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Redirection | Easy Redirect

Redirection | Easy Redirect

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An enterprise-ready redirect engine. An ideal feature set. Incredible customer support. Find out why EasyRedir is the world’s leading URL forwarding service.

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Description of the Esyredir tool 

As you will already see on the home page of the platform’s website, Esyredir proposes to ensure the redirection of the URL addresses of your website.  It was founded in 2014 by a team used to buying and developing business services and technologies. The idea behind the implementation of the Esyredir tool results from the desire to set up a valuable and targeted service that keeps its promises to all its customers.  It is also for this reason that the Esyredir company is developing numerous partnerships with companies such as aws to offer a fairly powerful and scalable technology with regard to URL redirection.  As you know, redirects are often used to inform search engines and Internet users that the content of one web page has been moved to another. They are therefore useful for SEO and user experience.  In addition, their implementation requires a minimum of technical skills on the modification of URLs and different types of redirection.  In the event that these skills may be lacking, what better than to turn to a platform entirely designed for the implementation of redirections in URLs. 

Who is the Esyredir tool intended for? 

As you can imagine, the Esyredir tool is intended for all website owners or managers.  Thus, whether it is an individual, a professional, a company, a web referencing agency or even a team recruited internally for the management of the website, the platform Esyredir will be able to provide them with the necessary tools for a good redirection of their different URLs.  

Why is the Esyredir tool important? 

If you are wondering why you should use the Esyredir platform for your redirection projects, here are a few: 
  • The Esyredir platform offers you a multitude of features and data on the URLs of your website; 
  • The platform is intuitive and designed for easy and secure use, that is to say a use that meets your needs for modifying and deleting URLs; 
  • It informs you about the status and performance of the tools it makes available to you; 
  • It provides you with a blog on which is regularly published articles and lessons on everything related to redirects; 
  • It provides you with an API allowing you to easily link your website in order to collect and analyze information relating to the URLs of your website. 

What are the features of the Esyredir platform? 

When you explore the Esyredir platform, you probably realize that it has all the features that will be useful for redirection. Indeed, it provides you with the following tools: 
  • Provisioning and automatic renewal of SSL certificates for your different domains; 
  • The report on how redirects are used by users of your website; 
  • The tool for configuring and managing redirection between several sites; 
  • The possibility of sharing the management of the platform and the redirection of URLs between several teams; 
  • The possibility of integrating an Esyredir API on your website 
  • A dashboard revealing the current status of DNS records for redirected links; 
  • A flexible fallback redirect configuration tool; 
  • Layers of security to fully secure each redirect; 
  • A QR code generator for easier and secure redirects. 

How much do the services offered by Esyredir cost? 

Access to the various functionalities of the Esyredir platform are subject to subscription to a monthly or annual subscription.  As such, Esyredir offers 4 plans based on the type of customer or site.  The first is for those who have a personal project. It costs $14.96 and gives you access to: 
  • redirect groups
  • 5 source hostnames
  • 1 team member
  • 250,000 requests per month
  • Automatic HTTPS Protection
25several projects. It is $99 per month and provides access to the following features: 
  • 150 redirect groups
  • 50 source hostnames
  • 5 team members
  • 5M requests per month
  • All personal features included
  • Detailed scans included
  • Host security settings included
  • Custom 404 page content; 
The third plan is intended for large companies. It is billed at $250 per month and provides access to the following options: 
  • 450 forwarding groups; 
  • 150 source hostnames; 
  • 10 team members; 
  • 20M queries per month; 
  • All Business features; 
  • More scan history; 
  • SSO SAML; 
  • Importing CSV
Regarding the fourth plan, it must be said that it is a plan for companies that want to customize the features they will have access to. The price and the customization are to be determined from a contact with the support.  Besides, it is necessary to remember that each plan offers a 14-day free trial, and no credit card requirements.  Also note that subscriptions can be made on an annual basis. When you choose this payment method, Esyredir grants you a small discount.  Now that you have all the information on the Esyredir platform, don’t hesitate to use it for your redirection work.

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EasyRedir is a company specializing in URL redirection which was founded in 2014 by Guillaume Richards.  EasyRedir’s URL forwarding service allows businesses and marketers to save time on this aspect of SEO.  It automatically manages the redirection of HTTP and HTTPS links, while making sure to automate the management of SSL certificates. This guarantees the functioning of existing links and the security of the site.  Several international companies and brands benefit from the services of EasyRedir. In order to better satisfy its users, EasyRedir has opted for a partnership with Amazon Web Service.

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