasons and especially to the content of the SERPs. Zeo allows you to see the different impacts that Google’s algorithm upgrades have on your site’s search traffic.  This article answers the following questions.
  • How do Google updates affect site traffic?
  • Why use the Zeo tool?
  • How to use Zeo?

How do Google updates affect site traffic?

Google frequently updates its search engine algorithm for a specific purpose. Its objective is to improve its ability to provide Internet users with better results for all kinds of searches. First, to bring new information online and learn about audience and market trends (this may include the explosive growth of web search), upgrades are mandatory. Likewise, new technologies are created every day and innovations are observed. Google must include all its novelties in its search algorithm.  Generally, Google perfects the way in which it:
  • understands the search motive of its user;
  • judges content to define its research insight;
  • groups content that matches search criteria;
  • exposes content on its SERPs.
Thus, for a single upgrade of the algorithm, one or all of its elements may undergo changes.  Google publicly releases important database updates every few months. But, it often makes small changes to its algorithm that no one is aware of. These very crucial and very effective algorithm changes are also made to make search relevance better. However, these changes can have a big impact on a large number of websites. When these cases arise, Google communicates a change of algorithm beforehand. This announcement is made so that the owners of the sites adapt to the new algorithm. That’s what happened when he gave a 6-month deadline before he launched his next Page Experience upgrade.  The last Google algorithm change that disrupted search traffic for a good number of sites was in May 2020. Two days after the change, the upgrade troubled search rankings. Thus, these rankings rose to 9.4 out of 10 on SEMrush’s Search Result Instability Detector. With each change in Google’s algorithm, the content of its SERPs can be corrected or completely modified. Content that gets deleted or pushed to the background on the SERPs after an upgrade was probably deemed not credible. It can also be judged to be less adequate, not enriching enough or even less practical for research. Naturally, the loss of sharpness on the SERPs is going to impact website search traffic. Likewise, if Google deems the sites content to be of high quality, they will see an increase in their organic search traffic. This will cause their content to move to higher levels on key SERPs. Similarly, their content may appear in a higher number of SERPs. Simply put, search traffic is the primary indicator of Google’s algorithm results. Similarly, rank modifications are the key determinant.  Do an evaluation of your site (with Zeo for example) 1 month before and 1 month after the upgrade. With this evaluation, you will see if the results of your site are positive or negative beforehand.  If your result is positive, you will have this:  The Zeo tool goes even further by giving you ideas to improve the SEO of your website. Plus, make a calculation of the impact of a specific upgrade on your website traffic. Also, it shows you the history of the impact of subsequent Google algorithm upgrades. For graph analysis, you should know that the x-axis shows that your results are positive. Similarly, it also shows the percentage your site loaded in before views after Google’s algorithm upgrade. Furthermore, the Y-axis shows you the stability or constancy of your traffic. The value of this traffic is given by the degree of variability in your exploits before and after Google’s algorithm upgrade.

Why use the Zeo tool?

The Zeo tool helps you by providing you with various solutions to better reference your websites. This even after suffering the repercussions of Google’s algorithm change. First, it lets you track all Google Search upgrades. This is done with Zeo’s Analytics Dashboard (Audience and Behavior sections in GA). In addition, Zeo also allows you to calculate the impact of a specific upgrade on your website traffic. In addition, it provides you with recommendations to improve the SEO of your website. They are mainly aimed at improving the SEO score of the website. Moreover, it is a tool that is free to use.

How to use the Zeo tool?

It is important to know that without the installation of the Zeo tool extension on your browser, you cannot use it. Follow the following steps for installing and using the Zeo tool.
  • Please go to the Zeo website to install its extension. 
  • At the end of the installation, open the extension. (You should now be on the homepage);
  • Go to your dashboard;
  • Visualization comes only on Audience – Presentation and Behavior – Presentation. (apart from these sections, the visualization no longer appears);
  • The layout appears below the GA Chart/Plots by default (you can change the location at any time);
  •  Select or Zoom in the date field to view the history of the impact of subsequent upgrades (Zeo has Google algorithm upgrade data and this since the year 2014).
So with Zeo, you can see the impact Google’s algorithm upgrades are having on your traffic. In the event that they have negative impacts, Zeo will help you improve this result.

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SaaSWorthy is a Tech company founded in 2018 by Bharanidharan Viswanathan. Its objective is to offer high-performance SaaS tools to its customers through detailed and precise analyses.  SaaSWorthy analyzes nearly 40,000 SaaS software in several different areas such as:
  • web content management
  • e-commerce
  • advertising and digital marketing
  • communication services
  • etc.
SaaSWorthy research impacts around 300 digital and web areas. The software offered is all of high quality and approved by the largest web and communication industries.  Thus, SaaSWorthy offers an SEO tool that allows you to see the impact of Google’s algorithm updates on website traffic.

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