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Contact Journalists | Haro – Help A Reporter

Contact Journalists | Haro – Help A Reporter

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Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a platform that connects relevant sources of information with journalists and editors. It is a tool that high reputation websites use to get PR and build links from highly influential media websites.

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Description Haro

Being a global news source is a huge plus for your brand reputation online. That’s exactly the opportunity Haro helps you create by connecting you with journalists and leading publishing companies around the world. The tool offers you every chance to be referenced as a potential and weak source of information for the whole world. To know how to use Haro, I invite you to continue reading this description.

What and how do I use Haro ?

The concept of Haro is quite simple, when you register as bloggers or different other sources of information, you can respond to quality information search queries from journalists to be the source. To start using the platform, you must first define your status, that is to say, you indicate whether you are a journalist or a source of information. In our case, we will choose the option ”I am a source” to provide information and advice. Once you have chosen your status, you just have to click on the ”Register” button to start the registration process. You will be asked to fill in some information in detail to finalize your registration. Then you receive an account confirmation message in your email inbox. Simply follow the instructions in the sent message to activate your Haro account. Here are the next steps after you sign up:

Choose relevant topics

To optimize your use of HARO, make sure you choose the topics that are most important to your brand when activating your account using the confirmation link sent in your inbox after signing up.   The main reason it’s important to check the right boxes is that your content should be delivered to an audience that expresses the need.  And for that, it is in your interest to only receive emails listing requests from journalists related to your subjects.  However, you are completely free to tick all the boxes, but this will only clutter your inbox with topics that are irrelevant to your brand. 

Configuring emails with filters 

When you configure your emails, you will start by receiving messages about searches from journalists related to your interests. Thus you must configure the reception of messages coming from ””. Here is how you can do it:
  • At first glance, you have to apply a label to categorize the messages coming from Haro, allows you to prioritize them at times, especially when you receive a large number of messages in your mailbox;
  • Next, we must prevent all of Haro’s messages from being considered spam;
  • Customize your inbox so that all messages from Haro appeared in the main tab of your inbox.

Configuring IFTTT for Important Requests

To make sure you can respond to important requests, you need to configure IFTTT (If This Then That) to keep you informed whenever there are new requests on your HARO account. This allows you to respond to requests as quickly as possible when you are on mobile. Here are some IFTTT tips that can help you with some automation activities:
  • Create an alert to receive an SMS sent to your mobile phone whenever you receive a request on a specific topic;
  • Write a draft email response in your notes so that when you receive an SMS alert of a new HARO request, you can simply replace a few fields in your response template and send it to the reporter as soon as possible.
These IFTTT initiatives can help you stay on top of all PR requests.

Choose the most relevant requests

Since you have customized your messaging so that Haro’s messages are categorized in the same place, you can now sort to choose the most relevant for your brand. To build a list, your messages will automatically be sorted into subject categories such as business and finance.  If you had previously ticked the boxes of subjects of your interests, it would be even easier for you to quickly choose the subjects sought by journalists. Now that you have topics that can be of interest to your target audience, you can start writing pitches that work.

Writing a HARO pitch

Of course, you won’t be the only source who receives notification of a request from journalists on a specific subject. This would mean that you will certainly not be the only one sending pitches to journalists, they will receive enough of them. And the other problem is that you can’t send emails without properly thinking about your content.  So you can end up sending dozens of emails every day that you never get back from. To do this, here are some tips for successful pitching: 
  • Respond within 24 hours
You must remain as active as possible to create a very effective HARO pitch within 24 hours of receiving the notification, otherwise you will have less chance of succeeding. to be read by journalists. Timing is really important here, you should respond as quickly as possible bearing in mind that your response time should be at least 30 minutes. Despite the relatively short response time, you must ensure that you produce high quality responses, this is the second principle.
  • Read Instructions Carefully
Generally, reporters or editors researching sources give specific instructions that should be followed strictly. The idea is to make you understand the kind of responses they really expect from news sources.
  • Write a concise email
The last step will be to write an email of about 10 minutes of reading time. Writing short content allows you to keep it even more argumentative and easy for the reader to understand. Your message should not reflect your only interests, such as the link request, at the risk of being ignored. You must first focus on the value of your contribution. One way to get your message across quickly and correctly is to make a bullet list to list the most important parts of your message.

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HARO is a platform that connects journalists looking for expertise to include in their content. She is owned by Cision, a global leader in technology, public relations and marketing communications. HARO provides journalists and bloggers with valuable information provided by experts.  Several journalists working for recognized media refer to this platform to produce relevant content for their readers.  It is also an important network of bloggers, who share several pieces of information with each other in order to feed their blogs. With an estimated network of nearly 55,000 bloggers & journalists, and approximately 800,000 users & source carriers, HARO remains one of the largest information platforms in the world.

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