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Website Availability | Uptime

Website Availability | Uptime

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Uptime is an online software that allows you to permanently check and monitor the availability of an online website or application. The idea is to help you ensure that your online service can be easily seen.

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Description Uptime

Monitoring website uptime is a great way for businesses to avoid running out of traffic to their pages or products at any given time. Indeed, Uptime is a tool that you can use to be alerted when your website has a problem with its visibility or online availability. For more detail on the tool, here are some of the features it offers:

Multi-Site Monitoring

This feature allows you to monitor your site’s uptime from one main location and get confirmation from from a secondary location. This would mean that when you check your website’s availability for your primary location and the tool detects an error, you can use a secondary target of your website to verify the problem.

Availability Testing Options

The tool used a GET request for the website you entered to test its online availability. request GET sent to your website responds with an HTTP 2xx code, it means that the verification was successful. In addition, the tool offers several options for checking website availability:
  • Look for string: This option allows you to check the visibility of a string on the results pages. If the string is available, the tool marks the operation as “Successful”, but if not, you will get a failure notification;
  • payload: Besides the GET to check your site’s availability, the tool also gives you the option to specify a payload that is sent as form parameters when checking your site;
  • headers: This option allows you to insert up to 10 additional HTTP headers to perform an availability test.
As for check frequency, uptime checks are run every minute from your primary location. If your website is confirmed to be unavailable by both locations at some point, the tool automatically sends you an alert. Additionally, the tool categorizes downtime in different ways:
  • If the request sent to your website returns a response code other than  HTTP/2xxcode on the verification page, the tool considers the website unavailable. Although the tool also tracks HTTP/301 and HTTP/302 redirected, final redirect result should be HTTP/2xx;
  • On the other hand, if the request returns an HTTP/2xx response, but the verification string is not found on the site settings screen, the tool considers this operation failed;
  • Even if the loading speed of the website exceeds 5 seconds, this website is considered unavailable;

Detailed reports

The global report shows the availability status of your website on the results pages. The first piece of information you can read in the global report relates to page loading speed.  The tool considers a website to expire when its pages take a long time to load. However, when the request sent to the website returns a response other than HTTP/200, the report shows you all the exact HTTP response headers on which an error or problem is detected. Downtime is checked from multiple locations, these locations and their IP addresses are confirmed in the notification: Monitored from: Paris, France (, 2001:19f0:6801:5f3:5400:1ff:fe38: 3572) Verified downtime via: Chicago, USA (, 2001:19f0:5c01:7c0:5400:1ff:fe38:72f1) In addition to showing availability issues, the report gives you all the ways to fix each error identified.

Monthly reports

In addition to the global uptime report, the tool provides a report each month to help you keep your website performing and always available. This monthly report shows you the uptime percentage of each website you’ve listed based on their top locations. The longer the website is unavailable, the lower the uptime percentage. Overall, if you need a tool to check your website’s availability online, Uptime can be an effective solution for you.

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Uptime is a company founded in 2013 by Daniel Gershuni and Barak Shohat. The company’s mission is to support companies with websites to better develop their online business. For this, the company has designed a number of SEO products grouped within the software package. The latter is an SEO tool for monitoring the web performance of your websites.  Specifically, the tool controls the loading speed of the web pages of your site, but also the health of the domain. It is an SEO platform that tells you about the user experience when they visit your website to find SEO services. In this, the tool is not only aimed at companies, it is also aimed at SEOs, SEO specialists, SEO professionals as well as e-commerce site owners.

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