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Refresh Contents | Animalz Revive

Refresh Contents | Animalz Revive

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Want to update your articles that generate less traffic? Use Animalz Revive to detect these items.

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Animalz Revive

According to a study conducted by BrightEdge, over 40% of revenue is generated from organic search traffic. This is one more statistic that highlights the importance of organic traffic for all online businesses. Given this importance, companies cannot afford to ignore their traffic or neglect their content which performs less and less. They must include old articles that were successful, but degrade in their content strategy in order to revive them from their ashes. However, while reusing content can be effective in generating traffic, finding content to update is a tedious task that can take a lot of time. The Animalz Revive tool automates this step and saves you a lot of time. It’s a simple tool that scans your site to identify content that needs updating. Through this description, we discover Animalz Revive and how it can be used to increase traffic on your domain.

What is Animalz Revive?

Animalz Revive is a tool for finding and improving existing content on your site. It examines your Google Analytics data to detect your articles that are losing organic traffic to improve them. Animalz Revive is also easy to use and only requires your email address and access to your Google Analytics account. What’s left is to choose the property you want it to crawl when your Analytics account is linked to multiple sites. As soon as Animalz Revive crawls your entire site, it emails you a report that lists each piece of content of your site which has lost a large volume of organic traffic since its peak. Each result contained in the report is nothing more than a page losing traffic. Animalz Revive accompanies each result with a graph that shows the timeline of how organic traffic has changed. Simply put, you can use this tool to analyze your site and find your old content that is degrading to see what can be refreshed. This tool is suitable for site owners who have old content and want to revive the ones that had been successful. By upgrading this old content that had potential, you will again increase traffic on your site without having to create new articles.

What is the point of updating your content with Animalz Revive?

Refreshing old content is a way for a website to save valuable time and still increase its traffic from existing content. In fact, instead of spending all your time writing new content, you can use content that you have already published on your site. It will be a question of updating some of these contents, in particular those which lose ranking. This consists in updating the contents and optimizing them so that they find a better level to go up in the ranking of search engines. If this technique is clever enough to increase organic traffic on your domain, the challenge is to be able to precisely identify the content that needs to be updated. This is because updating any content does not guarantee any success of this technique. So, you have to find content with great potential and which can generate traffic again. And that’s where Animalz Revive comes in. This popular tool automates the tedious and often difficult process of identifying declining content. As we explained earlier, it uses Google Analytics to search your site for outdated content. Animalz Revive then shows you, according to priority, the contents that you can update in order to take advantage of them. In addition, you can also use Animalz Revive to prevent the degradation of your content. Suppose you have created recent content that is driving traffic to your site. By frequently reviewing your site with Animalz Revive, you will be able to know in real time if this content is losing popularity and value.

How does Animalz Revive detect content degradation?

To understand how this tool detects degradation, we discover a brief overview of how it performs the analyzes. Note that sometimes content naturally loses traffic over time. But others may lose traffic for reasons like fluctuating SERPs or seasonality. To detect deteriorating content, Animalz Revive does the following:
  • Looks at traffic from organic search to exclude noise from paid campaigns and social media. It’s obvious that businesses want to grow organic traffic and Animalz Revive helps them identify those opportunities.
  • Research trends over a 12 month period. This is a period that allows the tool to largely eliminate fluctuations in search volume as well as algorithm updates to ignore the loss of traffic related to these events.
  • Let’s look at the percentage of lost traffic, the number of months in which a decline was observed, and the recent period. It also checks if the URL has continued to lose traffic throughout the year.
These steps allow the tool to detect articles on your site that are really degrading and deserve an update.

Increase traffic to your site with Animalz Revive

Traffic growth on a site can be measured by several factors, including:
  • New articles generate new traffic (acquisition);
  • Old articles generate recurring traffic (Retention);
  • Old items degrade (contraction);
  • Updated blog posts drive increased traffic (expansion).
For companies, it is always easier and more effective to bring back old visitors than to have new visitors. That’s what Animalz Revive promises to do by leveraging old content to reinvigorate your site’s traffic. Instead of just creating new content all the time, sometimes it’s better to look at the big picture and update the old ones. So when you start using Animalz Revive and get your first report, you have to go through each piece of recommended content and choose what really needs to be updated or not. This is because all of the content that is in the report may no longer need updating.
  • Sometimes the ideal approach is to redirect outdated content to a newer article that contains the same information;
  • Sometimes, it is preferable to group several contents which deal with the same subject to fill the insufficiencies of each other;
  • Sometimes content is no longer appropriate for your site and no longer targets your target audience. You just have to leave it aside or delete it from your site.
That said, you shouldn’t just jump on the content and start updating it, you should first see if it’s worth it. Finally, Animalz Revive is a tool that will help you find content that is deteriorating in terms of traffic on your site in order to update it.

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Animalz Revive is a content marketing agency based in New York. It’s a team of web content analysts and writers dedicated to making content marketing easier and better. Thus, the agency helps small businesses with sites to detect the deterioration of some of their items. For this, the team has developed an easy-to-use SEO tool of the same name as the agency. This is Animalz. With this tool, the Animalz Revive team analyzes your Google Analytics data and then provides you with a list of content that must be updated. These different steps allow an analysis of your site for an in-depth search of the degradation of the published content. The results found are sent by email to these companies.

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