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Powerful SEO copywriting | Thoth (Plugin)

Powerful SEO copywriting | Thoth (Plugin)

Short description : Powerful SEO copywriting

Thot Mise en avant
Thot Bêta is a chrome extension that allows you to find ideas for relevant keywords to optimize your texts for search engines.

Long Description : Powerful SEO copywriting

Description Thôt Beta

Thôt Beta is an extension that can be easily installed on Chrome. Still in its beta version, the tool allows you to find missing keywords to improve the optimization of your texts and obtain a better ranking on Google. 

How to use Thôt Beta to find missing keywords for SEO? 

  • To start, you need to download the extension. To do this, go to the web chrome store then search for Thôt-Bêta
  • Click “Add to Chrome” to start installing the extension. 
Once installed, you can start using it to find keywords to insert into your content to improve their ranking on the SERPs.  Say you want to optimize a page about castor oil. 
  • To start, go to Google and then do a search on the subject, “castor oil for hair” for example. 
Then the first thing to check is to make sure that you have 100 results displayed on the Google page. 
  • If this is not the case, click on Parameters » Show all parameters
  • Drag the number of results gauge to 100 then click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. 
If all goes well, all of the first 100 results for your search should normally show up on the first page of Google. 
  • Now scroll down the list of your extensions installed on Chrome, then click on “Thoth-Beta”. 
  • After a few seconds, the tool will display a pop-up to notify you that the query analysis is complete. 
  • Now click on the page you want to optimize from the list of Google results. 
Once you have accessed the page, Thôt Bêta offers you two options: 

1. Analyze the entire page 

To analyze an entire page, simply click on the Thôt Bêta extension.  The tool will display a pop-up window with information about the page namely: 
  • An SEO optimization score followed by the number of words analyzed, the number of words per sentences and an estimate of the reading time
  • A suggestion of missing keywords to use in the text classified in order of priority to optimize it 
  • A suggestion of groups of key words to be used regularly to enrich the semantic field of the page. 

2. Analyze part of the page 

Still with the castor oil example, let’s say this time that we just want to analyze the “benefits of castor oil for hair” part of our page. 
  • For this, we will go back to Google and search for the subtitle of this part or an associated search term, “castor oil hair benefits” for example. 
  • Once the first 100 Google results are loaded, click on the Thôt Beta extension to relaunch the analysis of the query. 
  Once the analysis is complete, we return to our initial page on castor oil, then we select the section we want to optimize. Small reminder, the selected text must be at least 200 words, otherwise the analysis will not work.  Once this part is selected, click on the Thôt Beta extension. After a few seconds of processing, you should have an analysis report specific to this selected part.  Just like for the first option, you have: 
  • An SEO optimization score followed by the number of words analyzed, the number of words per sentence and an estimate of the reading time
  • A suggestion of missing keywords to use in the text, classified in order of priority to optimize it 
  • And a suggestion of groups of keywords to use regularly to enrich the semantic field of the page. 
This second Thôt-Beta analysis option can be useful to specifically optimize your introductions which generally contain the first 300 words around the main keyword.  Ideally, an intro can have 40-50% optimization and 80-85% optimization for the entire page. 

Thôt Bêta: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Easy to install and use
  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Find missing keywords for free to improve the optimization of your texts  
  • Some keyword suggestions may not be relevant with the search term

Thôt Bêta: Pricing 

Extension free 

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Thot is a tool developed by Paul Grillet, Full Stack SEO and SEO consultant since 2018. He has developed several tools, but Thot remains his official and by far the most advanced SEO tool. Thot is a tool that optimizes all of your content to increase their impact on your website traffic. The tool optimizes your texts based on the competition, which helps to improve your ranking in the Google SERP. Thot supports you in writing your content while respecting the guidelines set by Google. So, whether you are a simple blogger, an SEO specialist or a marketing and SEO agency, this software package will be very useful to you in your content marketing.  The other tools developed by Paul Grillet are:
  • Sequoia Education;
  • Content Spinning Tool;
  • Masterspin Writer Tool;
  • Enhanced PSM-pricing tool.

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