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AI generated text detector GPT2 | Hugging Face

AI generated text detector GPT2 | Hugging Face

Short description : AI generated text detector GPT2

Check the authenticity of your content using Openai detector ‘s tool.

Long Description : AI generated text detector GPT2

Description Huggingface detector ‘s Openai

Openai detector is a feature developed by Huggingface to help webmarketers check if their content appears to be generated by artificial intelligence before putting it online in order to avoid penalties from Google. * In several statements by John Mueller, Head of Research at Google, AI-generated content may suffer a manual penalty.  It is in this context that the special Openai has been developed to allow you to see how authentic or AI-generated your content is. To learn more about this tool, I invite you to continue reading this description.

How does Openai detector ?

‘s GPT-2 Output Detector tool, based on code from OpenAI, examines your text and tells you how likely it was written by a human or an AI. The tool marks a green bar to indicate the likelihood that the content is genuine, written by real people and marks another red bar to give the level of likelihood that it is intelligence generated content artificial. To check the level of authenticity of your text, go to openai detector ‘s webpage. Then, paste your text to be checked in the placeholder, then the tool automatically provides numbers. To do a check, your text must include between 50 and 700 words. If your text exceeds 700 words, the tool will not be able to run the analysis. If no results appear after a few seconds, it means that the word count of your copy-pasted text is over its limit.

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Let’s explore some things you need to know:

How does AI writing work?

AI writing tools use machine learning technology to gather information about a certain topic and then generate content based on parameters you set  Complete sentences and topics are created using a predictive software.  The bot creates complete sentences and phrases once you ingest the keywords and some additional details. There are a number of AI-powered copywriting software to help you with your digital marketing process.  Autocorrect and autofill, for example, are features of AI-assisted writing tools.

What is Google’s position on AI-generated content?

John Mueller, head of research at Google, addressed this issue in an online webinar in April 2022. According to Google webmaster guidelines, content automatically generated by AI writing tools does not meet standards . For quite some time, SEO experts have been debating the rise of GPT-3 powered AI content generators. Recently, Mr. Mueller was asked about this question and replied that Google penalizes websites that use content generated by artificial intelligence. He puts it this : “For us, these would basically fall into the category of auto-generated content, which is what we’ve had in the webmaster guidelines since almost the beginning. And people automatically generate content in different ways. And for us, if you’re using machine learning tools to generate your content, it’s basically the same as if you were just mixing words, or looking up synonyms, or doing the translation tricks that people had used to do. This kind of things. I suspect the quality of the content might be a bit better than the very old school tools, but for us it’s still auto-generated content, which means for us it’s still contrary to the guidelines for webmasters. We consider this to be spam.” Mueller does not claim that Google automatically identifies content written by AI. However, if Google’s anti-spam team detects it, they are allowed to take action. Here’s what he says next: ”I can’t claim that. But for us, if we see something being auto-generated, then the web spam team can definitely take action on it. And I don’t know how the future is going to evolve there, but I imagine like with any other of these technologies, there will be a bit of a game of cat and mouse, where sometimes people will something and they’ll be fine, and then the webspam team catches up and solves this problem on a larger scale. Based on our recommendation, we still consider it to be auto-generated content. I think over time maybe it’s something that will evolve in that it will become more of a tool for using machine translation as the basis for creating a translated version of a website, but you’re still working manually.”

What are the side effects of AI-generated content?

Here are a few lines about the shortcomings of AI-based tools for generating content:
  • Lack of understanding of human behavior: Although AI can quickly generate large amounts of content in seconds, it often lacks the connection emotional which is an essential factor for content that sells.Algorithms can process numbers accurately, but they cannot convey emotions effectively;
  • AI cannot come up with new ideas: Artificial intelligence produces content that relies on previously collected data and facts. It cannot generate new and innovative ideas. It works with the data it has collected from the internet and the information provided to it;
  • Human articles differ from AI content: Structured data is extremely useful and allows AI tools to learn quickly, yet machine-generated content simply cannot be subjective. AI tools can recite product features like in other content, but they can’t make an argument or give an opinion.
Generally speaking, AI-generated content may result in penalties from Google. For this, Openai detector can be an option, if you want to check the originality or authenticity of your content before publishing it.

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Hugging Face is an innovative company developed by two French engineers, Julien Chaumont and Clément Delangue.  This company has been based in New York since 2016, and seeks to support other companies in all machine learning tasks.  It offers its services to more than 5,000 organizations, making it easy for them to create and grow new business ideas from open source software.  Hugging Face offers other tools that allow its users to:
  • Classify and segment images;
  • Solve questions from a given text;
  • Summarize documents by taking into account the essential information;
  • Classify texts;
  • Translate a text from one language to another;
  • Etc.
Moreover, through these tools, this company enables creators to solve problems of visions, audios and languages ​​with artificial intelligence.

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