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Boost Your Youtube Channel | VidIQ

Boost Your Youtube Channel | VidIQ

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Designed to boost your views on YouTube. Get free insights and advice to grow your channel.

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Video represents more than 79% of global traffic and YouTube alone has more than 5 billion views on average per day. Creating and growing a YouTube channel can then play an important role in your marketing strategy. But if creating a YouTube channel is very simple, developing it is more complicated, especially with the many videos that are uploaded every day. However, aided by a YouTube channel analytics tool, you can make progress, determine what topics your audience is interested in, and optimize your videos and get a better place on the platform. This is what the VidIQ Chrome extension allows its users to do in general. It provides insightful analytics and recommendations that can help grow your YouTube channel. In this description, I introduce you to the VidIQ certified extension as well as some of these tools.

What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is a SaaS product and Chrome extension that is designed to help video creators manage and optimize their YouTube channels. It provides YouTube analytics and insights to help you make better decisions and grow your channel. You can use this tool freely and enjoy its basic features and pro features for a nominal price. VidIQ offers a set of SEO features for the famous video platform. Thus, you can easily generate metadata suitable for optimization. If you are a YouTube video creator, VidIQ will also help you find topics and keywords for your videos more easily. The VidIQ extension for Chrome is ideal for an individual content creator or a digital marketing agency that supports YouTube channels for their clients. When used correctly, it analyzes your YouTube account and gives you valuable information that can help you improve the visibility of your videos. These analytics also help to learn more about how subscribers interact with your channel. Getting started is easy, since you only have to log in to your YouTube account and the tool will import all the videos to your dashboard, so you can start using all the features.

YouTube Keyword Research

For many people, VidIQ is the best tool on the market for YouTube keyword research. It is similar to any traditional keyword research tool. When you type in a search term, VidIQ shows you key data about that term. In addition to this data, you are also entitled to a series of related keywords. Let’s look at each of the key data VidIQ gives you about the keywords you enter and related terms. Relative score : This score measures the degree of relationship between a suggested keyword and the one you entered in the tool; Search volume: This volume establishes the number of people who search for this keyword on YouTube each month. Competition Score : This is the number of similar videos that compete in YouTube’s search results for that exact search term. Overall score : This score takes into account search volume as well as competition and provides insight into your keyword’s potential. So when a phrase has a lot of search volume, but little competition, it will have a high overall score.

VidIQ Analytics

is a dashboard that shows you the health of your YouTube channel in a way. At a glance, you have an overview of the number of views, subscribers and comments your channel has obtained. It is also possible to have an idea of ​​the origin of the views on your channel whether it is search, suggested videos, etc. This VidIQ analytics system is originally developed to be more user-friendly than the old YouTube analytics system. However, YouTube has come a long way since then with the launch of the new YouTube Studio.

Best time to post

This is a cool feature that VidIQ offers and no other YouTube SEO tool has anymore. Called “Best Time to Post”, this feature allows you to know precisely the best time to post videos on your channel. Although there are thousands of articles indicating the best time, it only gives approximate times. This feature shows you exactly when your subscribers are active on YouTube.

Best Playlists

One of the things people complain about in the YouTube studio is that it’s nearly impossible to see how your playlists are performing. Indeed, YouTube’s tool allows you to get all the data in the world on each of your videos, but you will have almost nothing on the playlists. However, playlists are very important to your channel, hence the value of getting stats about them. This feature of VidIQ can therefore help you to have essential figures on your playlists. Playlist data can be used to determine how many videos your subscribers watch per playlist. You will also be able to see the subject that interests your followers more when a reading list is performing better than the others.

Embed URL

This is a report that shows which sites are generating views for your videos from YouTube. This can be your blog or any other site, communities like Quora and Reddit.


This is a list of your videos that includes a set of information for each, including the number of views, likes, comments, and tags for each video. Its main advantage is that from this feature it is possible to modify the metadata of your video with just one click. You just have to click on one of the videos, then on the “edit” button and VidIQ gives access to the editing page, the description and the tags of your video on the fly.

Subscriber Analysis Subscriber

Analysis is also a feature that sets VidIQ apart from other similar tools. This is because it collects viewer data from a subset of your subscribers, including those who have the VidIQ extension. From then on, you’ll have a clear idea of ​​what other videos they tend to watch when they’re not watching yours. Since people view different types of videos on YouTube, the videos that appear in this feature may not be useful to you. On the other hand, you will find the types of videos they like and sometimes videos they like in your niche.

Is VidIQ legal?

VidIQ is perfectly a legal tool and is a certified YouTube service provider that already supports more than 600,000 YouTube channels. In general, they do not share their customer data with other tools. Indeed, VidIQ uses an API which is provided by YouTube itself and the use of this plugin is in no way a violation of YouTube’s rules. The tool also features VidIQ YouTube certification, responsive customer support and a VidIQ website. It should be remembered that the VidIQ Chrome extension is a beneficial and free tool that YouTubers as well as marketing agencies can use to gain insight into their performance and grow their channel.

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VidIQ is a company on a mission to give every video maker the necessary inspirations and insights they need to thrive in what they do. This is what the VidIQ tool, of the same name as the company, was designed for. It helps you get more views on Youtube.  The VidIQ company also seeks to offer entrepreneurs, startups and all Internet players human expertise, but also technology that will shake their productivity.  Through well-provided content, it accompanies you in your next initiative and enlightens you on the path to take. Finally, if you want to optimize your Youtube video content, you can consider using their VidIQ tool which allows you to:
  • understand what is not working on your channel;
  • increase your views;
  • to be more efficient through the integrated AI that assists you. 

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